SIOS: Essential for Mission-Critical VMware Environments


As a result, SQL database administrators, VMware infrastructure managers, network managers and perhaps other domain experts have to collaborate to find the real cause and devise a solution. In addition, SIOS iQ users can now more clearly define Microsoft SQL Server application-specific root causes of performance issues by leveraging SQL Sentry Performance Advisor. SQL Server is among the most popular databases that run on the VMware platform, explaining why SIOS leveraged its partnership with SQL Sentry to implement SQL Server-specific performance analysis. The new capabilities from SIOS iQ directly correlate observed performance anomalies with intelligent performance-related events from deep within the SQL Server platform.

New solution adds machine learning analytics to VMware environments


With virtualized environments performance issues can be hard to pinpoint. IT departments can find it difficult to spot whether the cause is in the application, network, storage, or virtualization layer of the infrastructure. Software optimization specialist SIOS is bringing machine learning to bear on this problem with the latest release of SIOS iQ, its analytics software for VM environments. For the first time, IT staff can easily identify and resolve the root causes of performance issues based on analysis of both the VMware infrastructure and the SQL Server application environment. Other advances enable users to accurately predict and forecast performance and capacity utilization, improve efficiency by identifying and resizing under- and over-provisioned VMs, and save datastore capacity by instantly identifying rogue disk files (VMDKs).