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Find Out Which Appliance Is Sucking All Your Power

MIT Technology Review

The company says it can accurately disaggregate 80 percent of home energy use; it can do things like detect a microwave oven through its very specific startup and operating power "signature," or sense a washing machine thanks in part to subtly increasing demand on the motor as the drum fills with water. As it identifies garage door openers, toasters, microwave ovens, washing machines, heaters, and refrigerators, it displays them on an app as a newsfeed and a series of labeled bubbles. Green Mountain Power, an electric utility serving 260,000 customers in Vermont, is planning to pilot the technology in customer homes in the town of Panton. The goal: to get homeowners interested in monitoring home energy usage--the necessary first step toward getting them to do things like shut off equipment at critical peak times or better align their household usage with household solar power generation (another data point Sense can track).

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Smart Meters for a Smarter Planet Consider smart meters' (the kind that Talend Data Masters' winners m2ocity and Springg are using) impact on data growth. Each of the airline's A380 aircrafts contain roughly 24,000 sensors, which generate 1.6 GB of data per flight from Smart meter technology. Using the smart meter analytics technology, Air France can now detect potential needed repairs 10 to 20 days before they occur. Companies applying open, native technologies like Talend for real-time big data integration, which requires zero hand- coding, utilizes Spark, Spark Streaming and Spark machine learning, can start to get more insight from their data.