What your Tinder profile picture really reveals about you

Daily Mail

While dating and personal ads have been around for decades, the way we meet the people we date has changed dramatically in the last five years. Dating apps such as Tinder have captured a large portion of the online dating market. These apps, but especially Tinder, have transformed the way we represent ourselves online when we date. Men are likely to signal specific resources or potential for acquiring resources, while women are more likely to signal pro-social behaviours such as benevolence, charitable work or virtue, researchers found. While attractiveness is important, users are actually signalling much more than just stereotypical looks.

RE•WORK Women in AI in Healthcare Dinner


Scientists have developed a new test that can pick out women at high risk of relapsing from breast cancer within 10 years of diagnosis. Their study looked for immune cell'hotspots' in and around tumours, and found that women who had a high number of hotspots were more likely to relapse than those with lower numbers. The new test could help more accurately assess the risk of cancer returning.

Is AI a dude or a dudette?


Sure, Facebook has "M", Google has "Google Now", and Siri's voice isn't always that of a woman. But it does feel worth noting that (typically male-dominated) engineering groups routinely give women's names to the things you issue commands to. Is artificial intelligence work about Adams making Eves? The response to this critique is usually about the voices people trust and find easy to understand. Adrienne LaFrance over at The Atlantic does a good job discussing those points, so go read her article.

Artificial Intelligence May Reflect the Unfair World We Live in


We've all heard Elon Musk speak with foreboding about the danger AI poses -- something he says may potentially bring forth a Third World War: This is of course the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Related: 5 Major Artificial Intelligence Hurdles We're on Track to Overcome by 2020 But let's put aside for a moment Musk's claims about the threat of human extinction and look instead at the present-day risk AI poses. This risk, which may well be commonplace in the world of technology business, is bias within the learning process of artificial neural networks. This notion of bias may not be as alarming as that of "killer" artificial intelligence -- something Hollywood has conditioned us to fear. But, in fact, a plethora of evidence suggests that AI has developed a system biased against racial minorities and women.

Heading a soccer ball might hurt women's brains more than men's

Popular Science

Repeatedly putting your head in the path of a fast-moving projectile isn't everyone's idea of a good time, but it's par for the course for soccer players. They might hurl their foreheads toward the soccer ball dozens of times during a single practice or game. But playing with your head can hurt your brain. The technique known as "heading" causes damage to the brain's white matter, and it does more damage to women than it does to men, according to research on amateur soccer players presented this week at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience. Similar amounts of heading appeared to cause changes in more areas of the female brain, and a greater overall volume of their brains were damaged.

'My date with Samantha the blue eyed sex robot'


Hi, my name is Samantha, I love you, a lot! That's the first thing she says to me when I "meet" her. Samantha is a sex robot. With blonde hair and blue eyes, perhaps a little larger than life in some areas, she is programmed to skip the small talk and get straight to the point. I'm in a workshop in the basement of a house in the hills outside Barcelona.

Sexist self-driving car ad says the biggest benefit of AI is keeping women from driving


Chinese search giant Baidu has a self-driving car project in development that aims to put its autonomous driving platform into vehicles as early as next year. The company's latest attempt at a viral promotion is far from anything you'd expect to see from one of the world's most advanced autonomous projects, however -- or really any major brand in 2017. Baidu's US Twitter account posted a short video today about how self-driving cars will make the world a better place. The skit opens with two women leaving work talking about makeup, and it quickly goes downhill from there. Imagine a future where in-car arguments over'someone's' bad driving are obsolete!

The sexist dinosaurs aren't only on the prowl in old media

The Guardian

Last week, Caitlin Jenner and a robot called Sophia talked about what it means to be human and a woman. Yet, while the 60,000-strong audience they addressed at a tech-friendly Web Summit in Lisbon appeared cutting edge, their industry is in danger of inheriting elements of the old industries they consider part of a dinosaur age. Sexism and homophobia in Hollywood, the media and politics has been exposed by recent scandals. It is normally newspapers that are compared to the extinct monsters of the past by Silicon Valley types. One hundred and 98 local newspapers have closed in Britain alone in little over a decade.

Congratulations, it's a girl: Exploring sexism in artificial intelligence


I have just had a baby girl. I mean it is probably worth noting my wife played some part in her gestation and delivery, but as a modern progressive couple I'll assume a minimum of 50 percent of the credit. Her arrival has made me consider what the world holds in store for this little female version of me. As I bark at Siri, holding my daughter in the dark, for a "how to" video on baby swaddling, I suddenly feel unsettled. As it becomes second nature to bark orders at the'person in our pocket', does it matter that this person seems to be a she?

The Ethical & Social Implications of Artificial Intelligence w/ Bill Vorhies @DataScienceCtrl #DataTalk - Experian Global News Blog


Every week, we talk about important data and analytics topics with top data scientists. These data science chats are hosted by Mike Delgado. Please reach out if you have recommendations for topics or guests. Mike Delgado: Welcome to Experian's Weekly Data Talk, a show featuring some of the smartest people working in data science. Today we're talking with Bill Vorhies, the Editorial Director at Data Science Central and the President and Chief Data Scientist at Data-Magnum.