Using Recurrent Neural Networks to Predict Player Performance


For data prone to noise and anomalies (most data, if we're being honest), a Long Short Term Memory network (LSTM), preserves the long term memory capabilities of the RNN, while filtering out irrelevant data points that are not part of the pattern. Mechanically speaking, the LSTM adds an extra operation to nodes on the map, the outcome of which determines whether the data point will be remembered as part of a potential pattern, used to update the weight matrix, or forgotten and cast aside as noise. For example, to train the HR network, the first input to the network is the number of homers the player hit in his first game, the second input to the network is the number the player hit in his second game and so on. With a network to train and data to train it with, we can now look at a test case where the network attempted to learn Manny Machado's performance patterns and then made some predictions.

Applications of AI in Niche and Emerging Areas – Hacker Noon


Grid4c is one of the companies providing predictive analytics solutions for smart grids. The AI research is exploring various aspects of farming, most notable areas being automated intelligent irrigation and detecting crop diseases. Intelligent machine learning algorithms are helping farmers automate and optimize irrigation. With computational and cognitive abilities of machine learning algorithms increasing day by day, we will see much more intervention of AI in entertainment industries.

Fantasy Football Artificial Intelligence Cheat Sheet!


After hours and days of trial and error (and error and trial again) I feel confident enough to release the culmination of my two previous articles (part 1 & part 2) -- a Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence fantasy football 2017 cheat sheet. Sometimes the best applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning simply uncover new insights or confirm insights already in hand. So we can infer from this that overall previous year rank is a fairly good indicator of where their rank will be the subsequent year but if we're looking to identify top point scorers or exclude the bottom rung scorers this may not be a great help. It wants us to exclude Quarterbacks to get there and anyone who has the name "ronnie":) Quarterbacks are few and far between and as we traverse the right side of the tree (the high rank number -- lower performance rank) quarterbacks are at the top.

AI seeks fantasy football challengers

BBC News

Computer scientists at University of Southampton are testing an artificially intelligent tool for predicting Premier League football results. The machine learning algorithm has managed to beat BBC football commentator Mark Lawrenson's predictions for two seasons in a row. Fantasy football is a game in which users assemble an imaginary team of real-life footballers and score points based on the players' actual statistical performance during the season. Fantasy managers can compete with Squadguru's AI in the Challenge the Squadguru league in the free Fantasy Premier League salary cap game by entering league code 2917382-677658.

England v West Indies: How to handle the threat of being dropped

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I watched England's final Test against South Africa and really felt for Keaton Jennings. The lack of backing I received was because of my poor performances against New Zealand, but I reckon if I could have been allowed to move through that challenging learning experience of my first real dip in form as an England player, I would have been better for it. Moving through the difficult learning process of being a newcomer to Test cricket is not straightforward and, should a player receive the full support of selection when experiencing a dip in form, it offers a healthy return on the investment of your initial selection. In reality, as much as performance matters so much to you as an individual, there is so much more that matters than scoring runs and the England cricket team winning matches and series.

The Internet of Sporting Things: Internet of Things Blog


Real-time insights generated from connected stadiums and even connected athletes are changing coaching styles, training approaches and the way fans engage with what they are seeing. In preparation for last year's Olympic Games, the IBM jStart team designed a digital training solution for the USA Cycling team. The solution pulled together all data sources that were part of an IoT solution into a single dashboard, giving the team real-time, actionable insights that helped take them from fifth place in world competition to a gold medal in the 2016 World Championship and silver in the 2016 Olympics. This is just a quick glimpse into how the sporting IoT can enhance fan engagement and provide athletes and coaches with real-time, actionable insights from data.

Consistent backswing key to becoming a star tennis player

Daily Mail

Scientists assessed the speed at which people learned the basic skills in both golf and tennis, and found that those with consistent backswings perfected their techniques twice as quickly. The study demonstrates that any immediately preceding movement needs to be consistent to achieve fast learning. For the research, participants were asked to make two successive movements (a lead-in movement followed immediately by the main movement) while grasping the handle of a robotic device. For the research, participants were asked to make two successive movements: a lead-in movement (the backswing) followed immediately by the main movement while grasping the handle of a robotic device.

The Number Games -- How Machine Learning is Changing Sports


Data collected, such as players' vital stats and movements in training and in play on game day are being analyzed to enhance player performance and match strategy. And by studying patterns of play and player movements, coaches can reconfigure play strategy to make use of each player's strengths and offset their weaknesses to improve overall team performance. Another application is the WASP (Winning and Scoring Prediction), which has used machine learning techniques that predict the final score in the first innings and estimates the chasing team's probability of winning in the second innings. The second innings model estimates the probability of winning as a function of balls and wickets remaining, runs scored to date, and the target score.

Startup touts neuro-stimulation as 'medicine for the brain'

The Japan Times

According to California startup Halo Neuroscience, the device can help improve the performance of athletes, pilots and surgeons, and potentially help rehabilitation for stroke victims. By stimulating the motor cortex, Chao says the Halo device can "extract latent potential" in the brain to improve performance for people who rely on making quick decisions and movements such as athletes. The San Francisco startup has also concluded deals with the San Francisco Giants baseball team and the U.S. Olympic ski team to integrate Halo in training programs. Chao, who trained as a doctor and studied neuroscience at Stanford, previously worked at a startup called Neuro Pace, which uses electrical stimulation to treat epilepsy.

Microsoft's machine learning can predict injuries in sports


Today, the company introduced its new Sports Performance Platform, an analytics system that aims to help teams track, improve and predict their players performance using machine learning and Surface technology. Microsoft's Sports Performance Platform can, for example, figure out when a player is at risk of injury, based on his or her most recent performance and recovery time. The company says one of the main benefits to its sports analytics tool is that it's powered by proprietary business tools such as Power BI, a cloud-based intelligence suite also used on products like Excel, as well as Azure and, of course, Surface computers. Professional teams such as the Seattle Reign FC (US, National Women's Soccer League) and Real Sociedad (Spain, La Liga) are already taking advantage of the Sports Performance Platform.