Reports of the AAAI 2016 Spring Symposium Series

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The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, in cooperation with Stanford University's Department of Computer Science, presented the 2016 Spring Symposium Series on Monday through Wednesday, March 21-23, 2016 at Stanford University. The titles of the seven symposia were (1) AI and the Mitigation of Human Error: Anomalies, Team Metrics and Thermodynamics; (2) Challenges and Opportunities in Multiagent Learning for the Real World (3) Enabling Computing Research in Socially Intelligent Human-Robot Interaction: A Community-Driven Modular Research Platform; (4) Ethical and Moral Considerations in Non-Human Agents; (5) Intelligent Systems for Supporting Distributed Human Teamwork; (6) Observational Studies through Social Media and Other Human-Generated Content, and (7) Well-Being Computing: AI Meets Health and Happiness Science.

Well-Being Computing Towards Health and Happiness Improvement: From Sleep Perspective

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This paper proposes the concept of Well-being computing which is an information technology for improving not only our health as physical aspect but also our happiness as psy-chological aspect, and shows its potential from the sleep perspective. Concretely, this paper introduces “our personal-ized sleep monitoring system” as the well-being computing technologies and shows the following implications as its ef-fectiveness: (1) from the viewpoint of the service based on the real-time sleep, (1-a) good health is provided through a stable sleep of aged person in care house by reducing their sleep disturbance which may be occurred in diaper exchange, while happiness is provided by the smooth diaper exchange when aged person have a deep/light sleep; (1-b) good health is provided through a sufficient sleep time acquired by a fast falling asleep, while happiness is provided by releasing from anxiety of the insufficient sleep such as insomnia; and (2) from the viewpoint of the service based on the long-term sleep, (2-a) good health is provided through a deep sleep by continuing the daytime activities (such as a walking) which contribute to deriving a deep sleep, while happiness is provided by achieving a deep sleep through a change of life style; (2-b) good health is provided through a good sleep by keeping good bed condition (e.g., a change of a pillow or mattress when cotton/spring is deteriorated), while happiness is provided through a discovery of suitable bedding (such as suitable pillow or bed).