Telstra builds 900 machine learning models for marketing overhaul


Telstra has used open source machine learning technology to answer the age-old question that plagues every marketer: how effective is my ad spend? The telco wields one of the biggest marketing budgets in Australia, but that doesn't stop Telstra from wanting to track the performance of every dollar spent. The company previously faced a six-month lag to get visibility into the effectiveness of its marketing spend; that is now down to five weeks using new marketing mix modelling developed in partnership with Accenture, Deakin University and Servian. The telco previously used a traditional econometric model to assess the performance of its marketing spend, pulling together 800 variables – which took two-and-a-half months to assemble – and then modelling this using regression techniques. "Six months after the marketing period had ended I could tell the CMO [chief marketing officer] and the marketers how effective their marketing was... six months ago," Telstra's director of research, insights & analytics Liz Moore told the recent Big Data & Analytics Innovation Summit in Sydney.

RecommenderX Wins Best Use of Data Science In A Start Up Award


DUBLIN, IRELAND--(Marketwired - October 17, 2017) - RecommenderX today announced that it won the Best Use of Data Science In A Start Up Award at the DatSci event held in Dublin on September 21, 2017. DatSci is an annual event that brings together and recognizes the best and brightest that Ireland has to offer in the expanding world of Data Science. RecommenderX is a technology company, focused on helping customers and partners improve productivity, performance, customer engagement, sales and profitability, by transforming Artificial intelligence (AI) to Business Intelligence (BI). RecommenderX is the top spin out of Europe's largest Centre for Data Analytics Insight, with deep domain knowledge in Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Personalization Technology, Recommender Systems and Explainable AI. "We are thrilled to be an award winner at DatSci 2017," stated Kevin McCarthy, Co-Founder & CTO of RecommenderX. "It is a fantastic validation of the efforts that our world-class team have been making helping companies all over the world harness their data by developing cutting edge applications and solutions that leverage data science and AI technologies."

Artificial Intelligence: Fusing Technology and Human Judgment?


We usually think of the term "technology" in very modern, even futuristic contexts. Yet the word has a long history, deriving from the Greek tekhnologia, meaning "science of craft" or "systematic treatment" of actions. These traits have been with us since humans first discovered tools. In fact, the investment-analyst profession emerged from ad hoc investment approaches, using systematic processes to analyze and evaluate the health and value of companies. Increasingly, those processes are being undertaken by what we usually mean when we say "technology": computer hardware and software.

Blog Review: Oct. 11


Intel's Necati Canpolat argues that 5G and Wi-Fi will see increasing impacts on each other and require integration to make the best use of each technology. Cadence's Paul McLellan shares highlights from EDPS, where machine learning in EDA tools was a hot topic, plus a look at the challenges facing test. Editor in Chief Ed Sperling examines what happens if enough people can't afford or don't want driverless cars. Editor in Chief Ed Sperling finds more companies assessing pre-built and pre-verified circuits as a way of reducing time to market.

Post-Hire Employee Engagement and Workforce Management: Leveraging AI in the Workplace


It's about employee engagement, performance management, skills development, and a host of related time- and resource-intensive functions. If the history of enterprise systems, applicant tracking systems, recruitment marketing, and related technologies are any indication, the pace of change may vary, but the strategic value will continue to grow as AI applications begin to span the multiple functions of HR, from recruiting to compensation and performance management. Along with its powerful promise, AI also poses ethical questions as pointed out by an active player in the AI space, Shon Burton, CEO and founder of HiringSolved. That is, HR depends on humans to do the most important parts of its function, interacting with candidates and employees, finding talent, determining strategy, and evolving with the business.

NVIDIA AI platform promises fully autonomous taxis by 2018: Is it possible?


On Tuesday, NVIDIA unveiled the world's first artificial intelligence (AI) computer designed to drive fully autonomous vehicles by mid-2018. The new system, named Pegasus, extends the NVIDIA Drive PX AI computing platform to operate vehicles with Level 5 autonomy--without steering wheels, pedals, or mirrors. New types of cars will be invented, resembling offices, living rooms or hotel rooms on wheels. "The company hasn't claimed to have developed all the software, hardware, and data needed for automated driving; it's merely announced that it plans to market a chip that in theory could support the hardware and software envisioned for such a system," Walker Smith said.

Ways Fourth Industrial Revolution can Help the Planet


Smart grids, connected to each other via the cloud, and utilising the IoT, big data analytics and machine learning, can significantly increase the energy efficiency of the existing grid. The result is advanced production optimised for resource consumption and cost including energy, raw materials and water, whilst also enabling connection with customer devices to optimise lifespan performance. Wider 4IR technologies incorporated by the IIoT platform include Virtual Reality product simulators to optimise smart product design, sensor-driven computing, industrial big data analytics, energy efficient robotics, and intelligent machine applications. IoT, sensors, AI and cloud-enabled'precision agriculture' can use on-farm sensors and connected machinery to access real-time data for farmer smart devices that can optimise how much water, energy, fertiliser and feed to use, increasing productivity whilst reducing energy use and product waste.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence and Quality Management


Leading safety metrics provide: Total number of noncompliances Number of near-misses enabling investigation to prevent potential incidents The time it takes to complete post-audit corrective and preventive actions Easy-to-view previous findings for corrective action launches and findings Automated audit management software that centralizes all risk items and allows users to automatically assess them and generate reports quickly to pinpoint high-risk gaps that may otherwise go unnoticed The same goes for automated employee training tools, which create: Integration of employee data Creation and linking of requirements Integration with document control Integration with adverse events, reporting, and change management Employee training software helps ensure the first step is laid out for proper training. Such automated tools allow managers more proactivity in delivering their work, continually making improvements as the organization's processes and systems grow. This latest technology wave is the engineered product equivalent, based on enabling engineering and development, design-in quality and reliability based on current field data." Whether in the form of an everyday tool like Siri, a new product being delivered to market, or in healthcare to generate early diagnoses or more accurate results, AI is truly an advantage fostering healthy change.

Can artificial intelligence combat behavioural biases?


The app is similar to the US' Robinhood or Europe's Trading212, but has a specific AI-powered function that provides investors with tailored content based on behavioural analysis. Dubbed SmartFeed, this function helps users identify common trading biases and behavioural patterns, and provides them with relevant educational content whenever these biases are detected. Speaking to World Finance, Akula described the core functions of the app's AI features: "SmartFeed monitors the user's trading activity, providing all the necessary data, analytics and educational materials. This is not to mention cases of computer trading programs running amok, generating huge losses on the stock exchange, as has happened several times in the world's largest exchanges.

3 Revolutionary Advances in IoT Machine Learning


In order to navigate, autonomous vehicles must incorporate and analyze data from multiple sources, including internal vehicle sensors that monitor conditions such as engine performance and tire pressure, as well as external input from cameras, lidar, radar and wireless connections. Oracle's IoT cloud upgrade includes support for smart factories, another major application of machine learning technology. To facilitate the pursuit of this goal, the Industrial Internet Consortium recently launched the Smart Factory Machine Learning for Predictive Maintenance Testbed, a platform for exploring and evaluating machine learning techniques that can support predictive maintenance. By empowering mobile devices, autonomous vehicles and smart factories, machine learning innovations are boosting both the capability of the devices connected to the Internet of Things as well as the potential of the IoT as a whole.