Bing launches new intelligent search features, powered by AI


Today we announced new Intelligent Search features for Bing, powered by AI, to give you answers faster, give you more comprehensive and complete information, and enable you to interact more naturally with your search engine. Intelligent answers: One of the Intelligent Search features announced today are Intelligent Answers. These answers leverage the latest state of the art in machine reading comprehension, backed by Project Brainwave running on Intel's FPGAs, to read and analyze billions of documents to understand the web and help you more quickly and confidently get the answers you need. Bing now uses deep neural networks to validate answers by aggregating across multiple reputable sources, rather than just one, so you can feel more confident about the answer you're getting. Many times, you have to click into multiple sources to get a comprehensive answer for your question.

Google is opening an AI center in China


Even though its search engine, Gmail service, maps, and docs are blocked in the country, Google has announced that its first AI center to open in Asia will be located in Beijing, China. Google Chief Scientist Fei-Fei Li said it would launch at the Google Developer Days event in Shanghai today. The company said the center will focus on basic artificial intelligence research and will consist of a team of AI researchers in Beijing, who will be supported by Google engineers based in China. Li said she would be leading and coordinating the research alongside Dr. Jia Li, the head of research and development at Google Cloud AI. It joins other AI groups from locations around the world, including New York, Toronto, London, and Zurich, who will work with the researchers in Beijing.



Although the average consumer may not be familiar with the concept of machine learning, it's already a big part of our daily lives. Tom Schlebusch, the co-founder and chief executive of NMRQL Research, a local fintech player offering South Africa's first machine-learning-powered unit trust fund, says machine learning has a big role to play in how we invest our money. Amid the explosion of data and the exponential advancement of technology, investors are beginning to realise the benefits of machine learning in investment management. Schlebusch says that, when Amazon or Netflix makes recommendations that appeal to us, it's because machine learning was used to analyse our behaviour. "All social media platforms use machine learning to provide personalised feedback based on behaviour patterns and relationships with other users.

AWS Announces Five New Machine Learning Services and the World's First Deep Learning-Enabled Video Camera for Developers


Amazon SageMaker is a fully managed service for developers and data scientists to quickly build, train, deploy, and manage their own machine learning models. AWS also introduced AWS DeepLens, a deep learning-enabled wireless video camera that can run real-time computer vision models to give developers hands-on experience with machine learning. And, AWS announced four new application services that allow developers to build applications that emulate human-like cognition: Amazon Transcribe for converting speech to text; Amazon Translate for translating text between languages; Amazon Comprehend for understanding natural language; and, Amazon Rekognition Video, a new computer vision service for analyzing videos in batches and in real-time. Today, implementing machine learning is complex, involves a great deal of trial and error, and requires specialized skills. Developers and data scientists must first visualize, transform, and pre-process data to get it into a format that an algorithm can use to train a model.

Alteryx Helps Accelerate Deployment and Management of Machine Learning Models on Amazon Web Services


WIRE)--Alteryx, Inc. (NYSE: AYX), a leader in self-service data analytics, today announced that customers can take advantage of one-click, self-service predictive model deployment capabilities of the Alteryx solution on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Alteryx has also achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Machine Learning (ML) Competency status. The designation recognizes Alteryx for providing business analysts, data scientists and ML practitioners with automated, cutting-edge tools to create and deploy predictive models on AWS. Deployment of predictive models continues to be a major challenge for many companies, with only 13% of data scientists surveyed by Rexer Analytics saying their models always get deployed. Alteryx Promote was designed to help customers address the labor-intensive process of getting models into production by providing an end-to-end data science system for developing, deploying and managing predictive models and real-time decision APIs.

