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Data Science & Artificial Intelligence Demand in the UK


The United Kingdom has more than earned its sterling reputation as a powerhouse of technological excellence. It is the go-to location for expert knowledge, inventive application, and faultless execution. Whether it's artificial intelligence, blockchain, cyber security, or data analytics, the UK is at the forefront of some of the world's most intriguing technological breakthroughs. Best-in-class tech firms require the best-in-class tech personnel. The UK workforce has a multitude of talents, whether it's access to professionals in AI, IoT, or cyber security: there are 240,000 digital technology employees in London alone.

Machine Learning in Python for Cryptocurrency Trading


It is a comprehensive course that shows how you can build a stylish web app with machine learning at the backend to predict the future price of any cryptocurrency. The main course has a mini crash course on Python for newbies and culminates into the theory and practice of Machine Learning and its predictive modeling application on cryptocurrencies. At the end of this course, you will be able to develop a full-fledged web app that will take in data (available for free on the Internet). As you will provide the data to the web app, the web app having its predictive machine learning model at the backend will spit out the future prices of a cryptocurrency. The course includes all the code for the web app, and with a tiny tuning in the code, you can adjust the web app to predict the prices of any cryptocurrency.



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Mastering FinTech and Machine Learning!


Learn how successful people trade and invest! Feel free to leave us your feedback. Become an expert in data analytics and real-world financial analysis. We are proud to present one of the most interesting and complete courses we've created so far. Through Mammoth Interactive's self-paced online learning, finance theory is not overwhelming like it would be in a regular university.

Meet Deanna


Deanna provides unbiased, AI-generated trading alerts, providing you with a virtual trading partner that works 24/7. We'll introduce you to the team of experts that developed and supported Deanna, detail how Artificial Intelligence is fast becoming the preferred support tool to anyone investing and trading digital currencies and demonstrate how Deanna has performed recently in these volatile markets. Everyone attending the webinar will receive 3-months at a 50% discounted price to Deanna's Pro-Plan. We'll download a version of the Deanna mobile app at the webinar, discuss how to use the market indicators and alerts that Deanna provides intra-day. You'll respond to your questions and comments.

Application of AI, InsurTech, and Real Estate Technology


In this course, you'll learn about the emerging technologies in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that are utilized in InsurTech and Real Estate Tech. Professor Chris Geczy of the Wharton School has designed this course to help you navigate the complex world of insurance and real estate tech, and understand how FinTech plays a role in the future of the industry. Through study and analysis of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, you'll learn how InsurTech is redefining the insurance industry. You'll also explore classifications of insurtech companies and the size of the InsurTech, Real Estate Tech, and AI markets. You will also explore FinTech specialties with Warren Pennington from Vanguard.

Practical FinTech & Artificial Intelligence Online Training is Now Open for Registration - Daily News


Infocus International Group, a global business intelligence provider of strategic information and professional services, has launched a brand-new online training – FinTech & Artificial Intelligence will be commencing live on 11 May 2022. Banking is undergoing a transformation from being based in physical branches to using information technology (IT) and big data, together with highly specialized human capital. The value proposition of Fintech is to make complex processes easy, provide guidance and automation to fulfill heavy compliance burdens, and benefit from a great richness in data. Your organization has any means to commercialize the rewards of FinTech and artificial decision-making. Participants will learn how FinTech and AI can help to work more effectively and have a greater impact on business.

How to Train Bitcoin Trading Bot Using Historical Cryptocurrency Data


This tutorial will guide you through the simplest way to download historical cryptocurrency OHCL market data via exchange APIs. We'll use this data to train our Reinforcement Learning Bitcoin trading agent that could finally beat the market! Algorithmic trading is a popular way to address the rapidly changing and volatile environment of cryptocurrency markets. However, implementing an automated trading strategy is challenging and requires a lot of backtesting, which involves a lot of historical data and computational power. While developing a Bitcoin RL trading bot, I found out that it's pretty hard to get lower timeframe historical timeframe data.

These 17 e-learning bundles are only $20 each for a limited time


Here are some of the best online sites where you can learn to code in it. Are you ready for a major life change? Then check out these 17 self-paced course bundles and train for an exciting new career or boost the one you already have. Many of them will teach you highly portable skills so that they will be great for remote work. Just remember to give yourself an edge over any competition and create an impressive video presence, whether on the job or interviewing for one.

Free Tutorial - Get Future Ready with IoT, Blockchain, Cloud and Ethical AI


In this course, our intent is to provide just the right information to get you started on some of key technologies - Internet of Things, Blockchain, Cloud and Artificial Intelligence. The combinatorial power of these technologies would drive next generation of future applications. Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most hyped concepts in today's technology world. However, with so much hype, there is still a lot of confusion on what does Internet of Things actually mean and what it takes to build IoT applications and how to apply it in various industries. The first topic would cover what is Internet of Thing, followed by how to realize IoT applications using an Internet of Things Architecture.