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Using AI To Identify Your Best Customers In The Future


Using AI to boost sales is not a new idea. In fact, back in 2017, the Harvard Business Review did an extensive story about one sales office of motorcycle maker Harley Davidson that was able to increase sales from two bikes per week to 15 per weekend using AI-powered marketing support. If predictive analytics increased sales leads by 3,000 percent back in 2017, what's it doing for businesses now? AI and predictive analytics are still making an impact for businesses in terms of identifying customer trends, building customer profiles, and constructing tighter potential target audiences. However, it's also doing a lot more, both in terms of how it's able to gather data and how it's able to use it to offer customers the personalization they want and need.

How to create a chatbot in Python


Today we will talk about how to create a chatbot with Python. Natural language processing (NLP) is one of the most promising fields of artificial intelligence that uses natural languages to enable human interactions with machines. There are two main approaches to NLP: – rule-based methods, – statistical methods, i.e., methods related to machine learning. There are several exciting Python libraries for NLP, such as Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK), spaCy, TextBlob, etc. A chatbot is a computer software able to interact with humans using a natural language. They usually rely on machine learning, especially on NLP.

Google Assistant can finally schedule your smart lights


Google Assistant already works with Hue and other smart lights, but functionality has been limited to turning them on and off, using them with alarms and a few other features. Now, you can schedule lights and other electric devices to turn on and off at specific and even general times, as Android Police and Reddit users have noted. The feature works via Google's "Scheduled Actions" feature. That allows you to say "Hey Google, turn on the lights at 7 AM," for example. You can set times for the current day or any other day over the next week by saying "Hey Google, turn on my coffee maker at 8 AM tomorrow," or "run my sprinkler in a week at 5 PM," for example.

Lenovo's Google-powered Smart Clocks hit all-time low prices for Black Friday


You might have an easier time deciding on a Google Assistant smart display this Black Friday. Lenovo's Smart Clock is on sale now at Best Buy for $35, an all-time low and less than half its original $80 asking price. You can get it for the same price at Walmart. And if you don't need a touchscreen, the Smart Clock Essential is on sale for $25 (half its usual price) at Best Buy and Walmart. Both smart screens are very focused, and that's mostly a good thing.

The Google Home Max is half off for Black Friday this year


Google's smart speakers and displays have steadily improved over the years, and luckily for us, a few of them are on sale for Black Friday. The biggest discount by far is the Google Home Max, which is now selling for $149.99, a whopping 50 percent off its regular price of $299.99) Sure, it's a few years old now -- we gave it a review score of 88 in 2017 -- but it's still a very good device, with stellar audio that outclasses most other Google-powered smart speakers, especially in terms of volume and bass. Our main complaint about the Home Max at the time was its high price tag, but since it's half off now, the Home Max is looking like quite a bargain. The Google-powered Nest Hub Max is on sale for $179.99 this week as well, which is $50 less than its usual price of $229.99.

Council Post: How AI Can Change Customer Experience And Engagement


Leading the company's vision to disrupt the knowledge management market. Often described as the emotional connection between a customer and a brand, customer engagement is far more than a transactional relationship. It's no longer limited to sales, services and support and is an ongoing process where a company anticipates a customer's needs and gains their loyalty. As the CEO of a company that offers call center, self-service and virtual assistant technology, I've found that most brands understand customer engagement plays a crucial role in customer experience and business outcomes. For those looking to gain a competitive advantage, AI as a driving force in engagement can be one of the best ways to build gratifying experiences.

The new Amazon Echo is already $30 off


SAVE $30: Save on the all-new fourth generation Amazon Echo this Black Friday, and get it for only $69.99 starting on Nov. 22. Sometimes it just feels like you need an assistant. Daily life is as hectic as ever, between working from home and virtual learning, so a little assistance could be a lot of help. The all-new Amazon Echo is like your personal home assistant. It can help you manage your home, answer questions, keep track of your calendar, and play your favorite entertainment with simple voice commands. Just in time for the holidays, the fourth generation Echo is on sale for $30 off to help make home life easier.

What is Artificial Intelligence? It's Applications and Importance


BEGIN ARTICLE PREVIEW: The term artificial intelligence was initially revealed in 1956, yet AI has become more mainstream today on account of expanded data volumes, progressed algorithms, and enhancements in computing power and storage. Early AI research during the 1950s explored themes like problem solving and symbolic methods. During the 1960s, the US Department of Defense checked out this kind of work and started training computers to emulate fundamental human reasoning. For instance, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) finished road planning projects during the 1970s. What’s more, DARPA created intelligent personal assistants in 2003, some time before Siri, Alexa or Cortana were easily recognized names. What is Artificial

Amazon Echo devices get steep discounts ahead of Black Friday


The next round of Amazon Black Friday deals has begun, with most of the company's Echo speakers receiving heavy discounts. And considering these are the latest Echos with the new spherical design that only became available about one month ago, the deals are the best we've seen so far. These discounts join the slew of deals that started on Friday, which slashed the prices of most of Amazon's Fire TV devices. Check out the list below for the best Amazon Echo Black Friday deals we could find. Amazon updated the Echo Dot this fall and now we're seeing its first major discount.

Business and Tech During and after COVID-19


How else would we deal with the COVID-19 pandemic and the quarantine measures! Let's take an inside look at what actual value these technologies bring to retailers and eateries. And where it all will eventually lead us. Small restaurants & bakeries were stopped cold. They had to close down. So the obvious way to proceed was to focus on takeaway orders through delivery services.