Are You Autistic? Why Some People Don't Know

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Autism is characterized by social and communicative difficulties, specific interests that people with autism are capable of speaking about for hours (like meteorological modelling, in Sophie's case), and stereotyped behaviors. To diagnose autism spectrum disorder (ASD), doctors and psychologists evaluate quantitative criteria using tests and questionnaires, but also qualitative criteria, like interests, stereotyped movements, difficulties with eye contact and language and isolation. But while autistic girls show similar test results to autistic boys, the clinical manifestation of their condition differs, at least in cases where language has been acquired. Since September 2016, the Francophone Association of Autistic Women (Association francophone des femmes autistes, or AFFA) has been fighting for recognition of the specific ways autism manifests in women.

How Women Are Taking Center Stage In Machine Learning


So it is with some surprise that this isn't common knowledge. Some say that it's the fact that women are not well represented at conferences, giving the mis-impression that women are not well represented in the industry.

The Affirmative Action of Vocabulary – Alistair Croll – Medium


It's used to train algorithms for things like sentiment analysis, predictive typing, automatic proofreading, and so on. In an analysis of 150 years of British periodicals, researchers were able to accurately detect changes in society: When electricity replaced steam; when trains replaced horses; epidemics; wars; and so on. Here's a chart of 50 jobs analyzed in the study, showing how strongly that job is associated with the female gender, and what the actual gender representation is: It makes technically good predictions that are morally bad. But at the same time, this gender bias is actually an accurate representation of the data; analyzing it over time, we could even predict a trendline of changes.

More Women Are Learning Computer Science! Now, About Those Jobs…


In 2017, largely thanks to a new test aimed at expanding the reach of engineering classes, female participation in these AP tests increased at a faster rate than young boys' participation on the exam in 2017. "I'm delighted to hear that more female, black, and Latino students are taking AP computer science," says Rachel Thomas, a deep learning researcher and advocate for diversity. 'It is a total smoke screen when major tech companies celebrate this news while continuing to fail to address their own toxic environments.' "I think it is a total smoke screen when major tech companies celebrate Code.org's Worse yet, seeing improvements in diversity doesn't mean the trend will hold.

You have a lot to teach your grandkids, and that might explain menopause

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Using a computational model, the researchers found that older women's ability to "grandmother"--that is, devote their resources to grandchildren--and use their cognitive abilities to support their offspring may have been crucial to the evolution of menopause Existing hypotheses suggest that menopause protects humans from risky pregnancies at an older age (the Maternal Hypothesis) or might allow older mothers to invest their energy in supporting the survival of their grandchildren (the Grandmother Hypothesis). For example, to test whether the model supported the Grandmother Hypothesis, they removed the variables allowing the woman to offer more support to children who had more children of their own. When the neural network's model prevented women from caring for their grandchildren--or assumed that cognitive resources didn't affect offspring's skills--menopause did not evolve and women continued reproducing into old age. Aime acknowledges that there are some limitations to the team's neural network model--for example, it only simulates women, so in future studies, she hopes to expand the model to include men.

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"People actually want to perceive their AIBOs as real pets and therefore they attribute doglike emotions to the AIBO," Levy writes. Reports from Japan suggest some men there now prefer virtual girlfriends to the real thing. "There's no doubt whatsoever in my mind that people will develop strong emotional attachments to robots and that will become more normal." "Basically yeah, any of the data that comes back that can be fed back into an algorithm that can be fed back into a piece of technology is helping improve the technology so in a way they are definitely improving it!"

Samsung scraps calling female assistant 'chipper,' male 'confident'


Samsung's Bixby used descriptions male and female voices that users considered sexist. Samsung hastily scrubbed the descriptions of male and female voices for its newly launched Bixby voice assistant Wednesday after users pointed out describing a woman's voice as "chipper" and "cheerful" and a male voice as "assertive" "confident" played into well-worn gender stereotypes. We have removed the hashtag descriptions from the Bixby service," Samsung said in a statement to USA Today. The male voice was described as "#assertive #confident #clear" while the female voice was described as "#chipper #clear #cheerful".

6 social entrepreneurs helping build a better tomorrow


The UN's Sustainable Development Goals are a set of 17 objectives to tackle global issues like hunger, joblessness, poverty, climate change, and food waste, among others. Long term, Carroll envisions a world in which Skycision can help tackle macro issues affecting global food security. Womensphere has five cornerstone initiatives: Leveraging technology and media to educate and empower; developing programs to unleash women's potential; advancing the next generation of women leaders; mobilizing the global community; and recognizing world-changing innovators at the Womensphere Global Awards. The Ocean Cleanup, founded by Slat in 2013, is a pollution collection system driven by ocean currents.


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"This is the age of The Hunger Games; of the Star Wars movies being fronted by a female lead; of Wonder Woman utterly demolishing its box office rivals. "In 2017 there shouldn't be anything major about a TV series changing from a male lead to a female one. O'Hara also points out that leading women are selling big at the box office - and film companies aren't there to address gender equality, they're there to make a profit. Even for supposed male films, the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie, a superhero and a sci-fi film, (the audience) was something like 47% female.

How AI Can Help in a Humanitarian Crisis - DZone AI


The last few years have seen a growing range of technologies deployed to assist humanitarian efforts, whether it's peacekeeping drones, crowdsourcing, or image analytics. The paper uses AI to predict the gender of pre-paid mobile phone users with a high degree of accuracy. Rescue teams already use mobile phone data to help track those in need of assistance, but this new approach aims to go even further by helping to identify their gender, and therefore identify vulnerable groups such as women and children. Whilst mobile phones are almost ubiquitous, in the developing world, many are pre-paid, meaning that data often lacks key demographic identifiers.