IBM calls its new machine learning platform 'the reinvention of the database' - SiliconANGLE


IBM Corp. today unveiled a new data science and machine learning platform that one executive called "the most significant announcement we've made about data in years." Featuring an in-memory database, a real-time processing engine and the ability to ingest and analyze massive amounts of data, the Cloud Private for Data constitutes an integrated data science, data engineering and application development platform. It's intended for building event-driven applications that can handle "torrents of data from things like internet of thing sensors, online commerce, mobile devices, and more," the company said in a press release. With a combination of features that enables organizations to ingest, transform and analyze streaming data on a single software stack, the engine sits atop Cloud Private, which is IBM's version of the Kubernetes container orchestration platform. Software containers abstract applications away from the underlying hardware, enabling them to run on any computing platform. - CognitiveScale and NBCUniversal Demonstrate the Power of #AI in Transforming TV Advertising


Newswire) CognitiveScale today announced a completed project with NBCUniversal using its artificial intelligence (AI) technology to transform the way NBCUniversal analyzes video to determine what makes a successful ad. The first-of-its-kind project resulted in valuable insights that empowers NBCUniversal to use AI to deliver new ad sales options and services to its clients.

Here's how Elon Musk could get tens of billions from new Tesla compensation plan


Elon Musk has spent $72 million on homes in California. His most recent mansion was more than $24 million.

Disruption (ERP3.0) on Flipboard


The Future Digital Economy is ERP3 In technology or at least the application and security areas I sit within, acronyms are everywhere,...

AWS Announces Five New Machine Learning Services and the World's First Deep Learning-Enabled Video Camera for Developers


Amazon SageMaker is a fully managed service for developers and data scientists to quickly build, train, deploy, and manage their own machine learning models. AWS also introduced AWS DeepLens, a deep learning-enabled wireless video camera that can run real-time computer vision models to give developers hands-on experience with machine learning. And, AWS announced four new application services that allow developers to build applications that emulate human-like cognition: Amazon Transcribe for converting speech to text; Amazon Translate for translating text between languages; Amazon Comprehend for understanding natural language; and, Amazon Rekognition Video, a new computer vision service for analyzing videos in batches and in real-time.



Google announced today that its Cloud Video Intelligence API is generally available, along with a new Content Classification feature for its Cloud Natural Language API. The updates are aimed at giving customers new capabilities for making their applications smarter using prebuilt machine learning systems. As their names imply, the two services are designed to provide developers with tools that they can use to make applications understand the content of videos and text. That, in turn, is supposed to help with the creation of more intelligent apps that would have previously been the domain of the tech titans. In addition to becoming generally available, the Cloud Video Intelligence API can now be used to transcribe the contents of video fed into it, along with its existing support for detecting objects within footage, spotting shot changes in a single video, and spotting explicit content in footage.

Follow the Money in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics


POINT ROBERTS, WA--(Marketwired - November 20, 2017) -, a global news source covering leading sectors including artificial Intelligence and robotics issues a sector snapshot and video showcasing companies using the technology, including,

How Twitter Will Use A.I. on 'Every Single Tweet' in the Timeline


Twitter is going to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to categorize "every single tweet," CEO Jack Dorsey told investors during the company's earnings call on Thursday. In the future, Twitter wants to bring content to the top that it thinks people are going to care about most, hinting that the existing chronological timeline could see further adjustments. "We're playing a lot with better matching people with their topics and interests, what they care about within this," Dorsey said in response to a question from Colin Sebastian, a Robert W. Baird senior analyst. Sebastian praised the platform for providing information about the recent California wildfires, before asking for more information about the app's "Explore" tab. This is one of the ways Twitter has started sorting tweets based on what it thinks users care about.

Pornhub is using machine learning to automatically tag its 5 million videos


Artificial intelligence has proven to be a dab hand at recognizing what's going on in photos and videos, but the datasets it's usually trained on are pretty genteel. Not so for Pornhub, which announced today that it's using machine learning to automatically catalog its videos.