Chatbot Tracker: Speaking To Cars Via Smartcar


Through the use of advanced artificial intelligence, Hasselhoff was able to have conversations with KITT. Although the intelligent connected car platform app is still just three years old, it has recently gained two significant partnerships: Tesla and Hyundai. While the TeslaBot is likely serving as the pilot for what's possible with chatbot car integration, Katta shared what's currently possible. The voice aspect may come in a similar format to how Facebook Messenger's chatbot offering has operated over the past year.

Deep Learning personalization of Internet is next big leap - AI Trends


On a basic conceptual level, deep learning approaches share a very basic trait. Google Translate's science-fiction-like „Word Lens" function is powered by a deep learning algorithm and Deep Mind's recent Go victory can also be attributed to DL – although the triumphant algorithm AlphaGo isn't a pure neural net, but a hybrid, melding deep reinforcement learning with one of the foundational techniques of classical AI -- tree-search. Deep learning is an ample approach to tackling computational problems that are too complicated to solve for simple algorithms, such as image classification or natural language processing. It is quite possible that a large portion of the industries that currently leverage machine learning hold further unexploited potential for deep learning and DL-based approaches can trump current best practices in many of them.

Artificial Intelligence


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IBM Watson AI XPRIZE & NY.AI present: NYC AI Community Happy Hour


The AI XPRIZE is a 4-year, $5M competition that challenges teams globally to develop and demonstrate how humans can collaborate with powerful AI technologies to tackle the world's grand challenges. Currently, there are 148 teams in 22 countries competing for the prize, which will be awarded in 2020 on the TED Global stage.

Agencies Are a Step Closer to Creating a Their Own Siri


The General Services Administration recently wrapped a pilot that walked federal agencies through the process of building chatbots and other intelligent personal assistants similar to Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa. But prototypes weren't the point of the pilot, GSA's Emerging Citizen Technology Office lead Justin Herman told Nextgov--instead, it was to help agencies understand what they'd need before they can fully deploy intelligent personal assistants. It's not yet clear where in each federal agency responsibility for creating intelligent personal assistants falls, Herman told Nextgov. In the hackathon culminating the workshop, out of which agencies' prototypes emerged, federal employees worked alongside representatives from Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Oracle.

Factories Will Start Using Cheaper And Smarter Robots, Report Says

International Business Times

In a new report from Loup Ventures, the venture capital firm predicts that a smarter sub-series of robots could increasingly become a more popular option for manufacturers. Compared to the larger single-purpose robots that are commonly used in fields like automotive assembly, Loup argues that smarter robots, which the report calls co-bots, will be used by more factories over time. Loup estimates that the market for these smarter types of robots could see fast adoption grow to $9.2 billion by 2025. Loup still expects traditional robots to maintain a larger market share of around $24 billion in the same 2025 window, adding to a total estimated market value of roughly $33 billion.

Talking to your car is better than ever, thanks to Nuance's voice assistant


Nuance Communications is the company responsible for the original voice recognition and speech technology for Siri, and the parent of one of the oldest and most-respected voice recognition systems, Dragon Naturally Speaking. One of the key themes, said Nuance Dragon Drive Solutions Marketing Manager Robert Policano, who was seated behind the driver in the Chrysler, is artificial intelligence and "how we use it on top of speech recognition and natural language processing to make it more contextual, offer more relevant results, and make it more humanized." When Ben-Gigi accepted, Dragon Drive pulled up gas stations with a focus on the brand he preferred. "While Apple is building an Apple experience, Nuance is helping BMW build the BMW experience," said Policano.

'The Bad Batch' reveals a muddled but visually striking desert dystopia

Los Angeles Times

The title of "The Bad Batch," Ana Lily Amirpour's arid and feverish new movie, refers to the assorted undesirables who have been exiled by the U.S. government to a vast and barely habitable stretch of Texas wasteland. But it's still no country for old men or young women -- or, for that matter, a little girl named Honey (Jayda Fink) and her bunny rabbit, both token symbols of innocence in this dust-choked dystopia. Honey's father is a towering slab of muscle named Miami Man, a reference to his Cuban expatriate roots that is helpfully tattooed across his impossibly bulked-up chest. Punctuating its long stretches of desert-wandering indolence with quick, brutal spasms of violence, "The Bad Batch" eventually coalesces around the tenuous bond that forms between Arlen, armed with a pistol and a prosthetic leg, and Miami Man, who's handy with a cleaver and other sharp objects.

Germany's biggest industrial robotics company is working on consumer robots The Verge


You might not have heard of Kuka, but you'll almost certainly know its products. The German firm is one of the world's top manufacturers of industrial robots, and its robot arms are instantly recognizable thanks to their signature orange livery. But in the future, Kuka's robots might become an even more familiar sight, with the company saying it's now exploring the world of consumer robotics.