Windows 10 performance and troubleshooting tips: Run faster, smoother, longer


Making a Windows 10 PC run at top speed rarely involves rocket science. If your PC is running slower today than it did yesterday, there's usually a good reason. If your battery life isn't what it used to be, there's usually an equally simple explanation. Finding the cause of those performance problems starts with knowing which tool to use. Your toolkit includes a large collection of classic Windows troubleshooting utilities as well as some that are new to Windows 10.

Telstra builds 900 machine learning models for marketing overhaul


Telstra has used open source machine learning technology to answer the age-old question that plagues every marketer: how effective is my ad spend? The telco wields one of the biggest marketing budgets in Australia, but that doesn't stop Telstra from wanting to track the performance of every dollar spent. The company previously faced a six-month lag to get visibility into the effectiveness of its marketing spend; that is now down to five weeks using new marketing mix modelling developed in partnership with Accenture, Deakin University and Servian. The telco previously used a traditional econometric model to assess the performance of its marketing spend, pulling together 800 variables – which took two-and-a-half months to assemble – and then modelling this using regression techniques. "Six months after the marketing period had ended I could tell the CMO [chief marketing officer] and the marketers how effective their marketing was... six months ago," Telstra's director of research, insights & analytics Liz Moore told the recent Big Data & Analytics Innovation Summit in Sydney.

Cisco's new predictive services portfolio taps AI to solve IT skills gap


Cisco today announced a new portfolio of predictive services that aims to help customers spot and predict IT failures through the use of AI. The lineup includes Business Critical Services, which uses analytics, automation, compliance and security tools to prevent system failures. There's also a new High-value Services product group that provides software and network support to help with scale, onboarding, analytics, and efficiency. Central to Cisco's pitch for the new services is that there's a growing digital skills gap in IT. Therefore, businesses need more AI-based tools to augment human ability in a way that fosters innovation while minimizing the impact of the skills gap.

TensorFlow* Optimizations on Modern Intel Architecture


TensorFlow* is a leading deep learning and machine learning framework, which makes it important for Intel and Google to ensure that it is able to extract maximum performance from Intel's hardware offering. This paper introduces the Artificial Intelligence (AI) community to TensorFlow optimizations on Intel Xeon and Intel Xeon Phi processor-based platforms. These optimizations are the fruit of a close collaboration between Intel and Google engineers announced last year by Intel's Diane Bryant and Google's Diane Green at the first Intel AI Day. We describe the various performance challenges that we encountered during this optimization exercise and the solutions adopted. We also report out performance improvements on a sample of common neural networks models.

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is here: Should you upgrade now?


Windows 10 after two years: Was the upgrade worth it? After a little more than two years, Microsoft has finally settled into a rhythm with its new, fast-paced development cadence for Windows 10. Check Settings System About to see full details about the current Windows 10 installation. What Microsoft's marketers are calling the Fall Creators Update (officially version 1709) begins arriving on desktop PCs today via Windows Update and will soon be available for download at all the usual places. The final build number for this release is 16299.

RecommenderX Wins Best Use of Data Science In A Start Up Award


DUBLIN, IRELAND--(Marketwired - October 17, 2017) - RecommenderX today announced that it won the Best Use of Data Science In A Start Up Award at the DatSci event held in Dublin on September 21, 2017. DatSci is an annual event that brings together and recognizes the best and brightest that Ireland has to offer in the expanding world of Data Science. RecommenderX is a technology company, focused on helping customers and partners improve productivity, performance, customer engagement, sales and profitability, by transforming Artificial intelligence (AI) to Business Intelligence (BI). RecommenderX is the top spin out of Europe's largest Centre for Data Analytics Insight, with deep domain knowledge in Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Personalization Technology, Recommender Systems and Explainable AI. "We are thrilled to be an award winner at DatSci 2017," stated Kevin McCarthy, Co-Founder & CTO of RecommenderX. "It is a fantastic validation of the efforts that our world-class team have been making helping companies all over the world harness their data by developing cutting edge applications and solutions that leverage data science and AI technologies."

[slides] #MachineLearning and #CognitiveComputing @CloudExpo #AI #ML


Machine Learning helps make complex systems more efficient. By applying advanced Machine Learning techniques such as Cognitive Fingerprinting, wind project operators can utilize these tools to learn from collected data, detect regular patterns, and optimize their own operations. In his session at 18th Cloud Expo, Stuart Gillen, Director of Business Development at SparkCognition, discussed how research has demonstrated the value of Machine Learning in delivering next generation analytics to improve safety, performance, and reliability in today's modern wind turbines. Speaker Bio Stuart Gillen is the Director of Business Development at SparkCognition. In this role, he is responsible for driving business engagements, partner development, marketing activities, and go-to market strategy.

Artificial Intelligence: Fusing Technology and Human Judgment?


We usually think of the term "technology" in very modern, even futuristic contexts. Yet the word has a long history, deriving from the Greek tekhnologia, meaning "science of craft" or "systematic treatment" of actions. These traits have been with us since humans first discovered tools. In fact, the investment-analyst profession emerged from ad hoc investment approaches, using systematic processes to analyze and evaluate the health and value of companies. Increasingly, those processes are being undertaken by what we usually mean when we say "technology": computer hardware and software.

10 imperatives for Europe in the age of AI and automation


Europe, while making progress, is behind the US and China in capturing the opportunities of artificial intelligence and automation. Digitization is everywhere, but adoption is uneven across companies, sectors, and economies, and the leaders are capturing most of the benefits. Accelerating progress in AI and automation now bring further opportunities for users, businesses, and the economy. Europe, while making progress, is behind the United States and China. This briefing note was prepared for the European Union Heads of State Tallinn Digital Summit, which brought together heads of state and CEOs to discuss the steps needed to enable people, enterprises, and governments to fully tap into the potential of innovative technologies and digitization.

Huawei Mate 10 hands-on review: An artificially intelligent phone designed to think like a human

The Independent

Chinese powerhouse Huawei makes smartphones, smartwatches and the hardware that powers mobile phone networks around the world. Today, in Munich, the company revealed its latest high-end mobile, the Mate 10. Get past the branding, both of the company's name which can sound like you've sneezed (Hwah-way!), and the idea that the phone in your pocket can be considered your mate, and you find a capable, glossy handset from a manufacturer reaching its greatest level of confidence. Like Google, which recently announced its Pixel 2 handset, Huawei is betting the farm on artificial intelligence (AI) with a powerful processor, called the Kirin 970. It boasts eight cores and a neural processing unit (NPU).