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We've built a global partnership network with top universities such as MIT, Stanford, NYU, and the University of Amsterdam to explore the future of machine learning and advance the technology for business. Through this collaboration, we focus on a variety of machine learning research topics – and work on solving open AI challenges in a range of industries. This large pool of expertise helps us keep pace with the latest machine learning trends and deliver new techniques in the context of SAP solutions.

SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Portfolio is First Enterprise Offering to Use NVIDIA's Volta AI Platform


This was followed by the implementation of NVIDIA DGX-1 systems with NVIDIA Tesla P100 graphics processing units (GPUs) in SAP's production data center in St. Leon-Rot, Germany and in SAP's Innovation Labs in Palo Alto, California, and Singapore in September 2017. From the outset of SAP's machine learning efforts, NVIDIA's computing platform has promoted the company's training of data sets and algorithms – the core of intelligent machine learning applications in the SAP Leonardo Machine Learning portfolio. With SAP Leonardo Machine Learning, SAP brings digital intelligence to enterprise offerings and creates tremendous opportunities for customers to realize greater benefits through automated processes, targeted results-driven marketing, superior customer service, as well as increased agility and process efficiency. The partnership between SAP and NVIDIA to bring DGX-1 systems with Volta to production in the SAP Data Center will give SAP customers access to machine learning services and applications from SAP's own Data Center infrastructure.

Why Every Business Should Care about Machine Learning - SAP HANA


Recent advancements in machine learning are reaching a level of sophistication that's exceeding the expectations of industry analysts and executives alike. For those companies not considering investing and innovating they will soon be outperformed by the new economy that runs Machine Learning at its best with "lights out" operational processes and leading edge innovation in differentiating business processes and products. Based on my conversations with business owners and executives worldwide, machine learning is clearing pathways to businesses growth, process optimization, and daily employee empowerment. As machine learning continues to evolve, businesses will innovate cutting-edge applications and use cases that could drive increased efficiency, intelligence, agility, and customer-centricity.

SAP CoPilot Intelligent Virtual Digital Assistant for Enterprise


It is going to be reality soon with an application having the functionality of a digital assistant with artificial intelligence. SAP Fiori applications can take advantage of many SAP CoPilot features without additional development effort because SAP CoPilot is already smart enough to support a set of features on its own. SAP is planning to add some more features to this functionality down the road and making it real digital assistant for the business. Thus making SAP CoPilot more and more suited to how we go about our work day.

Career Opportunities: Full Stack Developer for Machine Learning Incubation Team, SAP Singapore (149956)


As a Cloud Solution Developer for machine learning applications you will work in a team of experienced researchers, data scientists and application developers taking on challenges posed by the SAP customers and product units. As part of the SAP Innovation Center team, you will work together with a team of dedicated experts including researchers, developers, devops engineers, designers and architects with a single goal of building best machine learning cloud solutions for a variety of use cases spanning commerce, financial markets, human resources and procurement. Required • A Bachelors or Master's degree in Computer Science or related • A solid foundation in computer science, with strong competencies in algorithms, data structures, objects oriented programming, design patterns, multi-threaded programming, and software design principles • Proficiency in at least two of the server/client side programming languages such as Java, Scala, Go, Python, node.js To harness the power of innovation, SAP invests in the development of its diverse employees. SAP is committed to the principles of Equal Employment Opportunity and to providing reasonable accommodations to applicants with physical and/or mental disabilities.

SAP CEO comes back from accident to make businesses smarter


McDermott, 56, leads the world's third-largest software company (No. More: SAP head wants to simplify company's product line, message It's partnering with companies to bring innovations like blockchain, machine learning, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things to the business world. German Bundesliga football club TSG 1899 Hoffenheim uses the latest sensor-based technology combined with SAP HANA to improve player potential. Fittingly, SAP Leonardo is the company's latest technology platform that integrates machine learning, IoT, blockchain, analytics and big data into one intelligent system that runs in the cloud, SAP says.

IoT Demo Case: Amazon Echo talks to itelligence Mathilde and SAP Cloud Platform Machine Learning


Dries Guth 67 views Leonardo Live: Top Experts discuss IoT, Machine Learning and Digital Innovation with SAP Leonardo - Duration: 1:48. BRUH Automation 62,034 views Innovation at Warp Speed: SAP Leonardo at SAPPHIRE NOW 2017 - Duration: 3:22. IBM Watson 1,189,346 views SAP BarCamp: Machine Learning - exploring an innovative learning approach - Duration: 2:47. Leonardo Live: Top Experts discuss IoT, Machine Learning and Digital Innovation with SAP Leonardo - Duration: 1:48.

Machine Learning's Adoption Gap: Assessing the Consequences


Despite its position as a key element driving big data analytics and artificial intelligence, machine learning is scarcely being adopted by companies at large. Tesla may have an "insurmountable lead" in road condition data through widespread data gathering and machine learning, SAP's Elliot says (Taina Sohlman/Shutterstock) Timo Elliot, an innovation evangelist for SAP, says there are potentially enormous consequences to the machine learning gap. "They're all excited about AI and big data," Ghodsi told Datanami earlier this year. What's uncertain at this point is whether the most successful users of machine learning and AI will leverage the network effect to expand their lead, or whether the lead is already, or will become, insurmountable.

Does Artificial Intelligence Have A Dirty Little Secret?


On one hand, there's recent PwC findings suggesting AI could drive $15.7 trillion in productivity gains by 2030. On the other, a recent piece from the New York Times makes a compelling case that, despite all the hype, AI's dirty little secret is that "it still has a long, long way to go." And while there are many "micro-discoveries" being made along the way, progress toward real human cognition remains elusive. The New York Times piece says AI will get stuck because both ways of funding AI – in small research labs and larger private ones – contain too many moving parts to make any sort of meaningful progress.

Can Machine Learning Become More User-Friendly?


But today's data scientists are developing next-generation approaches to make machine learning more, well, approachable. To combat this issue, MIT created SystemsThatLearn@CSAIL, an initiative to build next-gen machine learning algorithms that are much more understandable, providing IT experts -- not just data scientists -- the ability to pinpoint and fix problems. Training data won easily, with 52 percent of data scientists saying they would rather accidently delete their machine learning code than delete their training data. "Not only can machine learning be applied to almost every line of business or department, but it can also help small businesses run predictive analysis to help them more effectively see around corners," said Mike Flannagan, senior vice president, SAP Analytics and SAP Leonardo.