Volvo is working with NVIDIA to develop self-driving car tech by 2021


Volvo and NVIDIA have announced that they're teaming up with Zenuity to develop the next generation of self-driving vehicle systems which will be built on NVIDIA's Drive PX AI module. What's more, NVIDIA hopes that integrating additional autonomous safety features like automatic braking will help increase the scores of AI-equipped vehicles taking the DOT's New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) crash test safety certification. An increasing numbers of vehicles trading data with each other as they travel, why not have them talk to the infrastructure around them as well. "We'll be able to protect areas of potential congestion and really work with infrastructure, vehicles and navigation systems to optimize traffic flow and ultimately reduce congestion."

Online video services letting remote grandparents view their descendants' progress

The Japan Times

Two online services using technology to allow grandparents to overcome the distance between them and their grandchildren are proving popular in Japan. Using the technology, relatives can watch on their televisions high-quality images and videos uploaded via the company's application with a simple click of a remote control. In a similar vein, Photocreate Co., which provides an online portal for schoolchildren's pictures shot by professional photographers, added a new feature to its service in May that allows distant grandparents to see images uploaded by parents. The online picture service Snap Snap, introduced by the Tokyo-based company in 2006, has been used by 5,000 schools and kindergartens across Japan.

Fraud detection in retail with graph analysis


We are going to see how to use graph analysis to identify stolen credit cards and fake identities. We recently explained how to use graph analysis to identify stolen credit cards. One such pattern is a personal piece of information (IP, email, credit card, address) associated with multiple persons. Through graph visualization, we can quickly evaluate potential fraud cases and make informed decisions.

How Deep Learning Machines Program Themselves


Finally, once we understand how machines learn and what kind of skills they develop, we will learn how deep learning machines program themselves. Essentially, the kid has learnt'the relationship' between'the objective' (higher accuracy of shooting the ball through the hoop) and'the relevant parameters' (trajectory, use of force, distance etc.) Suppose, a machine has to learn to predict the risk of credit card default ("The Objective") given a large set of historical data on credit card defaults including demographic information, past payment details, credit limits etc. The machine will learn the relationship between the input parameters and the resulting credit default and develop a skill to predict future default by developing a complex mathematical model.

Data Literacy Will Make You Almost Invincible - Shelly Palmer


They might even know that a simple linear regression is the proper mathematical technique to accomplish the task. They would quickly and clearly understand that a simple linear regression was the appropriate technique to accomplish the task, but someone fluent would consider specific methodologies in ways that literate executives might not. Turning data literacy into invincibility will evolve from your understanding of how best to combine 1st-, 2nd- and 3rd-party data, data-scientific research and your business knowledge to turn information (data) into action. We offer a bunch of different training programs that may work for you or your company, including Executive Data Literacy Training Courses, Data-Driven Media Sales Training Courses and bespoke Data Activation Forums for the C-Suite.

Paris Machine Learning #10 Ending Season 4, Large-scale video classification, community detection, Code Mining, Maps, Load Monitoring and.Cognitive.


We used them in the context of video representation and explain how we won the Youtube 8M Large-Scale Video Understanding Challenge. At Qucit we use geographic data collected from hundreds of cities on a daily basis. In order to do so we want to get our data from a source available everywhere: satellite images. We tested our model on the SpaceNet images and labels, acquired thanks to the Spacenet Challenge.

AI Dives into Compliance


Artificial intelligence-based platforms that use data analytics give compliance departments an alternative to throwing a conference room full of lawyers to review data manually. It is not a panacea, according to Wayne Matus, managing director, group investigations at UBS and who spoke on an AI panel hosted by Exiger. Firms can triangulate the truth more exactly by knitting together data sources that firm would never have in the past, such as data from trading systems, customer relationship management platforms, human resources platforms, and outside social media, said Dan Adamson, President, DDIQ and Global Head of Cognitive Computing, Exiger Analytics. One investigation by an unnamed firm into a suspected trader's behavior was found not in the trader's email or trading blotter but a call to a third-party help desk, according to Brandon Daniels, managing director & president at Exiger.

Computer system predicts products of chemical reactions

MIT News

When organic chemists identify a useful chemical compound -- a new drug, for instance -- it's up to chemical engineers to determine how to mass-produce it. But MIT researchers are trying to put this process on a more secure empirical footing, with a computer system that's trained on thousands of examples of experimental reactions and that learns to predict what a reaction's major products will be. In tests, the system was able to predict a reaction's major product 72 percent of the time; 87 percent of the time, it ranked the major product among its three most likely results. In the past, chemists have built computer models that characterize reactions in terms of interactions at reaction sites.

Neural Networks as a Corporation Chain of Command


Neural networks are considered complicated and they are always explained using neurons and a brain function. Let us start with logistic regression. The logistic regression yields values form 0 to 1, and we can consider the process as making a evaluation. Note that this is how a logistic regression functions.