The Battle For The Future Of Transportation Seems Imminent

Huffington Post

Earlier this week, Google announced that its popular Waze app, which offers crowd-sourced navigation and has 65 million active users, plans to explore a carpooling feature in the Bay Area sometime this fall. Not mentioned in the official company statements: Uber had intentionally shut both Drummond and Google Ventures CEO David Krane out of board meetings for "a significant amount of time" prior, reports The Information. "Considering that Waze reportedly has more than 50 million users, Google is arguably more knowledgeable -- and has more insight -- towards driving habits than any other company on the planet," Kelley Blue Book analyst Michael Harley told NBC, adding that this is likely just "the tip of this emerging iceberg [in the] rapidly evolving ride-sharing wave." "Nominally, you can do autonomous driving without high-definition maps," Sam Abuelsamid, senior research analyst at Navigant Research, told Popular Mechanics earlier this summer.