Black Friday Amazon deals: Price drops for Echos, Kindles and Fire tablets


When the cheapest Kindle e-reader drops to $50, it's difficult to resist snagging one on an impulse buy. Appealing to our most reptilian consumer instincts is just how Amazon rolls, and--right on schedule--the retail behemoth-cum-hardware manufacturer is dropping prices across its product lines. Here are all the Black Friday deals for the Amazon Echo, Kindle, and Fire tablet lines. We're also including links to our own coverage of the price-dropped devices (many of which are best in their categories, the Amazon pedigree notwithstanding). Amazon says these deals will end at the stroke of midnight on Monday, Nov. 27.

5th Annual RavenPack Research Symposium: The Big Data & Machine Learning Revolution, New York 2017


RavenPack's prestigious annual event has experienced growing interest, with attendance exceeding 260 buy-side professionals. Word on the street is RavenPack's research symposium is a "must attend event" for quantitative investors and financial professionals that are serious about Big Data. An excellent set of senior finance professionals shared their latest research and experience with big data and machine learning.

Six gadgets that work with your smart speaker to automate your home

Popular Science

Dozens of gizmos will work with one or both of these speakers, and third-party manufacturers continue to bring out additional ones. If you'd like to see all of your options, Google has made a list of Home-compatible devices and Amazon has collected the Echo-compatible ones. With so much smart tech out there, it can be hard to figure out which device to buy first. So we collected six of our favorite gadgets for smartening up your home. Google's dinky streaming dongle works like a charm with Google Home.

In 1964, Popular Science answered 'stupid' questions about what you eat

Popular Science

In vegetables, for instance, important nutrients are stored in cells with walls of cellulose, a substance you can't digest. Don't throw away the water in which you boil the vegetables. It holds up to 50 percent of the minerals. Carrots are an excellent source of vitamin A, an important factor for night vision. If you suffer from night blindness due to a deficiency in vitamin A, carrots will help.



DLTK is a neural networks toolkit written in python, on top of TensorFlow. It is developed to enable fast prototyping with a low entry threshold and ensure reproducibility in image analysis applications, with a particular focus on medical imaging. Its goal is to provide the community with state of the art methods and models and to accelerate research in this exciting field. If you use any application from the DLTK Model Zoo, additionally refer to the respective Setup a virtual environment and activate it.

3 Ways Machine Learning Will Transform Finance


At home, it helps power personalized shopping apps, suggests personalized entertainment experiences, manages and monitors self-driving cars, supports virtual assistants, and improves navigation. At the office, it helps businesses develop the next best offer, recruit top-notch candidates, detect fraud, automate supply chains, and boost data center efficiency. Yet, corporate finance leaders are asking deeper questions which require more advanced analytics systems. "Why can you ask your mobile phone for directions to find the nearest restaurant but you can't ask your system how revenues are trending in Italy?" Oracle Vice President of Product Strategy for Big Data Analytics, Rich Clayton said during a recent Financial Executives International (FEI) webcast. "Why is that your systems don't understand your processes?

AWS ramps up in AI with new consultancy services and Rekognition features


Ahead of Amazon's big AWS division Re:invent conference next week, the company has announced two developments in the area of artificial intelligence. AWS is opening a machine learning lab, ML Solutions Lab, to pair Amazon machine learning experts with customers looking to build solutions using the AI tech. And it's releasing new features within Amazon Rekognition, Amazon's deep learning-based image recognition platform: real-time face recognition and the ability to recognize text in images. The new lab and the enhancements to its image recognition platform underscore the push that Amazon and AWS are giving to AI at the company, both internally and as a potential area to grow its B2B business in this area. They come about a month after AWS announced it would be collaborating with Microsoft on Gluon, a deep learning interface designed for developers to build and run machine learning models for their apps and other services.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence


UNEMPLOYMENT - Replacement of people with AI technologies can lead to large scale unemployment, which is an undesirable phenomenon. Artificial intelligence will make people lose their creative power and become lazy. HIGH COST - Creation of AI requires huge costs as they are complex machines. Plus, their maintenance and repair require lots of money too. They have software programs which need to be updated frequently to cater to the needs of the changing environment.

IÉSEG School of Management: Assistant, Associate or Full Professor in Marketing Analytics


Job Qualifications We are looking for candidates whose teaching and research interests are related to marketing analytics, summarized by one or multiple of the following keywords, amongst statistical and machine learning algorithms, (rule-based/hybrid) ensembles, predictive modeling, R, Python, SAS, Spark, (NO/)SQL, web analytics, web scraping, social media analytics, data mining, recommendation tools, process mining, social network analytics, fraud detection, text mining, visual analytics, and/or big data analysis tools. Applicants should possess a PhD and be able to provide evidence of publications (and/or demonstrate the potential to publish) in reputable academic journals. The candidate will contribute to the IÉSEG Excellence Center for Marketing Analytics and shares his/her expertise within the MSc. in Big Data Analytics for Business. He/she also needs to provide evidence of strong teaching skills and/or professional experience. Applicants should be completely fluent in English as all courses will be taught in this language.

Apple's self-driving car team uses machine learning to get more out of LiDAR - SiliconANGLE


Apple Inc. has had a "will they or won't they" relationship with self-driving car development over the last few years, and unlike companies like Alphabet Inc. or Uber Technologies Inc., Apple has been fairly tight lipped about most of its work. From what little is known, Apple has been focusing more on the software side rather than on hardware, and a new research paper published Friday by the company on Cornell University's arXiv repository seems to confirm that theory. In the paper, Apple describes a new method for getting more out of a self-driving car's LiDAR sensors using machine learning. LiDAR uses pulses of laser light to create digital maps of objects using point clouds, which are a sort of 3D version of a connect the dots puzzle. Denser point clouds offer a clearer, more accurate picture of an object, but Apple's researchers say their new method, which they call VoxelNet, makes even sparse point clouds useful for object detection.