Deep Learning Algorithm Holds Promise for Drug Development


A type of machine learning that works well with small data sets holds promise for drug discovery and development. This methodology could be a useful tool for other areas of chemical research. One-shot learning, a kind of deep learning, differs from other machine-learning approaches in the amount of Vijay Pande. Credit: L.A. Cicerodata required to arrive at a solution. Most applications of machine learning, like image recognition, rely on training a set of algorithms with thousands to trillions of data points.

Fighting online extremists with machine learning - MIT Sloan School of Management


After roughly 15 years in the Army, Christopher Marks enrolled as a PhD student at MIT. "He was interested in questions of national security," said his adviser, Tauhid Zaman, the KDD Career Development Professor in Communications and Technology at MIT Sloan. The two of them began discussing lines of inquiry that best integrated Marks' research ideas with Zaman's expertise in social networks. The Islamic state group's dominance of national news, along with its heavy presence on Twitter, made it a natural subject of investigation. With input from Jytte Klausen, a specialist of western jihad at Brandeis University, Zaman and Marks started building a model to predict which users of Twitter likely belonged to the Islamic state group, also known as ISIS. "We wanted to know if you can look at an account and predict it is ISIS before they say anything," Zaman said.

Link About It: This Week's Picks


It's been a week now since serial entrepreneur (and futurist) Elon Musk announced the launch of Neuralink Corp, and to be honest, it's still on our minds. With this new venture, Musk proposes developing a technology (known as "neural lace") that would potentially implant electrodes into human brains, allowing us to keep up with the advancement of machines--even uploading and downloading thoughts or fight brain disorders. The company is still in its "embryonic" phases, according to co-founder Max Hodak, and there are plenty of technological and safety barriers ahead. That said, it's the first of its kind as an application of artificial intelligence inside the human brain. Every visualization you've ever seen of a black hole has been an illustration.

Master your Samsung Galaxy S8 with these tips and tricks


Samsung's Galaxy S8 is finally here, and it's a looker. The South Korean company's phone packs a gorgeous edge-to-edge curved screen, a beefed-up front-facing camera, a top-of-the-line processor, and a new virtual assistant powered by artificial intelligence. But like many devices of the Galaxy S8's caliber, not every feature is easy to use -- or find. Luckily, we've spent enough time with the Galaxy S8 to get a handle on a few of its most useful functions. Here's what you need to know.

Build a Game AI - Machine Learning for Hackers #3


This video will get you up and running with your first game AI in just 10 lines of Python. The AI can theoretically learn to master any game you train it on, but has only been tested on 2D Atari games so far. I created a Slack channel for us, sign up here: Great course on the brain (I really love this course): Let me know if you find another!

'Ghost in the Shell' is more cyberposeur than cyberpunk


Spoilers ahead for the Ghost in the Shell anime and US remake. The original Ghost in the Shell anime feature is a cultural landmark. It was a neo-noir story set in a startlingly fresh vision of a connected world, and it was particularly timely in 1995 since the internet was just finding its legs in the real world. The film's lead was a badass cyborg woman privy to bouts of existentialism. And, like the best cyberpunk science fiction, Ghost in the Shell (and its original manga) asked deep questions about our relationship with technology.

Introduction to Python Deep Learning with Keras - Machine Learning Mastery


Two of the top numerical platforms in Python that provide the basis for Deep Learning research and development are Theano and TensorFlow. Both are very powerful libraries, but both can be difficult to use directly for creating deep learning models. In this post, you will discover the Keras Python library that provides a clean and convenient way to create a range of deep learning models on top of Theano or TensorFlow. Introduction to the Python Deep Learning Library Keras Photo by Dennis Jarvis, some rights reserved. Keras is a minimalist Python library for deep learning that can run on top of Theano or TensorFlow.

Why Machine Learning still Needs Humans for Language?


Machine Learning (ML) begins to outperform humans in many tasks which seemingly require intelligence. The hype about ML makes it even into mass media. ML can read lips, recognizes faces, or transform speech to text. But when ML has to deal with the ambiguity, variety and richness of language, when it has to understand text or extract knowledge, ML continues to need human experts. The Web is certainly our greatest knowledge source.

Robots/AI Is Going to Be a $152.7B Market by 2020, Says BofA


Recently, the CEO of Singapore's largest bank came up with the statement below; it says that in the next few decades, banks needs to put in some serious efforts for transformation or that they may die.