What is hardcore data science – in practice?


For example, for personalized recommendations, we have been working with learning to rank methods that learn individual rankings over item sets. Figure 1: Typical data science workflow, starting with raw data that is turned into features and fed into learning algorithms, resulting in a model that is applied on future data. This means that this pipeline is iterated and improved many times, trying out different features, different forms of preprocessing, different learning methods, or maybe even going back to the source and trying to add more data sources. Probably the main difference between production systems and data science systems is that production systems are real-time systems that are continuously running.

Machine Learning and Visualization in Julia – Tom Breloff


In this post, I'll introduce you to the Julia programming language and a couple long-term projects of mine: Plots for easily building complex data visualizations, and JuliaML for machine learning and AI. Easily create strongly-typed custom data manipulators. "User recipes" and "type recipes" can be defined on custom types to enable them to be "plotted" just like anything else. We believe that Julia has the potential to change the way researchers approach science, enabling algorithm designers to truly "think outside the box" (because of the difficulty of implementing non-conventional approaches in other languages).



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