Full-Stack Engineering Meetup


We'll be hosting at a new location - so try not to show up to Greenhouse's office:) Brian is the Head of Data Science at Zocdoc, an online doctor marketing place and booking tool, and is also an Adjunct Professor for NYU's Center for Data Science graduate program. Pedro is the Head of Search Engineering at Zocdoc, and online marketplace and booking tool. Pedro is a technology lead with over 15 years of experience dealing with operating systems, electronic trading systems, and full stack web development. At Zocdoc, we have built a patient friendly search system to power our core doctor discovery and booking platform using various products from the AWS stack and custom Machine Learning pipelines.

How Zocdoc's New Machine Learning Search Engine Makes Medicine More Human


And, wait, are internists doctors who specialize in internal medicine - or just their interns? But the complexities of medical jargon can make an already complicated U.S. health system even more convoluted for millions of people seeking care. Click here to subscribe to Brainstorm Health Daily, our brand new newsletter about health innovations. This essay appears in today's edition of the Fortune Brainstorm Health Daily.