Siri storm caused by economist's comments

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Nobel prize laureate Sir Christopher Pissarides's comments at a conference in Norway attracted fierce criticism. The gender and accent of Apple's voice assistant across iPhone, iPad, Mac and other Apple devices has historically been dependent on regional settings. "The comments made do reflect consistent results that people make social judgements about computer speech outputs, and those seem to relate to gender stereotypes that exist in the wider world," Dr Kate Hone, a computer science academic at Brunel University, told the BBC. Out of the 15 male and 17 female participants interviewed, the participants mainly preferred male voices because they found the voices to be more reassuring.

What Is Apple Business Chat And Why Is It Important?


"Apple Business Chat with Apple Pay Cash is the most important iOS announcement since the release of Siri. Simply put, Apple has created a platform whereby online or retail merchants can engage in a conversation, a guided shopping experience, service interaction and get paid in cash with no middle party taking a 3%-5% cut. With Business Chat in Safari, Maps and Siri you can chat to the restaurant directly in the Messages app and see menu recommendations and actually place an order and pay, all inside of messages. With FaceTime Business Chat users can share live video interactions and pay using Apple Pay or Apple Pay Cash.

How technology-enabled 'selves-improvement' will drive the future of personal productivity


But are better bots and smarter software servants truly the best way to drive people's personal productivity? Instead of simply surrounding knowledge workers with ever-better digital assistants and bots, organizations and their workers will get greater returns investing in "selves improvement." Similar to recommendation engines for books to read or movies to watch, selvesware delivers actionable, data-driven insights and advice on what to say, when to speak up and with whom to work, and suggests options to create, communicate and collaborate. He runs his designs through a "visual recommendation engine" that suggests bolder, more energetic styles based on his sketches and use cases.

How Artificial Intelligence can assist HR? – BASH.AI – Medium


It provides even-tempered analysis, unbiased results and the ability to collate copious of data from disparate sources. Although AI can automate data collection, make preliminary observations, classify HR issues, segregate customer and employee profiles but final decisions and corrective actions need to be approved by qualified HR Professionals. These features can be moulded for processes like predicting patterns, manage data, providing analysis and automating repetitive processes. HR as virtue of its function collects a huge amount of data in analyzing, which takes a lot of time.

AI More Like Iron Man's JARVIS Is Coming This Next Decade…Bring It On


AI is the ability of a computer to process a vast amount of information for you, make decisions, and take (and/or advise you to take) appropriate action. Watson made headlines back in 2011 by winning Jeopardy, and now it's helping doctors treat cancer patients by processing massive amounts of clinical data and cross-referencing thousands of individual cases and medical outcomes. But these are the early, "weak" versions of AI. Today, Google's search engine gives a teenager with a smartphone in Mumbai and a billionaire in Manhattan equal access to the world's information.

Bixby Voice Assistant Release Date: Galaxy S8 Owners Can Now Sign Up, Here's How

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Owners of a Samsung Galaxy 8 or Galaxy S8 can now try the smartphones' much-awaited virtual assistant, Bixby -- if you sign up. Bixby has not been officially launched in the United States, but Samsung announced Galaxy 8 owners can now sign up on its site to try a preview version of the feature. If you want to try the Bixby Early Access Program you should hurry, since participation is limited. If you don't have an email account with Samsung, you can go on your device to: Settings Accounts Accounts Add Account Create Account.

iPhone 8 Release Date Could Include Google Assistant, Says Rumor

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A new rumor, which several tech pundits already have a hard time believing, suggests that Apple may replace its Siri AI assistant feature with the Google Assistant feature. Tech blog Androidguys reported the claim Thursday, suggesting that Google Assistant could replace Siri at some point, but that for the upcoming iPhone may have both Siri and Google Assistant as options users can choose. The rumor comes at an interesting time, nearly one month to the day since Google announced Google Assistant support for the iPhone during its I/O Keynote presentation. While Apple has made steps to make its features more customization friendly, including opening its Siri API to third-party developers, Google app have the benefit of already being on an open source platform.

This is the secret to how Apple is making Siri sound more human


"Here's the forecast for the next three days: Sunny, sunny, and sunny," replied Siri. As Susan Bennett, the woman widely considered to be the first voice of Siri, recounted to The Guardian late last year, Nuance, which built Siri's original voice recognition and response, had her record "hundreds and hundreds of sentences and phrases created to get all sound combinations in the phrases." Instead, Bennett and others who were the original Siri voices recorded sentence after sentence that didn't make any sense. To make the responses sound more natural, Apple fed examples of real people speaking into its Machine Learning system.

Artificial Intelligence


"Hey Siri, how's the weather today?" I said as I woke up from a good night sleep ready to start off my day. Siri responded promptly with the temperature range that'she' probably drew from the Apple Weather app. A seemingly basic interaction that came...

Meet Alice, The Siri For Female Entrepreneurs


Bylenga also asked the Clemson Regional Small Business Development Center for advice, connected with a retired retail exec through the U.S. Small Business Administration's SCORE program and tapped her own network to find mentors. Women looking to build businesses are expected to be able to find answers to questions about financing, strategy, marketing and legal needs by asking Alice, the creation of three-time entrepreneur Carolyn Rodz, founder and CEO of Circular Board, a virtual collaborative accelerator for women entrepreneurs. "Women are often reluctant to seek help from entrepreneurship centers -- they often see them as geared more towards male-type businesses and high growth ventures -- so Alice should help break down barriers that keep women entrepreneurs from seeking advice," Eddleston told me. Alice is the latest offering in the arena of helping women entrepreneurs gain traction, which includes accelerators like Circular Board and Springboard, a network of experts, advisers, coaches, investors and other sources devoted to building tech-oriented companies led by women.