VMware kicks off international expansion of VMware Cloud on AWS


VMware said Wednesday that VMware Cloud on AWS is now available in the AWS London Region. The announcement marks the first global expansion of the hybrid cloud service since it was made available less than a year ago. VMware Cloud on AWS, which was previously available only in the AWS US West and East regions, runs VMware's enterprise class software-defined data center (SDDC) on the AWS cloud, allowing customers to run any application across public, private or hybrid cloud environments. The service is optimized to run on dedicated, bare metal AWS infrastructure. Wednesday's announcement also includes updates to VMware's cloud portfolio and partner network, along with the launch of a new cloud service that offers centralized log management.

From graph to the world: pioneering a database virtual machine


If you're not a graph afficionado, the name Marko A. Rodriguez probably does not mean much to you. Rodriguez however has been working on the intersection of research, engineering and entrepreneurship in the graph space his entire career. The fact that graph is now in the limelight is at least to some extent related to his efforts.

VMware turns to sci-fi writers to explain virtualization


Chuck and Ravi are the two main characters in a fictional podcast series, written by SciFutures, to help VMware promote the ideas of network virtualization and business mobility. Neo: "What I need is for you guys to have a look at the human energy pods and find a better technical solution." In fact, for an array this size, I bet it would cut your provisioning time in half -- maybe even a third." Neo: "So, we wouldn't have to have The Matrix... Reloaded. That's the premise of Episode 1 of the podcast I.T. Sci-Fi, a series commissioned by VMware.