How SAP Fuels Machine Learning and Reviewing the Latest SAP Clea Machine Learning(ML) Tool


Following their success in data handling and processing to fuel the fire of Machine Learning, SAP has now jumped head long into the direct integration of Machine Learning in their tool through the launch of SAP CLEA. SAP CLEA is a recently launched Machine Learning Solution of SAP providing embedded intelligent systems on the SAP cloud platform with various applications involved. The focus is to drive business applications with smart algorithms and models for maneuvering unprecedented insights, be able to make better predictions and decisions and also automate the various routine redundant tasks while focusing on higher-value work. SAP CLEA is the first front of the future of SAP's Machine Learning systems which are to include several applications, tools and services, all developed in collaboration with and feedback from the various co-innovation customers across domains and regions.

This Neural Network Hilariously Does Not Understand What Humans Like to Eat


A year ago, scientist Janelle Shane made a post on Tumblr detailing the wacky food names her neural network was generating after she fed it a healthy diet of cookbooks. There's a creativity variable I can set when the network is generating new recipes, and when I set it low, it comes up with its best guess at the most quintessential recipe titles: But those weren't the results that made the post go viral. No, it was after Shane had the network turn its "creativity variable" up past eleven: When I tell it to get creative, things get even weirder. To be fair, Shane's neural network has learned a ton and continues to refine its knowledge.