Drone strike that killed Reyaad Khan 'not transparent'

Al Jazeera

British politicians who examined the details of a drone strike which killed a British man in Syria said they were disappointed by the government's lack of transparency during investigations.

Google Home is upping your cooking game with 5 million new recipes


Forget your stack of dusty old cookbooks and your worries about gunking up your phone with messy hands while you struggle to follow directions in the kitchen. Google Home will help streamline your cooking experience with a major expansion of its ability to guide you through recipes.

Drunk Man Arrested For Tackling Parking Lot Security Robot

Huffington Post

Jason Sylvain, 41, attacked the crime-fighting K5 droid in the parking lot of robot manufacturer Knightscope the evening of April 19, Mountain View Police Department spokeswoman Katie Nelson told HuffPost. She said an employee for Knightscope detained Sylvain before officers got to the scene.

Monetate launches its machine learning-powered personalization engine


Machine learning and AI are popping up everywhere in marketing right now. If there's a high-waste, menial task to be done -- or something you can't do more than a few times before it becomes impossible to manage -- there's probably a way to get it done without the need for human involvement.

How can machine learning create features in human-understandable ways?


Without loads of data, we have problems that not even the most intelligent machine learning systems can solve. Simple directions become extremely difficult without a destination. Navigating and processing a healthcare claim is impossible without a payer identified. Finding the best vet for a pet is difficult without knowing the species.

AI is about to open the door to a new role for CIOs: Explorer


The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into businesses is no longer new. Task automation and chatbots are rapidly becoming the norm, cropping up across industries seeking increased efficiencies. But AI's potential extends far beyond menial tasks, and companies are now looking to leverage AI in a way that yields a competitive edge.

How can marketers apply machine learning? New report from The Drum explores the power of data-driven marketing


The Drum in partnership with intent marketing specialist, Iotec, has launched a report exploring the application of machine learning to solve commercial challenges.