Personalized Recommendations in LinkedIn Learning


We recently launched LinkedIn Learning, an online learning platform that enables students and professionals to take courses and learn the skills required to meet their career goals. As part of this platform, we provide personalized course recommendations. A/B testing indicates that we have 58% higher engagement rate when we provide personalized recommendations compared to generic or randomized recommendations. It's important to call out that these personalized recommendations are made possible by the robust, highly-structured knowledge base of member-skill-job connections that we have assembled at LinkedIn. For more information about this foundational work that enables machine learning and relevance at LinkedIn, please refer to Building the LinkedIn Knowledge Graph by Qi He, Bee-Chung Chen, and Deepak Agarwal.

DataArt Issues Tech Trends Predictions for 2017


December 14, 2016 – New York & London – DataArt, a leading global technology consultancy, predicts that 2017 will be a year of integration, disruption and transformation due in large part to the digitalization of key industry sectors. Cyber security and data protection will become major board-level concerns as financial institutions realize that failing to protect customer information will be their biggest source of regulatory non-compliance and reputational risk. Organizations will invest heavily in correcting technology vulnerabilities, lax cultures and poor processes. As a result, data management in all its forms will dominate 2017. Rapid digitalization of customer-facing services will be a matter of organizational life and death as e-commerce and fintech elevate expectations for the optimal user experience (UX).

Amazon Announces No-Line Retail Shopping Experience With Amazon Go


There is a point where we will blankly stare at our Amazon Alexa devices and wish that it wasn't so easy to order groceries and other retail goods. There has got to be some sort of alternative right? That alternative is Amazon Go, a new retail experience that proves that even Amazon knows that brick and mortar isn't dead yet. If you prefer not to stand in the middle of Walmart, softly crying to yourself at the muddled masses of humanity, but still like to physically go shopping then Amazon Go is the future you are waiting for. Amazon Go is a literal brick and mortar store, announced today.

Conversational commerce: killer direct channel or just plain confusing?


Driving so-called'conversational commerce' is the next phase in the travel company-customer relationship but it's a complicated affair, as Pamela Whitby has been finding out In what Thomson is hailing as an'industry first', last week the holiday group said it would trial a travel search tool using IBM's Watson Technology, which uses natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence to allow computers to think like a human. In a company press release, Jeremy Osborne, Director of Strategic Innovation, TUI UK&I is quoted saying: "We wanted to test whether a conversational search experience would resonate with our customers as a new, fun and easy way to find their ideal holiday". And the response, it seems, was overwhelmingly positive with 77% of participants in the survey saying they would find a virtual assistant useful. The idea is that Thomson customers will be able to interact via a simple chat interface to get responses in real-time to their holiday queries.For the uninitiated, this may sound like Thomson is launching a chat bot. But the group's conversational tool, which is still in beta, is still one step away from this.

NVIDIA and Microsoft Accelerate AI Together


SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwired - Nov 14, 2016) - SC16 -- To help companies join the AI revolution, NVIDIA today announced a collaboration with Microsoft to accelerate AI in the enterprise. Using the first purpose-built enterprise AI framework optimized to run on NVIDIA Tesla GPUs in Microsoft Azure or on-premises, enterprises now have an AI platform that spans from their data center to Microsoft's cloud. "Every industry has awoken to the potential of AI," said Jen-Hsun Huang, founder and chief executive officer, NVIDIA. "We've worked with Microsoft to create a lightning-fast AI platform that is available from on-premises with our DGX-1 supercomputer to the Microsoft Azure cloud. With Microsoft's global reach, every company around the world can now tap the power of AI to transform their business."

Deep Learning, Cloud Power Nvidia


A stunning third-quarter earnings report from Nvidia (NVDA) recently was lost in the epic Silicon Valley dread over the GOP election victory. That's too bad, because the graphics chip maker's triumph exemplifies why the left coast is wrong to obsess about presidents. While many American technology companies are well aligned for future demands, few are as well positioned in as many critical markets as Nvidia. From high end chipsets for video gaming to deep learning servers for data centers to lunch pail sized super-computers for self-driving cars, the Santa Clara maker of graphics processing units, or GPUs, is the favorite choice of companies looking for state-of-the-art gear. Nvidia is winning because, like much of the rest of top U.S. technology makers, it took smart risks ahead of its peers, and builds the best stuff.

Mastercard Makes Commerce More Conversational with Launch of Chatbots for Banks and Merchants


NEW YORK & LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today at Money 20/20, Mastercard announced its plans to launch artificial intelligence (AI) bots that allow consumers to transact, manage finances, and shop via messaging platforms. According to research firm Gartner, nearly $2 billion in online sales will be performed exclusively through mobile digital assistants by the end of 2016.1 Mastercard is developing bots for both its merchant and bank partners, which will use chat, messaging and natural language interfaces to communicate with consumers. With the Mastercard bots, partners can have a true dialogue with consumers and provide personalized service, seamless user experience and contextual offers and rewards. Mastercard KAI, the Mastercard bot for banks, will seamlessly extend Mastercard services to customers on messaging platforms and make financial information and decisions part of consumers' everyday lives. In this testing phase on Messenger, Mastercard is partnering with Kasisto, the company that created KAI Banking, the conversational artificial intelligence (AI) platform, to power branded virtual assistants and smart bots for financial services and is a current participant in the Mastercard Start Path Global program.

Latest Vantiv ShopTalk Survey Finds Millennials and Gen Xers Are Interested in New Ways to Redeem Offers


"With mobile payments adoption on the rise, merchants are searching for new ways to keep customers coming back," said Tony Rose, director of mobile product management at Vantiv. "One way merchants can increase brand loyalty is with offers such as mobile coupons and loyalty programs, but most merchants don't know how to use these programs because they don't know their customers' preferences. We believe merchants would best be served to invest in new technology such as putting smart targeted offers and coupons into mobile wallets where they are organized and transmitted automatically, offering not only environmental benefit but a much more convenient consumer experience." Not only are younger generations leading the charge for alternative ways to redeem offers, Millennials and Gen Xers are also the most likely to share promotions with their family and friends, especially through social media. The ShopTalk survey shows Millennials and Gen Xers (43 percent) are more likely than Boomers (12 percent) or Retirees (three percent) to share promotions through Facebook.

Machine Learning & Its Impact on SEO: An Interview With Eric Enge - Search Engine Journal


At Pubcon 2016 in Las Vegas, I had the opportunity to speak with Eric Enge, CEO and Founder of Stone Temple Consulting, about machine learning and its impact on SEO. If hearing the phrase "machine learning" has you worried, because it's about to become one more thing to think about in SEO, please watch the video below. Eric Enge explains how machine learning will impact SEO and digital marketing. You can also listen to the interview in podcast form here. Please visit SEJ's YouTube page for more video interviews.

Twitter to cut HUNDREDS of jobs as workforce is slashed by 9%

Daily Mail

The announcement confirms earlier reports that as the battle between the world's big social networks intensifies, Twitter was set to make widespread cuts. Bloomberg reported a potential loss of 300 jobs, around eight per cent of the workforce, citing'people familiar with the matter'. Today's figure means closer to 350 of the firm's 3,860-strong workforce are set to go. Facebook has repeatedly faced criticism for removing posts that were said to violate its community standards. Just last week, Facebook apologised for removing a video on breast cancer awareness posted in Sweden because it deemed the images'offensive'.