IBM researchers achieve new records in speech recognition


IBM researchers have set a milestone in conversational speech recognition by achieving a new industry record of a 5.5 percent word error rate, surpassing its previous record of 6.9 percent, according to the company's blog post.

What makes a good surgeon? Video analysis rates suturing skills

New Scientist

Nice and steady does it. A video analysis system uses motion tracking and machine learning to assess how good surgeons are at suturing a wound.

What's the best way to listen to ebooks?

The Guardian

My wife used to love reading but since her stroke has aphasia, no speech, limited vision and limited dexterity in her left hand only. She can select TV channels on a remote but she cannot read a short news story let alone a novel, so she listens to the radio and watches a lot of TV. I thought of getting her a Kindle e-reader but they don't seem to do text to speech any more. A shop assistant suggested a tablet with a text-to-speech app.

Looking Ahead: The Industries That Will Change The Most As Machine Learning Grows


Self-driving cars, medical research, financial market predictions: The applications of machine learning technologies seem limitless.

What is IBM Watson? An evolution in artificial intelligence and why technology won't kill us all


In 2011, IBM sent its supercomputer Watson onto the popular American TV quiz show Jeopardy where it succeeded in matching wits with and beating two of the TV show's most successful players.

Physicists extend quantum machine learning to infinite dimensions


Physicists have developed a quantum machine learning algorithm that can handle infinite dimensions--that is, it works with continuous variables (which have an infinite number of possible values on a closed interval) instead of the typically used discrete variables (which have only a finite number of values).

New Robotic Solutions for the Warehouse


When Amazon purchased Kiva Systems in 2012, the interest in Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) for the warehouse soared. For a while, Kiva, now rebranded Amazon Robotics, continued to sell robots to other companies. But, after piloting the robots in some warehouses, and figuring out the optimal way to deploy them, Amazon stopped selling robots to other companies and took everything their robotic division could produce for their own distribution centers.

IBM and Salesforce shake hands on artificial intelligence


IBM is teaming up with Salesforce to make it easier for Salesforce customers to use data from IBM's Watson artificial intelligence platform. As part of the partnership, IBM has signed a deal to deploy the Salesforce Service Cloud for internal use there. The value of the deal and proposed pricing of the joint products were not disclosed.