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Feature Extraction for Graphs


Heads up: I've structured the article similarly as in the Graph Representation Learning book by William L. Hamilton [1]. One of the simplest ways to capture information from graphs is to create individual features for each node. These features can capture information both from a close neighbourhood, and a more distant, K-hop neighbourhood using iterative methods. Node degree is a simple metric and can be defined as a number of edges incident to a node. This metric is often used as initialization of algorithms to generate more complex graph-level features such as Weisfeiler-Lehman Kernel.

Why "AI" Is A Fraud


Who will be crowned the world's first trillionaire? Mark Cuban says there's one disruptive trend that'll bring a whole new meaning to the word "rich." You likely know Cuban as a star investor on ABC's Shark Tank. The billionaire also owns the Dallas Mavericks. "The world's first trillionaires are going to come from somebody who masters AI." Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most hyped up trend on the planet.

Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020


Human augmentation conjures up visions of futuristic cyborgs, but humans have been augmenting parts of the body for hundreds of years. Glasses, hearing aids and prosthetics evolved into cochlear implants and wearables. Even laser eye surgery has become commonplace. But what if scientists could augment the brain to increase memory storage, or implant a chip to decode neural patterns? What if exoskeletons became a standard uniform for autoworkers, enabling them to lift superhuman weights?

10 Best Python Libraries For Computer Vision Tasks


One of the most favourite languages amongst the developers, Python is well-known for its abundance of tools and libraries available for the community. The language also provides several computer vision libraries and frameworks for developers to help them automate tasks, which includes detections and visualisations. Below here, we are listing down 10 best Python libraries that developers can use for Computer Vision. It also provides researchers with low-level components that can be mixed and matched to build new approaches. IPSDK is an image processing library in C and Python.

Transformers in NLP: Creating a Translator Model from Scratch


Transformers have now become the defacto standard for NLP tasks. Originally developed for sequence transduction processes such as speech recognition, translation, and text to speech, transformers work by using convolutional neural networks together with attention models, making them much more efficient than previous architectures. And although transformers were developed for NLP, they've also been implemented in the fields of computer vision and music generation. However, for all their wide and varied uses, transformers are still very difficult to understand, which is why I wrote a detailed post describing how they work on a basic level. It covers the encoder and decoder architecture, and the whole dataflow through the different pieces of the neural network.

Panel discussion: AI for good - for good business - EngineerIT


Artificial intelligence and machine learning are fast moving out of the hype status and into the reality status. South African industry recently launched the AI Institute of South Africa, with the objective of consulting with government on AI policy, while also representing South Africa in global AI forums and initiatives. The AI world is faced with many questions. How can we ensure that AI is for good and will not destroy itself and in the process, the world? Do we need global regulations?

Unbelievable Influence of Artificial Intelligence on Social Media


Artificial Intelligence is trending everywhere these days. Social networking is one such area that is increasingly being affected by the growth of Artificial Intelligence. It's only been a decade since social media became internet marketing. Still, it has gradually risen in popularity and is now standing in the consumer experience as a strong potential differentiator. Artificial Intelligence is becoming increasingly common in today's society.

Can Amazon convince you to welcome a security drone into your home?


The past few years of Alexa-related product launches have seen rise to some of the most unusual devices launched by a major tech company. There's been the Alexa ring, the Alexa glasses, the Alexa wall clock, and the Alexa microwave. This year, though, as Amazon released the biggest upgrade to Alexa since the agent first showed up in its cylindrical house called Echo, its developer brought forth a smaller range of Alexa devices. That may be in part because the company has been doing such a good job of getting third parties to spread the cyan-accompanied conversationalist far and wide as well as the company's commitment to sustainability, which not only favors fewer, more durable devices, but those using sustainable materials that may not be so easily leveraged in niche forays. In contrast to the Echo proliferation slowdown, Amazon's Ring product line continued to expand well beyond its signature video doorbell with a new premium service offering and a move into vehicles with a car alarm and camera connection service that showed more thoughtfulness than the dashboard screen invasions of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The division also showed off a small mailbox sensor that can alert you of new postal mail and address mail theft.

COVID-19 to spur 9 key technology trends across industries - report


With the pandemic's negative impact on the global economy, says the firm, technology leaders must assess the emerging opportunities resulting from COVID-19 and provide technological innovations to build company, society, and consumer resilience. Automation/robotics, advanced data analytics, IoT and "sensorization," security and privacy, and business model innovation are seen as the five critical success factors for growth. "From transformative MegaTrends to geopolitical chaos, there are several factors making it increasingly difficult to grow," says Murali Krishnan, Visionary Innovation Group Senior Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan. "In the near term, companies should focus on diversifying supply chains and leveraging new opportunities arising from changing customer demands. In the long term, it is important to internally adapt to new technologies that support workplace and operational continuity to have a smoother transformation during recovery."

Plastic-eating enzyme 'cocktail' recycles plastic waste 'endlessly'

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Scientists have been inspired by Pacman to create a plastic-eating'cocktail', which could help eradicate plastic waste. It's made up of two enzymes – called PETase and MHETase – produced by a type of bacteria that feeds on plastic bottles, called Ideonella sakaiensis. Unlike natural degradation, which can take hundreds of years, the super-enzyme is able to convert the plastic back to its original'building blocks' in a few days. The two enzymes work together like'two Pac-men joined by a piece of string' munching down snack pellets in the popular video game. The new super-enzyme digests plastic up to six times faster than the original PETase enzyme alone, which was discovered by the team in 2018.