Human Robot Interaction

Will Artificial Intelligence Change The World For the Better? Or Worse? Read our new policy paper


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a concept that has a long standing tradition in the realm of science-fiction, popularized by Hollywood movies and iconic writers such as Isaac Asimov. However, AI has also received increased attention in recent years following news of progress in the field and the prospect of new, tangible, innovation such as self-driving cars. The Internet has played an important role in these developments, particularly as the platform for AI enabled services – some with significant implications for the continued development of a trusted Internet.

Keeping Your Job in the Age of Automation


Summary: What are the real threats of job loss from real and AI enhanced virtual robots? How do we position ourselves and our children to succeed in this new environment?

Drone strike that killed Reyaad Khan 'not transparent'

Al Jazeera

British politicians who examined the details of a drone strike which killed a British man in Syria said they were disappointed by the government's lack of transparency during investigations.

Drunk Man Arrested For Tackling Parking Lot Security Robot

Huffington Post

Jason Sylvain, 41, attacked the crime-fighting K5 droid in the parking lot of robot manufacturer Knightscope the evening of April 19, Mountain View Police Department spokeswoman Katie Nelson told HuffPost. She said an employee for Knightscope detained Sylvain before officers got to the scene.

Amazon's new AI assistant will watch you in your home – but also rate your outfits

The Independent

Amazon has just unveiled the Echo Look, the latest addition to its range of voice-enabled assistants.

Alphabet's Waymo Offering Families Rides in Self-Driving Cars


Waymo LLC, the autonomous-car unit of Google parent Alphabet Inc., will expand its testing efforts by making hundreds of self-driving vehicles available to families and urban commuters in the Phoenix area.

Little Nightmares review: A Tim Burton-esque horror game that doesn't rely on jump scares

The Independent

Little Nightmares is a side-scrolling adventure platformer that takes place in a 3D space. You take control of Six, a tiny, yellow raincoat-clad protagonist with an uncertain background as you attempt to escape a series of dire and dingy rooms and head towards the tantalizing bright lights of freedom. It oozes unique style, but also seems strangely familiar at the same time...

Net neutrality: Internet providers heading for showdown with US government

The Independent

Internet companies are readying for a showdown with telecoms and a Republican-controlled government over a policy near and dear to their hearts: net neutrality.

Lawmakers Say Briton Killed in Drone Strike Was Threat to UK

U.S. News

British lawmakers say a U.K. man killed by a Royal Air Force drone strike in Syria was an Islamic State group attack planner who posed a "very serious threat" to Britain.