IBM Tool Seeks to Bridge AI Skills Gap


Deep-Learning-as-a-Service, unveiled at IBM's annual IT industry conference in Las Vegas, seeks to lower barriers to deploying AI and deep-learning tools, a complex and painstakingly repetitive process that requires large amounts of computing power, the company said. The new service allows companies to upload data in Watson Studio, IBM's cloud-native platform for data scientists, developers and business analysts. There, they can create deep-learning algorithms for datasets – known in AI parlance as a "neural network" – using a drag-and-drop interface to select, configure, design and code the network. IBM also has automated the repetitive process of fine-tuning deep-learning algorithms, with successive training runs started, monitored and stopped automatically. For many firms, the complexity of creating smart algorithms from scratch has kept them from leveraging AI to parse massive stores of data for business value, the company said.

Decentrix Unleashes Artificial Intelligence for Media With BIAnalytix SSP


New Addition to BIAnalytix Platform Enables Real-Time Workflows That Maximize Revenue Opportunities for Cross-Media Campaign Trading DENVER -- March 20, 2018 -- Today, Decentrix introduced BIAnalytix SSP, the media industry's first cross-media-capable platform to deliver revenue maximization opportunities with modern real-time trading protocols. Built upon Artificial Intelligence for Media (AIfM), the newest addition to the company's BIAnalytix portfolio enables sophisticated cross-platform media trading at the speed of the buyer. "BIAnalytix SSP supports cross-platform and real-time trading, with realistic market pricing distilled from the data existing within a media company's order management systems and processes," said Taras Bugir, president at Decentrix. "The packaging of cross-media campaign inventory for trading represents a significant milestone in our industry. By addressing complexities that are beyond the reach of human analysis, Artificial Intelligence for Media enables media organizations -- for the first time -- to process decisions based upon current and future inventory positions across their entire delivery ecosystem."

Operator of self-driving Uber vehicle that killed pedestrian was felon


Tempe police speak at a press conference to address the accident where a self-driving Uber killed a pedestrian. In this file photo taken in 2016, pilot models of the Uber self-driving car are displayed at the Uber Advanced Technologies Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. PHOENIX -- The operator behind the wheel of a self-driving Uber vehicle that hit and killed a 49-year-old woman Sunday night had served almost four years in an Arizona prison in the early 2000s on an attempted armed robbery conviction. A representative for Uber declined to comment on the conviction and the company's hiring policies, citing an active investigation. Elaine Herzberg was walking a bike across a street outside a crosswalk in Tempe, Ariz., at about 10 p.m. when she was hit, police said.

Netradyne Appoints New Vice President of Data Services and Insurance


Netradyne's advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are creating deep driver, vehicle and environmental analysis; yielding unique opportunities to create efficiencies in risk identification, data trend analysis and timely payment of insurance claims. Their robust commercial fleet platform currently captures and analyzes several million driving miles each month and Willis' expertise will allow the company to turn this insightful data into comprehensive offerings insurance companies can use to underwrite and analyze professional drivers across the country. In parallel, Willis will support customers who are actively reducing fleet risk by managing relationships with insurance carriers to provide evidence of improvement. He will also foster relationships with captive program managers to help drive fleet sales growth. "Netradyne is experiencing explosive growth, with new avenues and uses for our technology approach coming to life every day.

Artificial Intelligence Implementations Will Require a Significant Level of Professional Services Support to Reach Enterprise Scale, According to Tractica


BOULDER, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Artificial intelligence (AI) has worked its way into a variety of industries, from the obvious (autonomous vehicles) to the hidden (anti-money laundering due diligence). But according to a new report from Tractica, while organizations are clearly recognizing the value associated with incorporating AI into their business processes, they are also encountering a number of challenges with integrating this new intelligence into operational processes. Taking AI beyond the proof-of-concept phase to the enterprise scale will require a significant level of professional services to support large implementations, with key service categories including application integration, support and maintenance, training, customization, and installation. Tractica forecasts that the worldwide market for AI services will grow from $10.1 billion in 2017 to $188.3 billion by 2025. The market intelligence firm anticipates that the industry sectors using the highest levels of professional services to support AI deployments will include business services, consumer, healthcare, advertising, and automotive.

