How AI will make information akin to electricity

Huffington Post

If you want to build an information system today, well, you need to build it and design it, code it, test it, maintain it, and so on. Information is always the means not the end, an insight that often goes amiss in the huge investments that companies make in information systems. Indeed, it needs to build many electricity plants each powering a different operation, from marketing and sales, to manufacturing and logistics. Cloud computing is steadily transforming "on premise" investments in information systems.

Microsoft And Amazon Have A Plan For Driverless Cars

Huffington Post

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - and Microsoft are in talks to supply cloud computing to digital mapping business HERE, owned by a group of German carmakers developing self-driving cars, sources familiar with the matter said. Last year, carmakers BMW, Audi and Mercedes struck a 2.5 billion euro ( 2.85 billion) deal to buy Nokia's HERE maps business. "Amazon would take a stake as part of a broader deal to lock them in as a provider of cloud computing services," one source familiar with the talks said. Ford is also among the companies interested in taking a stake in the HERE consortium, a third auto industry source said on Thursday.