Apple Smart Speaker, Amazon Echo With Video In The Works, Reports Say

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Smart speakers are getting increasingly popular and tech giants Google and Apple could not have been left behind in the race. While Amazon was the first to operate in the segment, Google jumped onto the bandwagon last year and now Apple is ready to give it competition. According to Apple tipster Sonny Dickson, Apple is all set to release its smart speakers soon. Dickson tweeted Thursday saying: "Apple is currently finalizing designs for their Alexa competitor, expected to be marketed as a Siri/AirPlay device."

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You've heard the rumblings of the robots, right? When I make a customer service call and get an eerily nuanced answer from a chatbot, I hear the rumbling of the robots. When I call out to my digital assistant and Siri/Alexa/Cortana makes a wise-cracking response, I feel the rumblings. I can't help but love my Roomba, and I have mixed feelings about the robot that assembled my car, but what about the more nebulous forms of Artificial Intelligence?

Apple's Siri-based, Alexa-killing speaker hub could be coming soon


Amazon Echo and Google Home are duking it out for the crown as the top smart home hub in homes everywhere, making Alexa and Assistant household names -- but a very familiar ringer might soon enter the competition: the OG AI assistant herself, Siri.

Despite Tech Hurdles, VCs and Tech Giants Double Down on AI-Powered Virtual Assistants - Crunchbase


With work comes unavoidable tedium, burning an inordinate amount of time. For some, the time lost is enough to justify hiring an assistant–an expensive solution that can be difficult to scale.

Amazon's Alexa Just Took Another Step Toward World Domination -- The Motley Fool


As the science of artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more advanced and deeply ingrained in our daily lives, society gets closer to some of the iconic examples of AI from science fiction. Star Trek fans will remember the captain using a voice command to engage the ship's mainframe on the Starship Enterprise simply by saying "Computer."

Apple AI Expert Says Computers Should Augment Human Failings


Tuesday April 25, 2017 12:29 pm PDT by Juli Clover Apple product designer and Siri co-founder Tom Gruber gave a TED Talk today, where he covered his vision of the future of computers and artificial intelligence. "It's the difference between a life of isolation and one of dignity and connection," he said.Privacy, is of course, a key part of artificial intelligence and future computing capabilities. Apple has already taken the first steps towards linking artificial intelligence and memory, with its Photos app. It also incorporates facial recognition and deep levels of privacy - facial recognition features are not cross-device and do not sync over iCloud.

How To Get Siri To Read Out Your WhatsApp Messages

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A new update for WhatsApp on iOS will make iPhone users' life easier -- users with iOS 10.3 on their iPhone can get Siri to read out their WhatsApp messages.