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Data Platforms and Network Effects

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Industry platforms are foundations that bring people and organizations together for a common purpose, which usually includes making money. They function at the level of a market or ecosystem, rather than only within a specific firm. They often start with products such as operating systems and microprocessors, services such as social media and messaging systems, or marketplaces for e-commerce and financial transactions. They can link thousands, millions, or even billions of users and other market actors. But another type of industry platform has recently received attention from consultants such as The Boston Consulting Group as well as investors, entrepreneurs, and policymakers.

Deutsche Bank and Visa collaborate to tackle retail fraud - Bobsguide


Deutsche Bank has partnered with payments behemoth Visa to strengthen its online retail fraud prevention resources. The collaboration makes Visa-owned company Cybersource's automated fraud detection system, Decision Manager, available to merchants who process their e-commerce payments via Deutsche. With Decision Manager, merchants will benefit from artificial intelligence-based calculations of risk value for each transaction to discover patterns and strategies. The application leverages an advanced risk model and global data intelligence from billions of data points of the Visa network to block fraudulent transactions and accelerate verified ones. According to Cybersource, Decision Manager prevented the equivalent of more than $22bn in potential fraud worldwide in 2021.

Remote Build Engineer openings near you -Updated September 11, 2022 - Remote Tech Jobs


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How is AI Transforming the Future of Businesses?


We are living in an era where technologies are shaping our lives in a better way. From morning to night, we take assistance from machines in our day-to-day tasks. New technologies are coming each day to further improve the current scenario of people's lives. Such new technology is Artificial intelligence that has shaken the whole world with its vast potential. Whether it is the finance sector, education sector, healthcare sector, or e-commerce sector, AI has made its presence felt anywhere.

Buy Verified PayPal Accounts - Business And Personal


Want to buy a verified PayPal account? You've come to the right place. Here you will find Paypal fully verified business and personal accounts for sale at a great price. The world has become a digital village; Everything is easy and accessible for almost everyone. The impact of technology has been felt in every aspect of our lives, from how we use it to how we play it.

What's Going on With RadioShack's Twitter Feed?


The Monitor is a weekly column devoted to everything happening in the WIRED world of culture, from movies to memes, TV to Twitter. Time travel has been on many minds lately. Not necessarily the kind that sends you galavanting through the past or leaping into the future, but rather the kind that makes you feel as though you're stuck in a different time and place. It's the feeling you get when abortion access in the US is set back to what it was pre-1973, when the Environmental Protection Agency's ability to fight climate change is rolled back to a different time, when Top Gun is once again the biggest movie in the world and your favorite video game features the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And also the feeling you get when, for some reason, RadioShack is dominating the conversation.

Three opportunities of Digital Transformation: AI, IoT and Blockchain


Koomey's law This law posits that the energy efficiency of computation doubles roughly every one-and-a-half years (see Figure 1–7). In other words, the energy necessary for the same amount of computation halves in that time span. To visualize the exponential impact this has, consider the face that a fully charged MacBook Air, when applying the energy efficiency of computation of 1992, would completely drain its battery in a mere 1.5 seconds. According to Koomey's law, the energy requirements for computation in embedded devices is shrinking to the point that harvesting the required energy from ambient sources like solar power and thermal energy should suffice to power the computation necessary in many applications. Metcalfe's law This law has nothing to do with chips, but all to do with connectivity. Formulated by Robert Metcalfe as he invented Ethernet, the law essentially states that the value of a network increases exponentially with regard to the number of its nodes (see Figure 1–8).

Go read this report on an AI shopping app that was actually just using humans


If you can't be bothered to fill out your credit card and address details when shopping for jeans online, the Nate app sounds like a service you might want. The company bills itself as an "artificial intelligence startup" that uses AI to auto-fill customer information for $1 per transaction, saving shoppers a few minutes when completing purchases through the Nate app. But instead of using high-tech methods to complete purchases, Nate transactions were often handled manually by workers in the Philippines, according to a deep dive by The Information. Speaking to two people with direct access to Nate's internal data, The Information reports that "the share of transactions Nate handled manually rather than automatically ranged between 60 percent and 100 percent" throughout 2021. One person with knowledge of fundraising efforts told the outlet that the company didn't share its manual process with some potential investors while the company was trying to raise money.

Digital trends shaping financial services - Bluegrass Digital


Modern tech-savvy consumers are opting for financial service providers that can help them better understand their financial position and manage it accordingly across any platform, any time. There is a new breed of agile, tech-driven start-ups that are fast changing the fintech landscape. Consumers expect a digital-first customer experience and businesses will have to adapt to and thrive in this changing environment. Tech is transforming the market and meeting the growing digital demand. Waiting to innovate is no longer an option for traditional banks and other financial institutions, they need to act quickly to remain competitive.

Financial-Technology Firms Tap AI to Reach More Borrowers


OppFi Inc., a 10-year-old fintech platform based in Chicago, targets U.S. households with an average of $50,000 in annual income that need extra cash for car repairs, medical bills, student loans and other expenses. Todd Schwartz, the company's chief executive, said its customers are employed and have bank accounts but are otherwise "locked out of mainstream financial services." The Morning Download delivers daily insights and news on business technology from the CIO Journal team. OppFi, which made its public-market debut last summer, uses an AI model, real-time data analytics and a proprietary scoring algorithm to automate the underwriting process. It generates a credit score by analyzing a loan applicant's online shopping habits, income and employment information, among other data sources.