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Want to buy a verified PayPal account? You've come to the right place. Here you will find Paypal fully verified business and personal accounts for sale at a great price. The world has become a digital village; Everything is easy and accessible for almost everyone. The impact of technology has been felt in every aspect of our lives, from how we use it to how we play it.

StyleScan Raises $1 Million to Expand Its Virtual Dressing Technology


StyleScan, the developer of virtual-dressing technology for the fashion industry, announced that it raised an additional $1 million in funding, bringing its total seed-round capital to $3 million. StyleScan's leadership said that this financing is propelling the expansion of its e-commerce'software as a service' (SaaS) solutions including the launch of new AI-driven products in the coming months. "With everything going increasingly digital, including fashion, online retailers need to up their game and improve the customer experience," said StyleScan Founder and CEO Larissa Posner. "StyleScan helps them do that: Our newest SaaS plugin--ModelSwitch--empowers online shoppers. It allows them to preview garments on models with a wide range of body shapes, sizes and skin-tones. This makes fashion more relatable for everyone."

Google Affords 8 Ideas On E-Commerce search engine optimisation - Channel969


Alan Kent from Google revealed a video on search engine optimisation ideas for e-commerce websites, this consists of 8 ideas. You possibly can watch the video embedded beneath or simply learn my abstract of these ideas. Be sure your web page titles together with the model title, colour and sort of product is vital to have in your title. And ensure so as to add structured knowledge to your product web page. Additionally take into consideration your out of inventory merchandise.

R Deep Learning Cookbook: Solve complex neural net problems with TensorFlow, H2O and MXNet: Prakash, Dr. PKS, Rao, Achyutuni Sri Krishna: 9781787121089: Books


Dr. PKS Prakash is a Data Scientist and an author. He has spent last 12 years in developing many data science solution to solve problems from leading companies in healthcare, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and e-commerce domain. He is working as Data Science Manager at ZS Associates. ZS is one of the world's largest business services firms helping clients with commercial success, by creating data-driven strategies using advanced analytics that they can implement within their sales and marketing operations to make them more competitive, and by helping them deliver impact where it matters.

Three opportunities of Digital Transformation: AI, IoT and Blockchain


Koomey's law This law posits that the energy efficiency of computation doubles roughly every one-and-a-half years (see Figure 1–7). In other words, the energy necessary for the same amount of computation halves in that time span. To visualize the exponential impact this has, consider the face that a fully charged MacBook Air, when applying the energy efficiency of computation of 1992, would completely drain its battery in a mere 1.5 seconds. According to Koomey's law, the energy requirements for computation in embedded devices is shrinking to the point that harvesting the required energy from ambient sources like solar power and thermal energy should suffice to power the computation necessary in many applications. Metcalfe's law This law has nothing to do with chips, but all to do with connectivity. Formulated by Robert Metcalfe as he invented Ethernet, the law essentially states that the value of a network increases exponentially with regard to the number of its nodes (see Figure 1–8).

The next thing in e-commerce is creating content using artificial intelligence


This is according to Liat Zakay, Director of Strategic Growth EMEA at Shopify, who was speaking at the Google and Calcalist E-commerce Conference.

The Download: India's delivery apps, and covid vaccines for young children

MIT Technology Review

From 7 a.m. until well past dusk, seven days a week, N. Sudhakar sits behind the counter of his hole-in-the wall grocery store in the south Indian city of Bangalore. It's a carbon copy of the roughly 12 million family-run "kiranas" found on almost every street corner in India. The shop is on a busy street in the Whitefield district, formerly a quiet suburb but now a major hub for the city's booming IT industry. Apartment blocks loom behind his shop, housing hundreds of workers employed in the tech parks that dominate the surrounding area. These days, the same technology industry that helped Sudhakar's business thrive is presenting stores like his with a new challenge.

Pinterest acquires AI-powered shopping startup The Yes, co-founded by former Stitch Fix exec – TechCrunch


As Pinterest sets its eyes on improving the online shopping experience on its platform, the company announced this afternoon it's acquiring the AI-powered shopping service for fashion known as The Yes, founded by e-commerce veteran and former Stitch Fix COO Julie Bornstein and technical co-founder, Amit Aggarwal. Deal terms were not disclosed, but the acquisition will help to establish a new strategic organization within Pinterest to help drive the company's shopping efforts, including the development of features for both shoppers and retailers, the company says. The Yes arrives at a time when Pinterest is attempting to navigate a shift in how people shop online. While users once relied on Pinterest's pinboard of images to find inspiration, today, they're more drawn to creator content, video and highly personalized feeds. The Yes may be able to help with the latter, given the technology it runs under the hood.

E-Commerce Customer Churn Prediction - Analytics Vidhya


This article was published as a part of the Data Science Blogathon. Customer churn or attrition is one of the most crucial problems for any business that directly sells or serves customers Be it Telecom service providers, eCommerce or SaaS businesses it is important to track and analyse how many customers are leaving the platform and how many are sticking and the reasons behind them. Knowing customer behaviour can greatly enhance decision-making processes and can further help reduce churn to improve profitability. In this article, we are going to analyse an eCommerce dataset and find the best model to predict customer churn. But before delving into analysis let's have a brief look at what is churn Customer churn can be defined as the rate at which customers leave a platform or service.

Singapore officially launches digital platform to ease supply chain data flow


Singapore has officially launched a centralised data platform that it says will streamline information flows across a fragmented global supply chain. The data exchange already has garnered at least 70 participants that include logistics operators, banks, and energy companies. Called Singapore Trade Data Exchange (SGTraDex), the common data platform was first introduced in November 2020 as a pilot that aimed to improve data efficiencies in container flow and financial processes. The project is led by Alliance for Action (AFA) on Supply Chain Digitalisation, one of seven industry groups the government had established to identify and prototype new ideas to drive the local economy. The other alliances focus on key growth areas such as robotics, e-commerce, and environmental sustainability.