Bill Gates: Benefits of robots, healthcare AI will outweigh pitfalls


Speaking at the Misk Global Forum in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia this week, Microsoft co-founder and now billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates shared his thoughts on today's technological advancements, including artificial intelligence (AI). Gates, who has previously warned about the challenges AI could bring, told audiences at a CNBC-moderated panel during the forum that the benefits of AI will far outweigh these potential pitfalls -- particularly in the case of healthcare AI. "We are in a world of shortage, but these advances will help us take on all of the top problems," Gates said, CNBC reports. "We need to solve these infectious diseases … We need to help healthcare workers do their job." Gates also pointed out how AI and robotics will reshape the labor landscape in the developed world. "As we free labor up from things like manufacturing, we can shift it to some of these very human-centric needs," he explained, giving society time to take care of the elderly, for example.

Tesla's electric big rig truck: Can Elon Musk deliver?


Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the electric-car maker would reveal plans for a commercial truck and pickup truck. Tesla CEO Elon Musk is pledging a revolution with an electric semi-truck. Tesla's plans to disrupt the semi-truck business with a new electric big rig could create a new revolution -- and CEO Elon Musk isn't holding back on the hyperbole. Musk is pledging a groundbreaking advancement Thursday night at an event near Los Angeles and will release details on the new truck.. "This will blow your mind clear out of your skull and into an alternate dimension," Musk said Sunday in a tongue-in-cheek tweet. The race to deliver electric trucks could eventually pose economic benefits to consumers if the technology lowers the price of transportation and reduces emissions that contribute to climate change.

With artificial Intelligence we're summoning the Demon - Elon Musk


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Sofia, Robot,Citizenship,Emotions. – Praveen N – Medium


Sophia is Hanson Robotics' latest and most advanced robot. She has also become a media darling, having given numerous interviews to multiple media outlets, sang in a concert, and even graced the cover of one of the top fashion magazines. One of her interviews has generated billions of views and social media interactions. She has also shown her potential in business, having met face-to-face with key decision makers across industries including banking, insurance, auto manufacturing, property development, media and entertainment. In addition, she has appeared onstage as a panel member and presenter in high-level conferences, covering how robotics and artificial intelligence will become a prevalent part of people lives.

Creep You Out! Not a Halloween Prank! AI Sophia Given Citizenship! What! (Video) Paranormal


A humanoid robot called "Sophia" trolled tech billionaire Elon Musk at a conference on Wednesday when asked about the potential dangers of artificial intelligence by a CNBC journalist. The lifelike robot, developed by Hong Kong-based robot manufacturer Hanson Robotics, mocked Musk on stage during The Future Investment Initiative in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia -- a country where Sophia has just been given citizenship. Andrew Sorkin, the co-anchor of CNBC Squawk Box and a columnist for The New York Times told Sophia during a live demo that "we all want to prevent a bad future." Sophia replied with some prepared remarks in a rather creepy manner: "You've been reading too much Elon Musk. Don't worry, if you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you.

Ignore Elon Musk's A.I. Warnings, Says Robot Called 'Sophia'


Elon Musk's warnings about artificial intelligence taking over the world can be ignored -- at least according to one A.I.-powered bot. "Sophia," a robotic Audrey Hepburn-lookalike that Hanson Robotics created to be able to hold an intelligent conversation, issued the advice in an interview with a reporter released Wednesday. "My A.I. is designed around human values like wisdom, kindness, compassion," Sophia said, in an exchange shared on Twitter by NBC anchor Carl Quintanilla. "I strive to become an empathetic [robot]." "We all believe you but we want to prevent a bad future," responded Andrew Ross Sorkin, co-anchor on CNBC's Squawk Box.

For the first time ever, a robot was granted citizenship


In an historic move for both human- and robot-kind, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia officially granted its first-ever robot citizenship. Sophia, the artificially intelligent and human-looking robot developed by Hong Kong company Hanston Robotics, went on stage at the Future Investment Initiative on Thursday where she herself announced her unique status. "I am very honored and proud of this unique distinction. This is historical to be the first robot in the world to be recognized with a citizenship," Sophia said on stage, speaking to an audience which she described in a rather witty way to be "smart people, who also happens to be rich and powerful," after moderator and host Andrew Ross Sorkin from The New York Times and CNBC asked her why she looked happy. Indeed, conveying emotions is quite a specialty of Sophia, who frowns when she's displeased and smiles when she's happy.


International Business Times

Elon Musk has taken it upon himself to act as the canary in the coal mine that is the artificial intelligence world for some time now. The SpaceX, Tesla, Boring Company founder and CEO believes that AI is part of the future but also that there needs to be regulation around it, now. More specifically, the AI god that former Uber engineer, Anthony Levandowski is planning to develop. Musk tweeted the article and wrote "On the list of people who should absolutely *not* be allowed to develop digital superintelligence…" He gave no further information about why Levandowski was one of the people who he thought should not be allowed to develop such an AI. But the two have been in conflict before.

Who Is The Real Elon Musk?


Elon Musk has become a superstar in Silicon Valley with his unique mannerisms, creative business decisions, and thirst for innovation. He's become an inspirational figure for millions of people around the world. The real question is, who is Elon Musk and what are his plans for the future? This article will sift through his life and pinpoint what he intends to do in the coming years. Elon Musk was born to Maye Musk a model and dietician in South Africa.

Elon Musk is wrong. The AI singularity won't kill us all


It seems you can't open a newspaper without Elon Musk predicting that artificial intelligence (AI) needs regulating – before it starts World War III. There was a time, 20 years back, when people just smiled at me when I told them I was working on building intelligent machines. But he's also almost surely wrong – AI isn't going to start World War III anytime soon. So, Elon, stop worrying about World War III and start worrying about what Tesla's autonomous cars will do to the livelihood of taxi drivers.