US Coast Guard Plans To Use Voice Recognition To Stop Prank Calls

International Business Times

The U.S. Coast Guard has seen an uptick in the number of fake distress calls it has received in recent months and is looking to counter the problem with voice recognition technology, the Verge reported.

Google Home is upping your cooking game with 5 million new recipes


Forget your stack of dusty old cookbooks and your worries about gunking up your phone with messy hands while you struggle to follow directions in the kitchen. Google Home will help streamline your cooking experience with a major expansion of its ability to guide you through recipes.

Death of the webform, thanks to AI


Ever been frustrated by the checkout process when buying something on your phone? Is your billing address not the easiest thing to thumb in? Did a hidden AutoFill demon suddenly overwrite what you tapped out, with your address from seven years ago? Can you not find the one required field that's preventing you from submitting? (Spoiler: I often fall victim to all of these.)

How To Get Siri To Read Out Your WhatsApp Messages

International Business Times

A new update for WhatsApp on iOS will make iPhone users' life easier -- users with iOS 10.3 on their iPhone can get Siri to read out their WhatsApp messages.

Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update review: The future is increasingly uncertain


Microsoft's Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update rides the coattails of the desktop OS, heavily leaning on improvements in Cortana and Edge to nudge Microsoft's nearly comatose mobile platform further ahead.

Match game: Why AI could bring the human touch to the call center


Consumers loath the automated enterprise call center. Nothing is more frustrating than yelling into a phone at an interactive voice recognition (IVR) system that just doesn't seem to understand what you need. But few realize most enterprises aren't fans of current automated call center solutions either, often complaining that the technologies are complicated, expensive and frustrating for users.

Top Google Assistant tips

FOX News

How in the world did we manage to survive for a few millennia without voice-activated virtual assistants? I mean, it wasn't that long ago that we drove around without being able to ask our phones for driving directions. But now the idea of being unable to do that is downright scary.

You Are the Network @CloudExpo #BigData #IoT #IIoT #M2M #API #DX #AI


First there was the Stone Age. Then we learned how to manipulate and smelt metals, which led to an Agrarian age. From there, machines helped bring about the Industrial age, then the Space Age. So where are we now?

Google Home can now tell users apart just by their voice


Today, Google is shipping a major update for Google Home: multi-user support. Up to six people will be able to connect their account to Google's voice appliance, which will then be able to identify each person just by listening to them speak. The Google Home app jumped the gun on this launch earlier in the month, but now the feature is actually rolling out.