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Please, in your comments, avoid short cutting the discussion by asking why AI regulation is needed. Level 1 (Attended Process) -- Users are aware of the initiation and completion of the performance of each automated task. Level 5 (Fully Automated Process) -This is a final and future state where human involvement in the processes is not required. Level 6 (Self Optimizing Process) -This is an automation that requires no human involvement and is also capable of improving itself over time.

Serverless Machine Learning with Tensorflow on Google Cloud Platform Coursera


About this course: This one-week accelerated on-demand course provides participants a a hands-on introduction to designing and building machine learning models on Google Cloud Platform. Through a combination of presentations, demos, and hand-on labs, participants will learn machine learning (ML) and TensorFlow concepts, and develop hands-on skills in developing, evaluating, and productionizing ML models. OBJECTIVES This course teaches participants the following skills: Identify use cases for machine learning Build an ML model using TensorFlow Build scalable, deployable ML models using Cloud ML Know the importance of preprocessing and combining features Incorporate advanced ML concepts into their models Productionize trained ML models PREREQUISITES To get the most of out of this course, participants should have: Completed Google Cloud Fundamentals- Big Data and Machine Learning course OR have equivalent experience Basic proficiency with common query language such as SQL Experience with data modeling, extract, transform, load activities Developing applications using a common programming language such Python Familiarity with Machine Learning and/or statistics Notes: • You'll need a Google/Gmail account and a credit card or bank account to sign up for the Google Cloud Platform free trial (Google is currently blocked in China).

Japanese researchers tap AI to parse regional dialects, work toward early dementia diagnosis

The Japan Times

In an effort to tackle the problem, Hirosaki University in Aomori and Tohoku Electric Power Co. this month started analyzing the voice data of 6,700 phone calls, covering 900 hours of calls the utility's customer center has fielded from across the Tohoku region. Using AI-powered computers, the researchers will convert the voice data into standard Japanese text and then create a database, hoping to utilize it in medical practice and for research, said Ryo Suzuki, a senior administrator at the university's school of health sciences. In an earlier project with Kyoto University's medical school involving 20 people with Alzheimer's and 20 people without, the software identified those with the degenerative disease with an accuracy rate of 70 percent, he said. A Matter of Health covers current research, technology or policy issues relating to health in Japan.

In the General AI Challenge, Teams Compete for $5 Million


Rosa recently took steps to scale up the research on general AI by founding the AI Roadmap Institute and launching the General AI Challenge. In some rounds, participants will be tasked with designing algorithms and programming AI agents. The Challenge kicked off on 15 February with a six-month "warm-up" round dedicated to building gradually learning AI agents. The tasks were specifically designed to test gradual learning potential, so they can serve as guidance for the developers.

Amazon: AI To Drive Competitive Advantage


In my view, though impossible to quantify exactly, Amazon's AI investments and capabilities should sustain and increase its competitive advantage over time, leading me to believe that the stock has a much longer runway than what investors are giving it credit for. Looking at Microsoft's Q2 call (CYQ4), Nadella, MSFT's CEO, began by briefly summarizing earnings and then described FY17 as "a tremendous year of customer momentum with Cloud, AI, and digital transformation". In the press release, the only direct mention of machine learning and AI came in bullet number 20: "AWS customers continue to ramp their use of Amazon Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence services…" Even sell side analysts do not fully appreciate how important AI is to Amazon. For example, in the Q2 earnings call last month, AI was only mentioned towards the end of the call and it came from a sell side analyst: "As you continue to scale operations and you bring data to bear and robotics and Kivas and AI machine learning, are you finding that kind of new fulfillment center optimization curve is accelerating?"


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According to a new study published in the journal Consciousness and Cognition, consumption of a low amount of alcohol facilitated problem-solving skills and boosted creative thinking. Later, when the participants were given tasks related to word associations-- like linking the words "swiss", "blue" and "cake"-- it was found that those who had consumed the alcoholic beer were more likely to make the guess that "cheese" was the correct linking word. Thereby, alcohol may facilitate a broader associative search and the effective solving of creative tasks that are prone to fixation effects." "We wanted to do this study because alcohol is so linked with creativity and great writers like Ernest Hemingway.

Blockchain, Big Data And The Value Of Global Trade

International Business Times

Christian Lanng, CEO Tradeshift (a trade finance and supply chain solution working with HSBC and Santander), said: "Over the next two to five years we are going to see massive digitalisation of that global trade dataset. Tony Nash, CEO at data analytics firm Complete Intelligence, says trade datasets are a very good proxy of global supply/demand, but trade finance remains a missing piece. Tammer Kamel, CEO of Quandl, a well-known provider of data insights to the asset management industry, said: "Almost all our hedge fund customers covet supply chain insights. It could be a Kenyan coffee supply chain node on this global coffee supply chain.

Consistent backswing key to becoming a star tennis player

Daily Mail

Scientists assessed the speed at which people learned the basic skills in both golf and tennis, and found that those with consistent backswings perfected their techniques twice as quickly. The study demonstrates that any immediately preceding movement needs to be consistent to achieve fast learning. For the research, participants were asked to make two successive movements (a lead-in movement followed immediately by the main movement) while grasping the handle of a robotic device. For the research, participants were asked to make two successive movements: a lead-in movement (the backswing) followed immediately by the main movement while grasping the handle of a robotic device.

Amazon's audiobooks for dogs keeps them calm at home alone

Daily Mail

Dog behavior expert Cesar Millan (pictured) teamed up with audible to conduct their own study to see what impact audiobooks have on dogs when their owners are away. By using a speaker along with one of the audiobooks, users can play one of a range of audible's audiobooks, with recommended titles including: According to a demonstration video by Millan, having to be away from our dogs can be a stressful situation, joined by guilt and shame for having to be away from our pets for long periods of time, for example when going to work. So dog behavior expert Cesar Millan teamed up with Amazon's Audible to conduct their own study to see what impact audiobooks have on dogs when their owners are away. Then, Cesar's Way Inc. analyzed the survey responses, and cumulative results showed that in 27 out of 28 days tested, the dogs showed positive behavior differential scores post-audiobook play period.

The AI & Machine Learning Glossary for Marketers 7wData


And with all of the various branches -- Machine Learning, deep learning, natural language processing -- it's not a topic that you can hope to master by reading a single blog post. After all, they argue, humans didn't achieve "artificial flight" through building machines that flap their wings like birds, bats, or bugs. When I asked Alexa to define AI, she replied that it's "the branch of computer science that deals with writing computer programs that can solve problems creatively." On a related note, when I asked Alexa if she could pass the Turing test, she replied, "I don't need to pass that -- I'm not pretending to be human."