Machine Learning For Virtual Machine Migration Plan Generation


The present disclosure relates to management of virtual machines and, more specifically, using machine learning for virtual machine migration plan generation. The computer readable instructions includes determining an initial mapping of a plurality of virtual machines to a plurality of hosts as an origin state and determining a final mapping of the virtual machines to the hosts as a goal state. The virtual machine migration plan is generated based on the heuristic state transition cost of the candidate paths in combination with the heuristic goal cost of a sequence of transitions from the origin state to the goal state having a lowest total cost. One or more candidate parallel migration plans are generated based on the parallelism gates in combination with serial migrations from the virtual machine migration plan.

Thwart Insider Threats! Introducing Citrix Analytics Service Citrix Blogs


Citrix will deliver a comprehensive Security Analytics solution to combat advanced security threats based on user & entity behavior. Citrix can now track all aspects of user behavior and by leveraging advanced Machine Learning algorithms distinguish normal employee behavior from that of a malicious attacker. Citrix Analytics leveraging Citrix product portfolio – XenApp, XenMobile ShareFile & NetScaler – can track all aspects user behavior including access behavior, application, data usage behavior and network traffic behavior including the ability to tap into encrypted traffic. By employing a wide set of machine learning algorithms, Citrix Analytics correlates and analyzes this cross-product data to detect and isolate risky user activities whether they stem from a negligent internal employee or malicious external attacker.

VMwareVoice: The Cloud Will Drive Your Car


Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. The author is a Forbes contributor. The opinions expressed are those of the writer. There's nothing more iconically American than the automobile. From Jack Kerouac's "On the Road" to Bruce Springsteen's blue-collar Romeo racing in the street, cars have long been central to America's mythology and self-image.

VMware turns to sci-fi writers to explain virtualization


Chuck and Ravi are the two main characters in a fictional podcast series, written by SciFutures, to help VMware promote the ideas of network virtualization and business mobility. Why is a virtualization software company sponsoring a podcast series that spoofs classic science fiction movies? To accomplish that, VMware turned to SciFutures, an agency that uses science fiction to help companies -- from VMware to Visa -- convey their vision of the future. For VMware, SciFutures was tasked with using science fiction to convey the benefits of network virtualization and business mobility.