Accenture Uses Artificial Intelligence to Help the Elderly Better Navigate Their Care and Improve Their Well-Being


LAS VEGAS & LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Accenture (NYSE:ACN) has completed a pilot program that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and the ease of voice to help older people manage the daunting challenges of navigating their care delivery and well-being. The Accenture Liquid Studio in London developed an AI-powered platform (the Accenture Platform) that can learn user behaviors and preferences and suggest activities to support the overall physical and mental health of individuals ages 70 and older. The Accenture platform, which runs on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, includes a'Family and Carer' portal that lets family and caregivers check on the individual's daily activities, such as whether they have taken their medication or made new requests for caregivers. The Accenture platform can also spot abnormalities in behavior and alert family or friends, based on user defined permissions. Other services provided by the Accenture platform helped participants find local events as well as potential new friends, encouraging them to become more active and social.

Jim Beam Unveils First-Ever Artificially Intelligent Decanter - Cerebral-Overload


Jim Beam, the maker behind the world's best-selling bourbon and last year's groundbreaking Jim Beam Apple Watch, is making history yet again, taking its knack for innovation to create the first-ever "smart decanter." A "HomeBar" engineered with more than 200 years of bourbon know-how, "JIM" is advancing the technology of shot pouring and drinking, providing bourbon lovers a high-tech way to enjoy America's Native Spirit. A preview of the whiskey world's most innovative piece of technology can be viewed on YouTube, and is available in limited quantities to those 21 years of age or older for pre-order on Unlike other smart home devices, "JIM" not only answers life's most important questions, but also offers groundbreaking shot pouring functionality that allows legal drinking age consumers to serve up a drink from the comfort of their couch. Voiced by 7th Generation Master Distiller Fred Noe, the decanter-turned virtual voice assistant includes a sleek compartment for bourbon storage and voice command capabilities. - AWS (NASDAQ: AMZN) Announces a Slew of New IoT Services; Brings #MachineLearning to the Edge


AWS IoT 1-Click, AWS IoT Device Management, AWS IoT Device Defender, AWS IoT Analytics, Amazon FreeRTOS, and AWS Greengrass ML Inference make getting started with IoT as easy as one click, enable customers to rapidly onboard and easily manage large fleets of devices, audit and enforce consistent security policies, and analyze IoT device data at scale. Amazon FreeRTOS is an operating system that extends the rich functionality of AWS IoT to devices with very low computing power, such as lightbulbs, smoke detectors, and conveyor belts. And, AWS Greengrass ML Inference is a new capability for AWS Greengrass that allows machine learning models to be deployed directly to devices, where they can run machine learning inference to make decisions quickly, even when devices are not connected to the cloud. To get started, visit: "AWS IoT Device Management has helped streamline our device onboarding, which has enabled us to meet our planned production throughput for connected devices.

Danske Bank and Teradata Implement AI Engine that Monitors Fraud in Real Time


Teradata has announced today that Danske Bank, a financial services leader in the Nordics, has worked with Think Big Analytics, a Teradata company, to create and launch a state-of-art, AI-driven fraud detection platform that is already expected to meet 100 percent ROI in its first year of production. The engine uses machine leaning to analyze tens of thousands of latent features, scoring millions of online banking transactions in real-time to provide actionable insight regarding true, and false, fraudulent activity. By significantly reducing the cost of investigating false-positives, Danske Bank increases its overall efficiency and is now poised for substantial savings. "Application fraud is a critical, top of the agenda issue for banks, and there is evidence that criminals are becoming savvier by the day; employing sophisticated machine learning techniques to attack, so it's critical to use advanced techniques, such as machine learning to catch them," said Nadeem Gulzar, Head of Advanced Analytics, Danske Bank. "The bank understands that fraud is set to get worse in the near and long-term future due to the increased digitization of banking and the prevalence of mobile banking applications.

Samsung buys Korean AI startup Fluenty


Samsung Electronics has acquired South Korean startup Fluenty, which specialises in conversational artificial intelligence (AI). The acquisition, which was led by the South Korean tech giant's mobile business, will allow the company to integrate Fluenty's services to its own AI platform, Bixby. Fluenty, which was founded by former search giant Naver and Daum developers, has an app that suggests the best text reply based on AI technology. It was launched in the US in 2015 and South Korea last year. The service supports chat apps such as KakaoTalk, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and Line.