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Where AI meets cybersecurity: Opportunities, challenges and risks so far - SiliconANGLE


As evidenced by the example of ChatGPT, artificial intelligence is advancing in unprecedented directions to solve exciting new problems. But, as AI is being pointed toward critical cybersecurity operations, do the gains outweigh the potential risks and concerns? "You should be worried," said Andy Thurai (pictured), vice president and principal analyst at Constellation Research Inc. "The problem people don't realize is that ChatGPT, being a new, shiny object, it's all the craze that's about. But the problem is that most of the content that's produced either by ChatGPT or others are assets with no warranties, accountability or whatsoever. If it is content, it's OK. But if it is something like code that you use, then it's mostly not."

Microsoft's Bing-ChatGPT Combo Can't Stand Up to Google's LaMDA


Ever since rumours emerged that Microsoft might integrate GPT capabilities into Bing, Google HQ has been on Code Red status. Now, with the release of their earnings report for FY22, it seems that Alphabet has doubled down on their AI strategy for the coming year. Let's take a closer look at how Google did last year and what they have in store for the future. The headline statement of the earnings report was Sundar Pichai's remark on how AI has been reaching an'inflection point'. He went on to state that Google would soon unveil many'AI-driven leaps' in Search and many other applications.

AI is changing the way the Internet creates content


With natural language processing, machine learning and advanced analytics, companies can make more informed decisions and generate human-like text from cues. Today, there are several powerful tools for creating AI-powered content online. GPT-3 from OpenAI is an autoregressive language model that is the most powerful natural language processing (NLP) model ever created. GPT-3 uses deep learning algorithms to create human-like text based on cues and can be used to create text, answer questions, perform tasks such as writing code, and much more. IBM Watson is a cognitive computing platform that uses natural language processing, machine learning and advanced analytics to help businesses make more informed decisions and create AI-based content such as news articles, blog posts and more.

Microsoft rolls out ChatGPT-powered Teams Premium - TechStory


On Wednesday, ChatGPT announced a $20 per-month subscription plan, which will ensure subscribers receive access to quick responses and priority access to new features and updates. On Monday, Microsoft announced that it will be making OpenAI's ChatGPT available with its Azure OpenAI suite of services. As per an official announcement, enterprise customers who use Azure cloud services will also have access to ChatGPT through Azure OpenAI services and can apply for access to AI models including GPT-3.5, Codex, and DALL•E 2. In a tweet, Satya Nadella shared, "ChatGPT is coming soon to the Azure OpenAI Service, which is now generally available, as we help customers apply the world's most advanced AI models to their own business imperatives." Eric Boyd, Corporate Vice President, AI Platform at Microsoft in a blog shared that Azure OpenAI service is now generally available and will enable businesses to"apply for access to the most advanced AI models in the world--including GPT-3.5, Codex, and DALL•E 2--backed by the trusted enterprise-grade capabilities and AI-optimized infrastructure of Microsoft Azure, to create cutting-edge applications." Azure is also the core computing power behind OpenAI API's family of models for research advancement and developer productivity.

Top Innovative AI-Based Startups in China - MarkTechPost


The AI startup culture in China has expanded quickly in recent years due to vast amounts of data and an abundance of people with technical skills. A wide spectrum of technology, including computer vision, natural language processing, and self-driving automobiles, has been developed by Chinese firms in the AI domain. Many of these firms have also successfully obtained sizable funding from investors, domestically and abroad. Let's check out a few of the most cutting-edge AI startups based in China. Horizon Robotics is focused on developing energy-efficient solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart vehicles.

Startup Idea: AI-powered Threat Response platform using ChatGPT


The cybersecurity industry is expanding rapidly, and there is a growing demand for advanced solutions that can detect and respond to bot-based attacks. The AI-powered Threat Response platform allows a startup to enter the market with a cutting-edge solution that leverages the most recent advances in AI technology. Organizations have faced increasing challenges in defending against bot-based attacks in recent years. Traditional threat detection and response methods are manual, time-consuming, and prone to human error. To address these challenges, the ChatGPT-powered AI-powered Threat Response platform is gaining traction as a solution to improve organizations' cybersecurity posture. The ChatGPT technology will be used by the AI-powered Threat Response platform to provide organizations with real-time threat detection and response capabilities.

15 questions to ask your Amazon Echo that will leave you laughing out loud

Daily Mail - Science & tech

If you have an Amazon Echo device in your home, you most likely use it for everyday uses, such as listening to music or checking the news. However, there are a range of interesting things Alexa can also do. Once you know what to ask, you can put your Alexa to the test and ask her to supply you with hilarious jokes, pop culture references, trivia, and much more. These hidden features will certainly not leave users disappointed and are worth giving a go. Here is a list of 15 questions you can ask Alexa to lighten the mood or to tackle your boredom.

How to Choose the Right Voice AI for Customer Support? - Nerdynaut


Voice AI is no longer just a futuristic idea. Large corporations and e-commerce giants are already using it in their customer service departments to improve agents' customer interactions. Don't let customer service let your business down. With the adoption of voice AI, enterprises are no longer bound by technological limitations. Turn to voice AI to help you streamline customer support without sacrificing quality.

Counting The Cost Of Training Large Language Models


It has been becoming increasingly clear – anecdotally at least – just how expensive it is to train large language models and recommender systems, which are arguably the two most important workloads driving AI into the enterprise. But thanks to a new system rental service to train GPT models available from machine learning system maker Cerebras Systems and cloud computing partner Cirrascale, we now have some actual pricing that shows what it costs to run what GPT model at what scale. This is the first such public data we have seen out of the remaining AI training upstarts, which includes Cerebras, SambaNova Systems, Graphcore, and Intel's Habana Labs at this point – and perhaps we are being generous with the latter one with Intel looking to pare product lines and personnel as it seeks to remove $8 billion to $10 billion in costs from its books between now and 2025. The pricing information that Cerebras and Cirrascale divulged for doing specific GPT AI training runs on a quad of the CS-2 supercomputers was announced in conjunction with a partnership with Jasper, one of a number of AI application providers who are helping enterprises of all industries and sizes figure out how to deploy large language models to drive their applications. Like just about everyone else on Earth, Jasper has been training its AI models on Nvidia GPUs and it is looking for an easier and faster way to train models, which is how it makes a living.



Machine learning can be considered a component of artificial intelligence and involves training the machine to be more intelligent in its operations. AI technology focuses on incorporating human intelligence while machine learning is focused on making the machines learn faster. So we can say that machine learning engineers can provide faster and better optimizations to AI solutions. AI technology has had a massive impact on society and has transformed almost every industrial sector from planning to production. Thus machine learning engineers and experts are also of great value to this growing industry.