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Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Paid Advertising


Perhaps no advancement over the past decade has had more of an impact on paid advertising, especially with Google AdWords and Facebook PPC than Artificial Intelligence (AI). In other words, it is the gathering of information on the personal habits of the potential customer so that paid advertising can be better directed at the right audience. By not only addressing your actions, it also considers your vulnerabilities which means that paid advertising in places like Google AdWords and Facebook PPC becomes more potent in its effects. This is not to say that paid advertising has replaced organic SEO in terms of marketing strategy, but there is no doubt that it has offered a positive impact which makes Google AdWords and Facebook PPC more effective in reaching the desired customer base.

Does dwell time really matter for SEO?


Basically, Google wants to find unicorns – pages that have extraordinary user engagement metrics like organic search click-through rate (CTR), dwell time, bounce rate, and conversion rate – and reward that content with higher organic search rankings. Today, let's look at another important engagement metric: long clicks, or visits that stay on site for a long time after leaving the SERP. Are you not convinced that long clicks impact organic search rankings (whether directly or indirectly)? We can't measure long clicks or dwell time in Google Analytics.

Deep Learning: Top 7 Ways to Get Started with MATLAB - Google AdWords - Confirmation


If you're still getting your arms around deep learning, start with the very basics. This video series by Deep Learning TV provides an introduction that assumes no knowledge of math, programming, or statistics. The series starts with neural networks and deep learning concepts and later gets into techniques such as convolutional nets, restricted Boltzmann machines, deep belief nets, recurrent nets, autoencoders, and recursive neural tensor nets.