The 6 Biggest Things Apple Announced Today


In iOS 11, iPhone owners will be getting a new Venmo-style option for sending money to friends via Apple Pay, a redesigned control center, a refreshed Apple Music app with more social features, a new Siri with a natural-sounding voice, and an improved Do Not Disturb feature designed to prevent distracted driving, among other additions. Both tablets are also getting a new A10X Fusion processor that the company says makes them 30% faster than older iPads running on the previous A9X chip. Apple's iOS 11 will bring new features that could make iPad Pro tablets function much better as a laptop replacement, such as a new app for managing files, a customizable on-screen dock, faster multitasking, and drag-and-drop capabilities. The Apple Watch will soon be getting an update that brings new watch faces, additional fitness features, and other changes.

Watch This Crazy Futuristic Vehicle Take Flight


Tactical Robots, an Israeli firm, has been running test flights of its Cormorant unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) this summer, and will keep expanding those tests to bring its aircraft with internal spinning rotors to the market. Rafi Yoeli, the founder and head of Urban Aeronautics, of which Tactical Robots is a subsidiary, tells TIME that the Cormorant will have both military and commercial uses. The Cormorant will be able to carry 1,100 pounds distances of more than 31 miles (50 km), Tactical Robots said in a press release. And the engine itself is slated for upgrades: Urban Aeronautics and the helicopter engine manufacturer Safran are partnering to both create more powerful engines for the Cormorant, as well as to develop entirely new internal rotor aircrafts together.

Tesla Filing Contradicts Elon Musk On Autopilot Crash


Apparently, a crash related to Tesla's autopilot feature was material, before it wasn't. The fatal accident, the first known case related to the autopilot feature, occurred 11 days before Musk and Tesla sold 2 billion shares in an offering on May 18. Musk told Fortune via email that the deadly crash wasn't "material" information that Tesla investors needed to know. The disclosure said that the company may face product liability claims due to "failures of new technologies that we are pioneering, including autopilot in our vehicles," adding that "product liability claims could harm our business, prospects, operating results and financial condition."