In Q1 2018, FinTech Startups Raise Record Amounts While Deal Counts Fall - Crunchbase News


Crunchbase News has covered the U.S. FinTech space a great deal since the start of the quarter. From looking at FinTech's early-stage stars of 2017 and 2018 to NYC's growing fintech scene, to traveling down south to Atlanta, which has a FinTech startup scene of its own. To get a hold on the space in Q1 2018, we take a look at venture dollar invested into U.S.-based FinTech startups quarter by quarter since 2016. Crunchbase News's definition of FinTech encompasses a broad range of startups that leverage deep learning technology and big data in order to streamline tax processes, make paying friends easier, and provide better insurance options.1 Since 2016, more than $15.6 billion has been invested in seed, early, and late-stage U.S.-based FinTech startups. Total dollar volume saw an increase of 25 percent year over year from 2016 to 2017.