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How Should a Self-Driving Car Tell You to Take the Wheel?


Someday, the word driver will connote something completely different than it does today. When cars are fully automated and don't need us for anything more than letting them know where to go, the job of a "driver" will be like that of a patron in a bar selecting a song on a jukebox. But that scenario, where the passenger cabin is a rolling lounge in which all occupants are free to talk, entertain themselves with electronic gadgets, or sleep, is still decades away. Until then, even the most sophisticated self-driving car will occasionally encounter a circumstance that overwhelms its computerized smarts. At those moments, it will look to a human to take charge.

Robots are writing content - Brand 21 Strategic Brand & Marketing Agency


Before we get flying cars. There is a writing platform called Wordsmith from Automated Insights that produces upwards of 3,000 articles per quarter for the AP, and thousands more for different brands. Reading some of the sample articles revealed clear, concise and not too shabby prose. As a man whose been paid to write for the last twenty years or so, this technology is a bit frightening. I've known writers that were able to pump out 25 scripts in a day, a Brobdingnagian feat.

Want to know who to vote for? IBM's Watson Elections will make an emotional decision for you


Sad, mad, glad, confused about the presidential race so far? Well, if you are really lost on who to vote for, IBM may have a solution, depending on your mood. Watson Elections, one of the surprisingly few political applications for IBM's supercomputer, debuted on stage this morning at TechCrunch's Disrupt Hackathon in Brooklyn, New York to help us decided the best candidate fitting our feelings. If you are angry and disgusted right now, you may want to go for Donald Trump. A little less angry and just sadder fits a vote for Bernie Sanders.

Artificial Intelligence: Improve gameplay everytime with self learning AI


Stephen Hawking warns artificial intelligence could end mankind. He is one of Britain's pre-eminent scientists and has said that efforts to create thinking machines pose a threat to our very existence. But till the time it happens, lets play games and kill AI. Going in the same direction, while casually talking to my friend Vishal Shukla about general purpose AI, a thought came up. Which gets boring after you figure-out the pattern in which AI play against player.

There's an 'AI backbone' that over 25% of Facebook's engineers are using to develop new products


Over 25% of Facebook engineers are using a piece of software to help them leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), according to a blog post by one of the company's engineers. FBLearner Flow, as the software is known, is filled with algorithms developed by Facebook's AI/ML experts that can be accessed by more general engineers across the company to build different products. "FBLearner Flow [is] capable of easily reusing algorithms in different products, scaling to run thousands of simultaneous custom experiments, and managing experiments with ease," wrote Facebook software engineer Jeffrey Dunn, in a blog post on Monday titled "Introducing FBLearner Flow: Facebook's AI backbone." AI involves creating computers and computer software that are capable of intelligent behaviour, while machine learning can be defined as a field of study of that gives computers the potential to learn without being explicitly programmed. "FBLearner Flow is used by more than 25% of Facebook's engineering team," wrote Dunn.

Viv Wants to be the "Intelligent Interface for Everything"


Digital personal assistants have been with us for quite a few years already, and this is valid for Android smartphone users as well as fans of iOS and/or Windows Phone. Needless to say, the biggest players in this segment are Google Now, Siri, and Cortana. These personal assistants are present on their respective operating systems out-of-the-box, and a relatively large number of third-party digital assistants are also available for download, some being more powerful and successful than others. However, as clever as the majority of personal assistants may have become, due to a variety of limitations they have yet to completely change the way we interact with our smartphones. But with the passage of time, personal assistants could become more relevant to smartphone users, and to prove this during a recent tech event in New Your City, Dag Kittlaus – one of the developers behind Apple's Siri – took the veil off "Viv", or what looks to be the most advanced personal assistant created to date.

AITP Baton Rouge


Our next chapter meeting will be Tuesday, May 17 from 11:30-12:30 at the Louisiana Technology Park, 7117 Florida Blvd. This month we will be taking a look at recent developments in Artificial Intelligence. Is AI a technology to be feared or embraced? Will AI be a boon to humanity or, as Elon Musk has warned, "our biggest existential threat"? Our meetings are open to the public.

This AI stockbroker could be the future of financial advising


Hong Kong-based 8 Securities has come a long way over the past few years. When we first talked to the startup back in 2012, it had just pulled in 8 million to build up its stock trading app. Now, the company has more than 600 million worth of currencies flowing through its pipes, and it's betting big on artificial intelligence. Named "Chloe," 8 Securities is planning to launch a virtual advisor service that uses machine learning to give investment advice. The AI will be used to coach, educate, and advise users on their investments, says CEO Mikaal Abdulla.

'Swarm Intelligence' wins 11,000 after correctly predicting the Kentucky Derby's first four finishers


Picking one horse to win a race is hard enough, but four horses and their exact placements in the grand Kentucky Derby? But that's exactly what just happened thanks to a crowdsourced intelligence called Swarm Intelligence. The bet is called the superfecta, and there's a 1 in 540 chance of winning it -- bettors have to pick out the horses that'll place first, second, third and fourth in the Derby. TechRepublic reporter Hope Reese challenged Unanimous A.I., a company that creates Swarm artificial intelligence technologies that allow groups to combine their thoughts and feelings in real-time to "answer questions, make decisions, or just have fun," to pick out winners. Unanimous' Swarm Intelligence is called UNU and it has correctly predicted winners for the Super Bowl, Oscars, NCAA and more in the past.

The Robots exhibition sees machines to go on display to chart 500-year history

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Throughout history, artists and scientists have sought to understand what it means to be human and create machines in our own image. Soon, a new exhibition will explore our obsession to recreate ourselves, revealing the remarkable 500-year history of humanoid robots. The forthcoming show at London's Science Museum will include a collection of more than 100 robots from a 16th-century mechanical monk to robots from science fiction and modern-day research lab. Soon, a new exhibition will explore our obsession to recreate ourselves, revealing the remarkable 500-year-old history of humanoid robots. It will enable visitors to discover the cultural, historical and technological context of humanoid robots and let them interact with 12 working humanoids on display.