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The Global Machine Learning Model Operationalization Management (MLOps) Market size is expected to reach $8.5 billion by 2028, rising at a market growth of 38.9% CAGR during the forecast period


GNW In addition, aligning models with business demands and regulatory standards is simpler. MLOps is gradually becoming a stand-alone method for managing the ML lifecycle. It covers every lifecycle stage, including data collection, model building (using the software development lifecycle and continuous integration/delivery), deployment, orchestration, health, governance, diagnostics, and business metrics. Machine learning technology solutions are being aggressively adopted by businesses to improve the customer experience and support maximizing profit. Market participants are implementing advanced data processing and integration strategies to gather insights and get a competitive edge over rivals.

How Google's Search Rival Could Use ChatGPT to Get a Leg Up - CNET


Have you ever found yourself trawling through endless pages of results on a search engine to find the answer to a complex question? Say you want to find out if a vegetarian diet is suitable for your dog. Your research journey might begin by hopping onto Google and typing "is a veg diet good for dogs" into the search box and then having to make sense of the legion of generated links. By the time you find an answer, you've sunk way more time than you'd budgeted into poring through articles, reports and their sources. In the not-so-distant future, finding the answer to a complex question might not be such a tedious, mind-numbing process.

Verta Insights Study Reveals Companies Continue to Push Investments in AI Technology and Talent Despite Economic Headwinds


WIRE)--Verta, the Operational AI company, today released findings from the 2023 AI/ML Investment Priorities study, which surveyed more than 460 AI and machine learning (ML) practitioners to benchmark AI/ML spending plans across industry sectors in light of evolving technology trends, industry developments, and macroeconomic conditions. The study was conducted by Verta Insights, the research practice of Verta Inc., and found that nearly two-thirds of organizations are planning to either increase or maintain their spending on AI/ML technology and infrastructure despite economic headwinds in the broader market. "We currently are experiencing an inflection point for the AI/ML industry, with technologies like ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion driving heightened interest in how companies can leverage machine learning models to significantly automate human-based activities with very innovative and game-changing capabilities. Findings from our research study confirm that organizations are continuing to make significant investments in AI/ML technology and talent, despite turbulence in the market, as they orient their business strategies around creating intelligent experiences for their customers," said Conrado Silva Miranda, Chief Technology Officer of Verta. In the research study, 31% of respondents said that their organizations would increase AI/ML spending in 2023 due to the current economic conditions, while 32% said that they would maintain 2022 spending levels for AI/ML technology and infrastructure.

Senior Data Engineer at Publicis Groupe - Chicago, IL, United States


Epsilon is the leader in outcome-based marketing. We enable marketing that's built on proof, not promises. Through Epsilon PeopleCloud, the marketing platform for personalizing consumer journeys with performance transparency, Epsilon helps marketers anticipate, activate and prove measurable business outcomes. Powered by CORE ID, the most accurate and stable identity management platform representing 200 million people, Epsilon's award-winning data and technology is rooted in privacy by design and underpinned by powerful AI. With more than 50 years of experience in personalization and performance working with the world's top brands, agencies and publishers, Epsilon is a trusted partner leading CRM, digital media, loyalty and email programs.

Ecopia AI Named a Top 100 Geospatial Company for Second Year in a Row


January 30, 2023 – Today, Ecopia AI (Ecopia) is pleased to announce their recognition as a top 100 geospatial company for the second year in a row by the Geoawesomeness community. Ecopia was selected for their groundbreaking advancements in artificial intelligence (AI)-based mapping systems and ongoing development of a 3D digital twin. See the full list here. Since 2016, Geoawesomeness has assembled a team of geospatial experts to assess the industry landscape and select 100 companies to recognize as leaders. This year, the selection committee reviewed over 800 geospatial companies before choosing the top 100.

AI Content Platform Announces New Features and Services


DOVER, DE, Jan. 24, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Metatron Inc (OTC: MRNJ), an AI content platform, is pleased to announce the release of new services for content generation. is a generative artificial intelligence service based on cutting-edge language processing that sets a new standard in the industry. With its advanced natural language understanding capabilities and ability to generate human-like text, art, and soon video and music, designed for business and individuals to create cost-effective original content at unprecedented levels of quality and speed. New features being added on a regular basis include amazing human-like AI text generation for ads, blogs, essays, social media posts, emails, business plans, resumes, books and any type of creative copywriting. Royalty-Free AI art generation is also now live at, with professional digital editing coming soon.

Google Docs Is More Popular Than Microsoft Word. But ChatGPT Could Change That.


Microsoft plans to make OpenAI's generative AI technology such as ChatGPT available to billions of users by integrating it into all of its products, CEO Satya Nadella said this week. That means that ChatGPT's ability to generate text through short prompts is likely on its way to the Office 365 product suite, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Outlook. Using OpenAI's models, Microsoft Word's autocomplete and autocorrect features could carry out more advanced tasks than style and grammar correction and generate longer chunks of text based on a few words. Though the company hasn't announced any specific features yet, users could potentially be able to input prompts and generate complete PowerPoint presentations and emails. These kinds of features could help Microsoft attract younger users. While Microsoft Office 365 has been a de facto standard for millions of enterprises, analysts say the tech giant has fallen behind in attracting those who gravitate toward collaborative-first products like Google Docs and Sheets.

Shutterstock Has Launched Its Generative AI Image Tool - abtlive


Shutterstock, one of the internet's biggest sources of stock photos and illustrations, is now offering its customers the option to generate their own AI images. In October, the company announced a partnership with OpenAI, the creator of the wildly popular and controversial DALL-E AI tool. Now, the results of that deal are in beta testing and available to all paying Shutterstock users. The new platform is available in "every language the site offers," and comes included with customers' existing licensing packages, according to a press statement from the company. And, according to Gizmodo's own test, every text prompt you feed Shutterstock's machine results in four images, ostensibly tailored to your request.

Built buys fellow construction robotics firm, Roin • TechCrunch


One of the most remarkable things about construction robotics is the sheer breadth of tasks that can potentially be automated. As I've noted before, the entire category is a prime target for robotics startups, given that it fills all of the big Ds of automation -- dull, dirty and (quite often) dangerous. It's also one of those areas that have become increasingly difficult to staff, post-pandemic, even as construction work came roaring back. So, if I'm running a fairly successful company that makes construction robots, I'm certainly thinking of diversification. The quickest way to jump start that is, of course, acquiring another, smaller startup.

Companies Tap Tech Behind ChatGPT to Make Customer-Service Chatbots Smarter WSJD - Technology

ChatGPT, launched by OpenAI in November, quickly went viral for its often elegant, information-packed responses to various questions, gripping the imaginations of regular people, business leaders and investors including Microsoft Corp., which began backing OpenAI in 2019 and said Monday that it would make a multibillion-dollar investment in the startup. OpenAI last week said it would soon add ChatGPT, which stands for chat generative pre-trained transformer, to its application programming interface, or API, which lets developers embed OpenAI technology into their own products. But customer-experience executives said overreliance on such AI models could lead to companies dishing out incorrect information to customers online without knowing they are doing so. While many chatbots are trained to deliver a version of "I don't know" to requests they cannot compute, ChatGPT, for example, is more likely to spout off a response with complete confidence--even if the information is wrong. CMO Today delivers the most important news of the day for media and marketing professionals.