How AI Protects PayPal's Payments and Performance The Official NVIDIA Blog


With advances in machine learning and the deployments of neural networks, logistic regression-powered models are expanding their uses throughout PayPal. PayPal's deep learning system is able to filter out deceptive merchants and crack down on sales of illegal products. Kutsyy explained the machines can identify "why transactions fail, monitoring businesses more efficiently," avoiding the need to buy more hardware for problem solving. The AI Podcast is available through iTunes, DoggCatcher, Google Play Music, Overcast, PlayerFM, Podbay, Pocket Casts, PodCruncher, PodKicker, Stitcher and Soundcloud.

How AI Is Changing Your Job Hunt


Utah-based HireVue uses video interviews to examine candidates' word choice, voice inflection, and micro gestures for subtle clues, such as whether their facial expressions contradict their words. Yale School of Management professor Jason Dana, who has studied hiring for years, recently made waves with a high-profile article in the New York Times that excoriated job interviews as useless. But when Google examined its internal evidence, it found that grades, test scores, and a school's pedigree weren't a good predictor of job success. Google created a program called qDroid, which drafts questions for interviewers based on how qDroid parses the data the applicant provided on the qualities Google emphasizes.