The Missing Piece Of Marketing Automation That Could Change Everything


Marketing automation platforms save time, improve efficiency and increase productivity; but, they do not provide deep insight into the 2.5 quintillion bytes of data being created every day as people move from screen to screen consuming information and making buying decisions. In November 2013, IBM introduced the Watson Ecosystem Program, opening up Watson as a development platform and giving companies the ability to build applications powered by Watson's cognitive computing intelligence. Watson is a cognitive technology that processes information more like a human than a computer -- by understanding natural language, generating hypotheses based on evidence, and learning as it goes. Rather than simply automating manual tasks, artificial intelligence adds a cognitive layer that infinitely expands marketers' ability to process data, identify patterns, and build intelligent strategies and content faster, cheaper and more effectively than humans.

HR Analytics and the Kaggle competition March Madness


The objective of the Kaggle competition was to predict the 2016 NCAA Basketball Tournament, called March Madness. Predicting performance through machine learning algorithms is a crucial aspect for HR Analytics. I learnt about a Bayesian skill rating system called TrueSkill used in large-scale commercial online gaming platforms, for example Xbox Live developed by Microsoft. Kaggle is a community of data scientists who come to compete in machine learning competitions.