Can Artificial Intelligence Identify Your Next Heart Attack? 7wData


Cardiac pain originates from the heart muscle, most typically when blood flow to the heart (through vessels called coronary arteries) become blocked. In the heart muscle, there are nerve endings which transmit signals to the brain which get interpreted as chest pain. Unfortunately, just like other pain arising in other organs in the body, cardiac pain is poorly localized. Topping it off, different healthcare professionals may also interpret your description of pain very differently.

If an AI creates a work of art, who owns the copyright?


Eran Kahana, an intellectual-property lawyer at Maslon LLP and a fellow at Stanford Law School, doesn't believe we should award authorship to AIs. He explains that the reason IP laws exist is to "prevent others from using it and enabling the owner to generate a benefit. If you make a spelling mistake in something you're writing and the computer corrects it, who owns the copyright to the final product? "Obviously not the computer", Kahana quips.

'Carcraft' is Waymo's virtual world for autonomous vehicle testing


Earlier this year we watched as an AI kept driving straight into the water in Grand Theft Auto: V. Rather than use Rockstar Games' crime-world magnum opus to train its self-driving vehicles, though, Waymo instead uses Carcraft. Yes, Alphabet built its own virtual world to train self-driving cars. The Atlantic writes that Carcraft began as a way for Waymo to recreate scenarios the autonomous cars experienced on the road. There's an awful lot more to The Atlantic's story -- including a trip to one of Waymos' real-world autonomous testing "neighborhoods" -- so be sure to check out the links below.


International Business Times

Development on the Vega speaker was reportedly held up by delays in Samsung's proprietary Bixby virtual assistant, which is expected to power the device. Issues for Bixby included the difficulty translating Bixby into languages besides English and the program's lack of accumulated user experience compared to older assistant programs like Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant. While Bixby suffered a delayed rollout and only formally launched earlier this summer, the assistant is slated to roll out globally soon. The Vega speaker has yet to get a set release date, but with companies and consumers becoming increasingly familiar with smart home technology, Samsung likely wants to get a presence within this growing market.

Mayweather will beat McGregor, neuroscience predicts

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In Las Vegas, on August 26, the unbeaten American boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr and Irishman Conor McGregor will face off in a boxing ring, where only striking with hands while standing is allowed. McGregor isn't a boxer, but he holds the lightweight and welterweight titles in mixed martial arts (MMA), an emerging combat sport where striking and grappling with both hands and legs is allowed, both while standing and on the ground. But scientific evidence from the neuroscience of expertise, an emerging field investigating the brain functioning of experts, warns against betting on an MMA fighter – even one as skilled as McGregor –beating a boxer in a boxing match. Mayweather Jr (pictured) may be 40, and McGregor is not only 11 years his junior but also possibly faster and stronger; but everything we know about the way experts' brains work tells us that the smart money is on Mayweather Jr recording a convincing win The positioning and movements of feet, knees, shoulders and the serving hand in tennis give away clues about the direction and power of a tennis serve.

Google and Walmart's Partnership Will Be a Real Test For Amazon


With 76 percent market share of online retail, it's as if the 95-96 Chicago Bulls entered your local rec league. In Walmart, Google adds a retail behemoth to its Google Express service, an online shopping bazaar in need of an anchor. If a Walmart customer links an account with Google Express, Google will gain access to their purchase history–primarily online orders, but in some cases in-store shopping as well. EMarketer's Garcia pegs Alexa's market share at 75 percent, with Google Home taking the bulk of what's left.

Machine learning and biometrics: financial services market in the middle of a revolution


The European Commission's revised Payment Service Directive (PSD2) represents a broad sweep of financial services sector regulations that will come into force next year. And when Gemalto conducted a recent survey of 11,000 digital and mobile banking consumers across 14 markets, we found that 44% would switch banks if theirs was breached. Using machine learning to create personalised authentication scenarios – Machine learning and artificial intelligence routines can be used to develop personalized authentication profiles for individuals. Open banking: unlocking fintech innovation This is where the opportunity for innovation in the sector lies.

Eleonore Pauwels on the Intersection of Genomics, Synthetic Biology, Artificial Intelligence, and Security


As part of our new book "What's Your Bio Strategy?" The following is an excerpt from one of those interviews. To find out when the book goes on sale subscribe to our newsletter here.

Kinect@home Needs Your Help Identifying Objects: Science Fiction in the News


Kinect@home is a Swedish program that encourages humans to help robots in identifying common household objects. The intent is to build a library of objects that robots can consult as they maneuver around your house.

Aussie AI-powered startup secures $16m to take its virtual data scientist global


Sydney-based startup, Hyper Anna, has secured $16 million in funding to fuel a global rollout of'Anna', a virtual data scientist that taps into business intelligence and delivers real-time insights based on natural language requests. Hyper Anna co-founder and CEO, Natalie Nguyen, told CMO customers have largely been SSI and in the financial and insurance sectors, but said the product could easily apply to other sectors such as media and technology. Founded in February 2016, the vendor's AI agent, Anna, is a powerful virtual data scientist that interacts through natural language. According to Nguyen, the differentiation point is in the way Hyper Anna democratises data science by putting the power of data in the hands of anyone with a command of language.