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The Morning After: Microsoft tries to kill the pointless work meeting


Back from a long weekend and dreading the run of video conference calls in your workweek? Microsoft has an idea to reduce those unnecessary meetings by scoring them on body language, facial expressions, the number of attendees and even ambient conditions like the time of day and temperature. According to a patent filing, this technology could work for both virtual and (eventually) in-person meetings, through a mix of cameras and sensors for physical gatherings. It would even predict the likelihood of a meeting being useful and suggest alternative times, locations and people if a meet-up was likely to be ineffective. Let me help you out: Don't schedule meetings or calls after 2PM on a Friday if you really want my best work.

The Future of Work: 'The Long Tail' by Aliette de Bodard


Another one on the wreck of the Conch Citadel: holes in the walls and in the ceiling and floor, floating debris and rusting furniture that must have once been pristine and polished, the state of the art of Đại Ánh. A series of disc-shaped auxiliary robots and larger maintenance mechs parked in the walls, gleaming in the light projected by Thu's lamp. Thu was in the doorway, floating in the low-gravity of the wreck--holding onto the frame with one hand, the small thruster-pack in her back turned off to conserve energy. She'd been about to enter the room, but something had been bothering her enough that it had stopped her. It took her a moment to realize it was her lineaged memory that was kicking up the fuss, specifically Ánh Ngọc's most recent transfer, the one of the latest shift Ánh Ngọc had done onboard Citadel.

Branches in Artificial Intelligence to Transform Your Business!


On May 8, 2018, Google I/O was held at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California. If you are wondering what Google I/O is, don't worry, I've got your back. "Google I/O brings together developers from around the globe annually for talks, hands-on learning with Google experts, and the first look at Google's latest developer products." In the Keynote, Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Alphabet Inc. (Google's parent company), shared the then-latest developments that Google had been working on. One of the projects that he spoke about was something that maybe no one saw coming; an application of Artificial Intelligence (AI), soon to be on our own smartphones, that left the world in awe.

Transfer Learning


The concept of transfer learning lies in imparting knowledge learned for performing a task to another task that is different but similar. How is Transfer Learning Useful to Me? In the context of humans, transfer learning is crucial to our lives. Let us use the CIFAR-10 dataset that contains 10 categories of images -- airplane, automobile, bird, cat, deer, dog, frog, horse, ship and truck. Our task of interest is to classify every image to its corresponding category.

Top 15 Real World Applications of Artificial Intelligence


When most people hear the term Artificial Intelligence, the first thing they usually think of is robots or some famous science fiction movie like the Terminator depicting the rise of AI against humanity. Artificial intelligence refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. The term may also be applied to any machine that exhibits traits associated with a human mind such as learning, analyzing, comprehending, and problem-solving. The applications of artificial intelligence in the real-world are perhaps more than what many people know. The ideal characteristic of artificial intelligence is its ability to rationalize and take actions that have the best chance of achieving a specific goal or defined operations. With the advancements of the human mind and their deep research into the field, AI is no longer just a few machines doing basic calculations.

Amazon: Here's what caused major AWS outage last week – apologies


Amazon Web Services (AWS) has explained the cause of last Wednesday's widespread outage, which impacted thousands of third-party online services for several hours. While dozens of AWS services were affected, AWS says the outage occurred in its Northern Virginia, US-East-1, region. It happened after a "small addition of capacity" to its front-end fleet of Kinesis servers. Kinesis is used by developers, as well as other AWS services like CloudWatch and Cognito authentication, to capture data and video streams and run them through AWS machine-learning platforms. The Kinesis service's front-end handles authentication, throttling, and distributes workloads to its back-end "workhorse" cluster via a database mechanism called sharding. As AWS notes in a lengthy summary of the outage, the addition of capacity triggered the outage but wasn't the root cause of it.

Yellowmessenger Chatbot Developer


Are you a programmer who wants to understand how to customize Conversational Chat bots programmatically on the YM platform? In this course, you will learn the core Programming concepts of YM Platform known as Cloud Functions in order to customize your Chat bot. You will write custom logic using Cloud Function – Objects and methods, and test that logic using the built-in testing tool. You will explore how Cloud Functions interacts with UI of the platform. You will get hands-on experience writing code to customize your chat bot interface to support different channels, as well as a brief introduction to the built in Database.

'To say, I saved the world – that's the magic of games': Bethesda's Todd Howard

The Guardian

When you've got a discography like Todd Howard's, full of critically acclaimed games in the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series, it must be hard to pick a favourite. But there is one game he remembers more fondly than anyone else does: the first he ever worked on. "Terminator: Future Shock," he says. "When [Bethesda] came to Fallout, people were saying, oh, you're doing a post-apocalyptic open world! But we already did that in Terminator. It's an underrated game that not a lot of people played. I think Quake came out right afterwards, that might have had something to do with it, and understandably so … Future Shock was made with eight or 10 people and it did a lot of things that no game had done. I remember it got critiqued at the time, which annoyed me to be honest. But now the things it did are commonplace."

What if You Could Outsource Your To-Do List?

The New Yorker

Back when the world seemed bright and ambitious--another century, it might have been--I managed to convince myself, despite a lot of evidence to the contrary, that what I really needed in my life was an assistant. This was December, the month when traditionally I can no longer outrun the clerical tasks that have stalked me since the middle of the year. I had weeks of crinkled receipts to expense: the year-end tax on negligence. I was halfway through the process of contesting the charge on a vaccine shot that my insurance company had refused to cover, and I had to transcribe hours of interviews before I could begin to write--the only use of my time which generates an income. As a moonless night wore on, filled with snacking and monsters, I futzed with the formulas in my sad expense spreadsheets and knew that these were hours of life I'd never get back.