Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference 2018 #AAI18


BootstrapLabs is pleased to announce that its annual Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference will return for the third year on April 12, 2018 in San Francisco. The one day conference brings together the brightest and most experienced professionals in the field of AI for an immersive day of learning, discussion, and connection. This year's agenda will focus on the latest and future impact of AI applications and commercialization across a breadth of sectors, including Transportation, Healthcare, Finance, Future of Work and Cybersecurity. Inviting world class perspectives from research, entrepreneurship, investing, and business transformation, the event aims to capture the deepest insights available in the AI landscape today. You'll have access to practical wisdom and methodologies on how to take advantage of AI's powerful potential.

AAPL Stock Rebounds After Apple Buying Shazam Report

International Business Times

Apple is reportedly closing in on a deal to purchase the audio recognition app Shazam--a popular app that can identify music, television show, movie or advertisement by listening to an audio clip--according to TechCrunch. No official price has been made public, though the deal is believed to be in the nine-figure range and has been rumored to be around $400 million. During its last funding round in 2015, Shazam was valued at more than $1 billion. The report was confirmed by the Financial Times, which reported the deal would value the London-based Shazam as worth "hundreds of millions of dollars" and would be one of the largest acquisitions in Apple's history. During its September 2017 earnings report, Shazam posted $54 million in revenue over the course of its 2016 fiscal year, a turnaround from its previous two years.

Sequoia Backs Graphcore as the Future of Artificial Intelligence Processors


Graphcore has today announced a $50 million Series C funding round by Sequoia Capital as the machine intelligence company prepares to ship its first Intelligence Processing Unit (IPU) products to early access customers at the start of 2018. The Series C round enables Graphcore to significantly accelerate growth to meet the expected global demand for its machine intelligence processor. The funding will be dedicated to scaling up production, building a community of developers around the Poplar software platform, driving Graphcore's extended product roadmap, and investing in its Palo Alto-based US team to help support customers. Nigel Toon, CEO at Graphcore said: "Efficient AI processing power is rapidly becoming the most sought-after resource in the technological world. We believe our IPU technology will become the worldwide standard for machine intelligence compute.

EY is extending alliance with Microsoft to bring innovative digital solutions to the agribusiness industry


The initiative will combine EY's technology consulting experience and its agribusiness knowledge with Microsoft's digital suite of tools and the Microsoft Azure cloud platform to help companies innovate and transform their businesses. For example, EY and Microsoft will collaborate to develop solutions with a focus on data, analytics and artificial intelligence to support farmers and growers in increasing productivity, and help the industry digitize how crop data is aggregated, monitored and analyzed through e-commerce capabilities. This will help farmers increase efficiencies and competitive advantage using the data they collect on crop production, supply chain, machinery operation, and other business-critical data points. EY and Microsoft announced the initiative at Chicago Ideas Week, an annual festival in October that features more than 200 events spread across the city, during a session about data-driven farming and the role that technology will continue to play in increasing yields and field sustainability. EY and Microsoft are among the sponsors of the event.

The Sky Guys selected to develop artificial intelligence-enabled drone for highway monitoring


OCE drives the commercialization of cutting-edge research across key market sectors to build the economy of tomorrow and secure Ontario's global competitiveness. In doing this, OCE fosters the training and development of the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs and is a key partner with Ontario's industry, universities, colleges, research hospitals, investors and governments. A champion of leading-edge technologies, best practices and research, OCE invests in sectors such as advanced health, digital media and information communications, advanced manufacturing and materials, and cleantech including energy, environment and water. OCE is a key partner in delivering Ontario's Innovation Agenda as a member of the province's Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (ONE). Funded by the Government of Ontario, the ONE is made up of regional and sector-focused organizations and helps Ontario-based entrepreneurs rapidly grow their company and create jobs.

HPE Introduces New Set of Artificial Intelligence Platforms and Services


HPE Rapid Software Installation for AI: HPE introduced an integrated hardware and software solution, purpose-built for high performance computing and deep learning applications. Based on the HPE Apollo 6500 system in collaboration with Bright Computing to enable rapid deep learning application development, this solution includes pre-configured deep learning software frameworks, libraries, automated software updates and cluster management optimized for deep learning and supports NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs. HPE Deep Learning Cookbook: Built by the AI Research team at Hewlett Packard Labs, the deep learning cookbook is a set of tools to guide customers in selecting the best hardware and software environment for different deep learning tasks. These tools help enterprises estimate performance of various hardware platforms, characterize the most popular deep learning frameworks, and select the ideal hardware and software stacks to fit their individual needs. The Deep Learning Cookbook can also be used to validate the performance and tune the configuration of already purchased hardware and software stacks.

EveryPig App Now Incorporates Machine Learning


CDB Technologies, LLC is pleased to announce that EveryPig (, This new development will allow the farmers and veterinarians using the app to leverage data collection and machine learning models to identify illnesses and recommend potential remedies for the pigs under care. Over time, this technology will bring an unprecedented degree of insight to the pork industry regarding the care and health of pigs. Because the actual people who physically visit the pigs every day are the ones reporting, EveryPig's founder believes that the platform will be an ideal tool to provide fast recognition of domestic and foreign disease outbreaks, which could affect the multibillion-dollar pork export market. In the one year it has been in use, EveryPig has already grown to have 500 active users including many pork production and swine veterinary management companies representing over 1,000,000 pigs under care, without a focus on sales.

Cogito AI Day: Artificial Intelligence for business and everyday life with less hype, more benefits


Earlier this year, Forbes included Expert System in the list of companies forging the next generation of Artificial Intelligence systems. "The impact of AI in the near future will be even more decisive," said Stefano Spaggiari, CEO, Expert System. "Artificial Intelligence allows companies to overcome the purely'numerical' management of data by adding the ability to understand and manage information in a way that captures the maximum business value." Keynote speaker Boris Evelson, VP and Principal Analyst, Forrester Research, noted that one of the most important macro-applications of Artificial Intelligence in the business world is for understanding and making use of the incredible volumes of information that companies already collect. In fact, the current rate of growth in the adoption of AI technologies is comparable to a'tsunami'.

MapR Delivers Self-Service Data Science for Leveraging Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence


"H2O democratizes AI for enterprises and businesses looking to monetize investments in their data infrastructure," says Sri Ambati, CEO at, "With MapR and H2O, data scientists can now use lightning fast machine learning on all of their data. They can achieve accuracy faster to drive real-time predictions. The joint solution also allows data scientists to operationalize sophisticated and simple models from training to production on the same interactive platform." "We're excited to partner with MapR to bring our enterprise data science platform to our joint customers," said William Merchan, chief strategy officer, "By integrating directly with the MapR Data Science Refinery, we can provide a truly compelling offering that enables data science jobs to be deployed directly on the MapR cluster for fast data access and better resource utilization.

NIH Clinical Center provides one of the largest publicly available chest x-ray datasets to scientific community


The dataset of scans is from more than 30,000 patients, including many with advanced lung disease. The NIH Clinical Center recently released over 100,000 anonymized chest x-ray images and their corresponding data to the scientific community. The release will allow researchers across the country and around the world to freely access the datasets and increase their ability to teach computers how to detect and diagnose disease. Ultimately, this artificial intelligence mechanism can lead to clinicians making better diagnostic decisions for patients. NIH compiled the dataset of scans from more than 30,000 patients, including many with advanced lung disease.