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Don't miss out on our latest meetup on Thursday – "Why AI in healthcare isn't working" Please join us for a panel discussion on the topic of "Why AI in healthcare isn't working". In this session we will be discussing with experts in the field on the current state of AI in healthcare. We will cover the successes, the failures and what needs to happen to get more of the former than the latter. We will be joined by the ex President of the European Society for AI in Medicine, Professor Jeremy Wyatt and Dr Louisa Nolan, Head of Public Health Data Science, Public Health Wales Looking forward to seeing you there Thursday 15 December 2022, 7.00PM – 8.30PM – Online Sign up here (

Google invested $300M in AI firm which link to Bankman-Fried


A startup company for artificial intelligence (AI) called Anthropic received about $500 million from former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried roughly six months before to FTX's tragic collapse, according to reports of a $300 million investment from Google Cloud. We're excited to use Google Cloud to train our AI systems, including Claude! "The Series B round was driven by Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO of FTX. The round likewise included investment from Caroline Ellison, Jim McClave, Nishad Singh, Jaan Tallinn, and the Middle for Emerging Risk Research (CERR)." According to Crunchbase, Bankman fundraising initiatives were carried out in April 2022.

Artificial intelligence uncovers lost work by titan of Spain's 'Golden Age'

The Guardian

Lost or misattributed works by some of the finest writers of Spain's Golden Age could be discovered thanks to pioneering AI technology that has been used to identify a previously unknown play by the wildly prolific dramatist, poet, sailor and priest Lope de Vega. This week Spain's National Library announced that researchers trawling its massive archive had stumbled upon and verified a play that Lope is believed to have written a few years before his death in 1635. Like many plays of the Spanish Golden Age – the 16th- and 17th-century cultural boom that accompanied Spain's imperial growth and which birthed masterpieces by Lope, Cervantes, Calderón and Velázquez, among many others – La francesa Laura (The Frenchwoman Laura) is a tale of love, jealousy and social hierarchy in which suspicion demands an innocent woman be sacrificed on the altar of her husband's honour. But, unlike many similar plays of the period, Laura survives and the third act ends happily. Equally unusual was the manner of the play's discovery.

How AI is making creatives superfluous – DW – 02/04/2023


A new Rembrandt painting – by a computer. Photos of people who don’t exist: when it comes to realizing art world fantasies, Artificial Intelligence is delivering the goods. A great opportunity - or are there dangers? How AI is changing creativity.



Capitalism aims to convert ambition to success. Its alchemy of incentives fosters a relentless pursuit of economic opportunity from things we crave: food, shelter, bigger iPhones, desirable mates. Our hunger for wealth and love drives us to work and create -- capitalism's genius is finding new avenues for that drive. The philosopher's stone of capitalism is technological innovation. It's no accident capitalism flourished and spread across the globe contemporaneously with the adoption of new technologies in production, transport, and information.

Regulating AI: Will It Be Enough to Keep Us Safe from Its Dangers? - Bytefeed - News Powered by AI


Artificial intelligence (AI) has been making a lot of headlines lately, and with good reason. AI is quickly becoming more and more sophisticated, allowing it to be used in a variety of ways that can benefit both businesses and individuals alike. But while the potential benefits are clear, there's also some concern about how these powerful technologies may be misused or abused by those who don't have our best interests at heart. As such, many governments around the world are looking into various forms of regulation for AI technology as they seek to protect their citizens from any potentially negative consequences that could arise from its misuse. However, despite this increased focus on regulating AI technology for safety purposes – one thing remains unclear: How effective will this form of regulation really end up being?

Data Integration Specialist at Bosch Group - Timișoara, Romania


At Bosch, we shape the future by inventing high-quality technologies and services that spark enthusiasm and enrich people's lives. Bosch Service Solutions is part of Bosch Group and a leading global supplier of Business Process Outsourcing for complex business processes and services. Using the latest technology, the opportunities of the Internet of Things and speaking over 18 foreign languages, Bosch Service Solutions Timișoara operates successfully in two fields: Business Services and Shared Services. The experts offer support in areas such as Finance, Accounting, Controlling, Purchasing and Sales Commercial. The team of professionals, also have expertise in areas such as Technical and IT, Customer Care, Production Support and other services.

Data Engineer at Eurowag - Praha 4, Czech republic


WE are EW - founded just over 27 years ago Eurowag is one of the fastest growing, integrated mobility and payment solution companies in Europe. We focus on finding solutions that simplify the lives of commercial mobility companies. Our vision is to democratize the on-road mobility industry by creating sustainable financial & technological solutions for the benefit of our industry, society and the environment. THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN... The Mission of Data Engineering is to define, develop and maintain overall data architecture covering all data domains within Eurowag.

Data Engineer - Data & Insights – German Speaking at Nets - Ballerup, Denmark


We are a part of Nexi Group - The European PayTech. Handling billions of transactions annually, Nets, is among the solid payment processors in Europe. We keep a tight focus on making it even easier and more intuitive for our customers to handle digital payments and related services. This has made us a trusted partner to more than 700,000 merchant outlets, including 140,000 online merchant outlets, more than 260,000 enterprises and over 250 banks across Europe. Changing the future of payments takes great personalities At Nets, you'll develop in a fast-growing tech company in a high-paced, high-impact market.

Self-driving Bus Service: Scotland to begin autonomous bus service this year as part of CAVForth 2 project, Auto News, ET Auto


Self-driving Bus Service: The GBP 10.4-million extension of the UK government and industry-funded initiative seeks to demonstrate how autonomous buses may save travel times and boost passenger satisfaction while consuming less fuel and emitting fewer pollutants.