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Google and Walmart team up to take on Amazon's Echo

Daily Mail

Wal-Mart is teaming up with Alphabet Inc's Google to enter the nascent voice-shopping market, currently dominated by Google, which makes the Android software used to run most of the world's smartphones, will offer hundreds of thousands of Walmart items on its voice-controlled Google Assistant platform from late September, Walmart's head of e-commerce, Marc Lore, wrote in a blog post on Wednesday. 'Starting in late September, we'll be working with Google to offer hundreds of thousands of items for voice shopping via Google Assistant - the largest number of items currently offered by a retailer through the platform,' he wrote. Wal-Mart is teaming up with Google and its Home smart speaker (pictured) to enter the voice-shopping market, currently dominated by, Amazon, whose voice-controlled aide Alexa allows users to shop from the retailer, has the lion's share of the U.S. voice-controlled device industry. Amazon, whose voice-controlled aide Alexa allows users to shop from the retailer, has the lion's share of the U.S. voice-controlled device industry, with its Echo devices accounting for 72.2 percent of the market in 2016, far ahead of the Google Home gadget's 22 percent, according to research firm eMarketer.

Tiger Woods, Lindsey Vonn get website to take down stolen nude photos

Los Angeles Times

Today in Entertainment: Taylor Swift has a new album, 'Reputation,' on the way; Tiger Woods, Lindsey Vonn get website to take down stolen nude photos Here's what's new and interesting in entertainment and the arts: Tiger Woods, Lindsey Vonn get website to take down stolen nude photos It's official: Taylor Swift has a new album, 'Reputation,' on the way Joker origin movie in development with'Hangover' director Todd Phillips Jerry Seinfeld's first Netflix stand-up special premieres in September Billy Joel wears Star of David badges, mocks fired Trump advisors at Madison Square Garden It's official: Taylor Swift has a new album, 'Reputation,' on the way Legal action taken by Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods succeeded late Tuesday in getting stolen nude photos removed from a celebrity-smut website. Theft and publication of the nude photos was "an outrageous violation of our clients' privacy rights and federal copyright law," Brettler said. One thing that might discourage would-be hackers, however, has come from the courts in previous cases involving nude photos stolen from celebrities: time behind bars. Christopher Chaney, the source of hundreds of celebrity nudes posted online in 2011, including images of Scarlett Johansson, was sentenced in 2012 to 10 years in federal prison for wiretapping and computer hacking.

Introducing Inbox Samples: saving your data for future training samples MonkeyLearn Blog


Today we're launching Inbox Samples, an exciting new feature that will make it much easier to improve the machine learning models built on our platform. Later on, you can use the texts in your Inbox as new training samples and improve your models over time. Training samples saved in the inbox of a classifier. By default, these new samples don't have a category assigned and are not used as training samples by your model.

Google May Be Working on Smart Headphones to Rival Apple's AirPods


The search giant may be working on smart headphones that work with the Google Assistant, according to a new report from 9to5Google. The tech news blog discovered code within an app uploaded to the Google Play Store that seemingly refers to headphones that can run Google's virtual helper. Other phrases found within the code suggest that Google's hardware partners would design and build the headphones, while Google would handle the software and backend. Tech giants like Apple, Samsung, and Motorola and as well as audio-focused companies like Bragi and Doppler Labs have all offered smart headphones that offer different levels of intelligence.

Support Vector Machines Tutorial – Stats and Bots


Say there is a machine learning (ML) course offered at your university. We could draw a two-dimensional plot, where one axis represents scores in Math, while the other represents scores in Stats. The color of the point -- green or red -- represents how he did on the ML course: "Good" or "Bad" respectively. In this case, finding a line that passes between the red and green clusters, and then determining which side of this line a score tuple lies on, is a good algorithm.

How AI isn't as Bad as You Think For Your Hotel - Naully Nicolas


Today, it is all about creating outstanding and unique experiences from trip planning through to check-out and their return home.It is starting with the first casual visit to the website, presenting personalized options and recommendations, to capturing user preferences and behavior in the process to book a room, leading to the actual guest experience at the hotel, capturing details on the food ordered and usage of other amenities, there is a sea of information that could be intelligently used to create superior guest experiences in the future. This is where Artificial Intelligence becomes an infinitely powerful medium to invisibly and unobtrusively capture the zillion data points for thousands of guests and convert these to contextual, analytical, actionable insights to be used for a great experience at every point of the customer lifecycle. Hotels of the now and future greatly need a connected platform and ecosystem that is constantly acquiring, contextualizing, processing and analyzing customer data, and turning it into predictive and actionable insights for generating a superior guest experience. This data can be leveraged by hotels for analytics to determine guest personas and create customized services, communications and promotional offers that provide targeted and unique experiences.

Visualizing the Massive $15.7 Trillion Impact of AI


For the people most immersed in the tech sector, it's hard to think of a more controversial topic than the ultimate impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on society. In the below infographic, we look recent projections from PwC and Accenture regarding AI's economic impact, as well as the industries and countries that will be the most profoundly affected. According to PwC's most recent report on the topic, the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) will be transformative. For that, we turn to Accenture's recent report, which breaks down a similar projection of $14 trillion of gross value added (GVA) by 2035, with estimates for AI's impact on specific industries.

The Future of AI: Smart Machines Will Save Us, Not Destroy Us - Business Intelligence Info


Then in Terminator, we were introduced to Skynet, a neural network based AI, which raised an army of robots for self-preservation. These would lead to saving of millions of lives across the globe each year, and improve quality of medical outcomes dramatically. The trucks will run continuously on the road, reducing the time and cost and making things cheaper. We expect that in the next 10 years, the AI capabilities of FICO can dramatically reduce the threat of cyberattacks on computer networks and connected IoT devices by identifying even the most subtle forms of intrusions and isolating vulnerabilities.

The Coming AI Tsunami in Vertical Industries


Artificial Intelligence is changing the landscape of all industries. AI is touted as the next big frontier, and the logical next step after big data, with the promise of automatic data analysis and cognitive abilities. Providers must leverage AI to create new product lines or improve efficiencies in existing processes that will take them to the next step of innovation. We discuss what you need to know about solutions employing AI tools and on what you should focus your efforts.