5 Technologies to boom in 2020 Cognixia


"Once a new technology rolls over you, if you're not part of the steamroller, you're part of the road." Some technologies fizz out over a period of time while some stay on the sidelines and then gain traction after startups, SMEs, and other MNCs fund it or integrate it in their operations. Regardless of changing trends, technology is inevitable. As time passes by, technology gets more and more advanced and pervades every facet of our lives from the way we live to the way we work. Driverless electric cars, AR and VR technology, and robot surgeons are some talk of the town technologies that have created a revolution that will grow for as long as humans continue to advance in their capabilities.

Cluster Hiring: AI


Successful candidates will have a Doctoral degree (Ph.D.), publications, and demonstrated research competencies and capabilities commensurate with appointment levels in the department(s) of interest, as well as demonstrated interest in and experience with collaborative teaming and/or transdisciplinary efforts Successful candidates will be expected to develop and maintain externally funded research programs (individual and collaborative), engage in both undergraduate and graduate education, and contribute their leadership, partnering and innovative thinking towards global prominence in their respective discipline. Teaching opportunities will vary by department and teaching qualifications will be considered for fit within respective department(s).

Survey shows businesses eager to implement and invest in edge computing


This ebook, based on the latest ZDNet / TechRepublic special feature, explores how the combination of 5G and edge computing will unleash new IT capabilities. From real-time analytics to automation and to self-driving cars and trucks, edge computing is unleashing multiple new capabilities, and companies couldn't be more receptive to it, said ZDNet sister site Tech Pro Research. According to a recent Tech Pro Research survey, 52 percent of respondents currently use edge computing technologies, and 51 percent of respondents plan to employ edge computing technologies within the next 12 months. Currently, companies spend on IoT-based technologies like cameras and sensors that focus on security, monitoring, and equipment automation. The ability to monitor and maintain equipment located at remote sites without traveling to perform maintenance, as well as the capability to monitor and manage physical facilities in real-time, speaks to edge computing's vast appeal.

6 Ways Cloud Robotics Will Change the World


It's a time-tested science fiction trope, guaranteed to strike fear into the heart of anyone who ever watched The Terminator and wondered, "Is that really possible?" But, in reality, machine learning and cloud technologies are already being used to develop robots that are better, smarter, faster, and more useful than ever before. And it's happening faster than many people think. In fact, cloud technology is proving to be the tipping point from the basic, single-purpose robotics of years past--think assembly line robots, or the machines that vacuum our floors and wash our dishes--to devices that can think, act, and work alongside humans seamlessly. Big Data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more are now being used to develop robots' own neural networks, making use of today's large data sets to train machines on behavior.

How AI Is Enhancing Advertising Innovation


This article is part of our September 2018 series about the state of advertising. Artificial intelligence is being deployed far and wide in marketing and advertising. In fact, many of the tasks being handled by machine learning and other AI tools are making possible the kinds of user experiences that could not be possible even a couple of years ago. For example, AI is doing the heavy lifting to enable personalization and agile product development to meet the rising demands of consumers. "AI is doing way more than just housekeeping," said Keith Eadie, VP and GM of Adobe Advertising Cloud.

Digital disruption: What makes the modern CFO? - The Financial Express


The technological changes sweeping the business landscape have reached the doors of chief financial officers (CFO), breaking the status quo and demanding a drastic alteration in their roles to ensure a company does not lag behind those who adapt quickly. A couple of years ago, technologies like artificial intelligence, automation, internet of things (IoT), blockchain and machine learning were billed as game changers but were largely restricted to the academic realm. However, this has changed dramatically considering nearly all businesses today use one or more of these tools for critical decision-making inputs. Says Sugata Sircar, CFO, Schneider Energy: "We have been observing that the role of CFOs is transforming to being a strategic partner today." According to him, the expectation from the CFO is changing.

Industry 4.0. Time to embrace the inevitable Intetics


There are a lot of changes that occur in companies under the influence of the information technology innovations. Those changes help significantly increase the quality of products and services, which increases the level of customer loyalty and satisfaction. Manufacturers also do not stand aside. New approaches and business models born in Industry 4.0 allow them increasing profit and investing more in the product enhancement. The term "industry 4.0" is now used as a synonym for the fourth industrial revolution.

Gartner says AI and biohacking will shape the future of tech - SiliconANGLE


Artificial intelligence and "biohacking" will be among the key trends guiding the future of technology, according to one of Gartner Inc.'s most eagerly anticipated reports. The report, released Monday, is based on Gartner's famous "hype cycle," which plots the lifespan of new technologies as they emerge from mere concepts, all the way through to their mass adoption, at which point they're finally considered to be mainstream. But that only happens if they survive what is typically a roller-coaster ride. In this year's report, Gartner's researchers are pretty confident that AI, at least, will emerge from the hype cycle unscathed. And it won't be just data scientists and other nerdy types who get to enjoy it, as Gartner is confidently predicting that the "democratization" of AI will take place within the next few years.

Democratic artificial intelligence will shape future technologies: Gartner ZDNet


Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a key area of research and development, and while AI and machine learning algorithms begin to influence everything from our cars to our social media news feeds, the technology will soon be available to everyone. That is if Gartner's predictions on emerging technology trends prove to be true. On Monday, the research agency said that democratized AI will be one of the major trends which will shape our future technologies. The research is based on the so-called "Hype Cycle," which comprises of insights from over 2,000 technologies into 35 main areas of interest and trends, with a particular focus on innovations which could give businesses a future competitive advantage. Gartner says that AI technologies will be "virtually everywhere" over the next 10 years, but it will be open to the masses rather than being purely commercial.

Kingsoft Corp and Bottos: An "Ai Blockchain" Engine to drive Technological Innovation


Kingsoft Corp. cloud's computing brand is the world's leading cloud computing service provider and China's Top 3 cloud computing company. Founded in 2012, it has established data centers and operations in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and North America. At present, Kingsoft has reached a valuation of 2.373 billion US dollars, becoming the independent cloud service provider in China with the highest market capitalization. Kingsoft cloud products include cloud service solutions for side industries such as games, video, government, healthcare, and finance. Kingsoft has been conducting research and practical applications of artificial intelligence, launching the four layered IaaS, Paas, SaaS industry solutions, which are applicable to various combined AI solutions and services in various industries. In 2018, Kingsoft launched the blockchain ecosystem plan, "Project-X", making full use of the advantages of the cloud to promote the development and application of blockchain technology. Bottos is an infrastructure that focuses on artificial intelligence. It possesses both an underlying public chain designed specifically for data property and a data flow platform for the entire artificial intelligence and its derivatives. A consensus-based, scalable, easy-to-develop, and collaborative one-stop application platform for data, models, computing power and storage of multi layered shared services through data mining and smart contracts.