Hundreds of Start-Ups Tell Investors: Diversify, or Keep Your Money


When Trevor McFedries set out last year to raise money for Brud, his robotics and artificial intelligence start-up, he found himself in many meetings with "a ton of white guy" venture capitalists. So Mr. McFedries, who is black, and his co-founder, Sara DeCou, a Latino woman, added a condition for investors: The pair would accept money only from venture firms that had a woman or a person of color in a position to write them a check. "It was counterintuitive for us to raise money from a bunch of white guys who want to extract all the value from the world," said Mr. McFedries, who eventually collected several million dollars from firms that met the condition. "We're interested in reshaping the way that tech looks." Mr. McFedries is one of more than 400 tech entrepreneurs and chief executives who have now banded together, in a loose coalition known as Founders for Change, to pressure the venture capital industry to diversify its ranks.

TradeRev Unveils 'H' - Artificial Intelligence to Enhance the Digital Auction Experience


CARMEL, Ind., March 19, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TradeRev, a digital platform that facilitates live, dealer-to-dealer vehicle auctions, announced they will unveil H, the company's newest suite of artificial intelligence capabilities at next week's National Auto Dealers Association (NADA) Show 2018 in Las Vegas. TradeRev is a business unit of global remarketing and technology solutions provider KAR Auction Services, Inc. (NYSE:KAR). H leverages data and technology from across the KAR platform and uses TradeRev's machine learning and proprietary algorithms to deliver clear, easy, actionable intelligence to dealers. At NADA, TradeRev will demo H's AI-driven automated condition report visualization tool and several recently released data and predictive analytics capabilities.

MIT, SenseTime advancing AI research as part of new MIT Intelligence Quest - AI Trends


"Xiao'ou has used the same practical approach to computation and artificial intelligence that he displayed at MIT to build a highly successful academic and applied research career and a tremendously successful, technologically impressive startup company in SenseTime," Grimson says. "He has become well known throughout China and the world as a leader in the field of AI, and especially computer vision and deep learning. Xiao'ou has always kept MIT front of mind, both as a professor and an entrepreneur. He has shared intellectual ideas and is ever on the lookout for impressive young talent whom he encourages to apply to the Institute. I personally am proud of Xiao'ou's success and the impact he is making on the world, and look forward to a deepened, mutually beneficial relationship between MIT and SenseTime."

Speaking Opportunities at Miami #Blockchain Event by @CloudEXPO #Bitcoin #Ethereum #Crypto #Ripple


DXWorldEXPO LLC announced today that "Miami Blockchain Event by FinTechEXPO" has opened its Call for Papers. The two-day event will present 20 top Blockchain experts. All speaking inquiries which covers the following information can be submitted by email to [email protected]. Miami Blockchain Event by FinTechEXPO also offers sponsorship and exhibit opportunities. Financial enterprises in New York City, London, Singapore, and other world financial capitals are embracing a new generation of smart, automated FinTech that eliminates many cumbersome, slow, and expensive intermediate processes from their businesses.

IBM calls its new machine learning platform 'the reinvention of the database' - SiliconANGLE


IBM Corp. today unveiled a new data science and machine learning platform that one executive called "the most significant announcement we've made about data in years." Featuring an in-memory database, a real-time processing engine and the ability to ingest and analyze massive amounts of data, the Cloud Private for Data constitutes an integrated data science, data engineering and application development platform. It's intended for building event-driven applications that can handle "torrents of data from things like internet of thing sensors, online commerce, mobile devices, and more," the company said in a press release. With a combination of features that enables organizations to ingest, transform and analyze streaming data on a single software stack, the engine sits atop Cloud Private, which is IBM's version of the Kubernetes container orchestration platform. Software containers abstract applications away from the underlying hardware, enabling them to run on any computing platform.