UiPath Human-to-Robot Chat Assistance with Humley


UiPath is creating a strong ecosystem of partners to help deliver increasingly efficient enterprise RPA deployment by ensuring that a rich marketplace of leading partner technologies can offer a powerful, pre-integrated, value-added function to the already highly successful UiPath solutions in place. "Conversational Natural Language engagement is a huge growth area for both personal and business use across the globe," said Boris Krumrey, Chief Robotics Officer of UiPath. "Speech and text driven access to initiate and operate robotic process automations is a new channel of user interaction to RPA using conversation. Humley has demonstrated how a virtual assistant can be deployed to support RPA management and build Voice or Chat User Interfaces which will help customers innovate in regards to the'how and where' they access robotic process automations. What we like about Humley is that it works with other leading technologies such as IBM Watson and Microsoft Cognitive Services."

Almost a third of consumers plan for new AI home devices


Almost a third (32%) of consumers surveyed globally by PwC plan to buy an AI device including robots or automated assistants, with retailers watching closely as'voice commerce' develops in the home. The findings are published today in PwC's Global Consumer Insights survey, which assesses the shopping behaviour, habits and expectations of over 22,000 consumers in 27 countries. The study reports that 10% of respondents already own artificial intelligence (AI) devices, such as robots and automated personal assistants like Amazon Echo or Google Home, and 32% said they plan to buy one. Both consumer and retailer habits and offerings still need time to adapt however, to make the most of the new voice commerce channel. Interest in the devices is strongest amongst consumers in emerging economies including China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand.

Global AI Market in Agriculture 2013-2018 & 2023 - Increasing Number of IOT Device Installation in Agriculture & Decreasing Price of Sensors


Drivers High penetration of IOT in agriculture industry Increasing number of IOT device installation in agriculture Decreasing price of sensors Increase in adoption of cattle facial recognition Impact analysis of drivers on market forecast 4.3.3

Anexinet Enhances ListenLogic With Artificial Intelligence and Ensemble Machine Learning Capabilities


Advanced topic extraction using AI & machine learning, natural language processing, and regex classifiers to identify topics across all data sources - enabling organizations to diagnose not only what is happening in customer interactions, but why it's happening. Sentiment analysis and entity recognition using proprietary and open source algorithms to understand the overall sentiment and label data by types such as person, organization, location, events, and products. Pre-configured industry dashboards and classifier libraries that address the most common uses cases for sales, churn and compliance to jumpstart time-to-value. Data connectors to a variety of data sources and destinations, send classified data to an internal visualization tool or build powerful apps using the ListenLogic API. On premise or cloud deployment leveraging proprietary data redaction that removes personally identifiable information for an added level of security.

Samsung Upgrading Bixby AI Following Latest Startup Acquisition

International Business Times

Samsung Electronics is now believed to be upgrading its Bixby artificial intelligence platform following its latest acquisition. The South Korean giant's affiliate has apparently acquired AI search engine startup Kngine. The Investor learned Wednesday that Samsung Research America has acquired a 100-percent stake in Kngine, a startup that develops mobile solutions that understand and answer inquiries with the use of AI including deep learning. The functionality is something that could strengthen Bixby as a whole and set it apart from its rivals, like Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. Kngine started its operations in 2013 in Egypt.

Samsung acquires another AI startup to upgrade Bixby - IoT Gadgets


Samsung Electronics has acquired a 100% stake in artificial intelligence (AI) startup Kngine, the company announced today. The San Francisco based startup specialises in an AI search engine that understands, answers questions and perform actions. This is the second AI startup acquisition by Samsung in the last four months. In late November 2017, the company had acquired Korean AI startup Fluenty, which also specialises in conversational AI. Set up in 2013 in Egypt, Kngine is an intelligent engine that can be used to automate customer service, power voice interfaces and drive enterprise search.

Apple's Next Big Thing Could Be High-End Headphones to Rival Beats and Bose


Apple Inc.'s AirPods earphones have been a surprise hit. Now, the company is planning a push into the high end of the market.

Woebot raises $8 million for its AI therapist


Woebot, the startup behind an automated psychotherapy bot of the same name, announced today that it has closed an $8 million round of series A funding.

3 Ways AI Will Help PR in 2018


It's that time of year again when PR pros are making predictions for the New Year and revisiting the death of the press release, the need for more creative media relations as newsrooms continue to thin out, why paid practices are a must have, the rise of influencer marketing, an increased focus on content distribution, and how new measurement tactics will help redefine ROI for PR.