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Mark Cuban's no-cost Artificial Intelligence Boot Camp coming to Portland


The Mark Cuban Foundation announced Wednesday that they will be hosting a no-cost Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Boot Camp in Portland this fall for underserved high school students. The A.I. boot camp is one of the 30 camps across the U.S. and will teach students basic A.I. concepts and skills. The camp will be held on four consecutive Saturdays starting on Oct. 22 and ending on Nov. 12. Each camp session is five hours and no prior experience is required. At the camp, students will learn what A.I. is and is not.

The best Prime Day 2022 deals on Amazon Australia


Amazon's infamous annual shopping event, Prime Day, will soon be upon us. This year's event kicks off at midnight AEST on July 12, with deals running across and Amazon's Global Store until 5pm AEST on July 14. This means a full 65 hours to find discounts on just about everything that you've been dragging in and out of your shopping cart all year – from robot vacuums to headphones to a new TV. However, with hundreds of thousands of deals to trawl through (and so little time in the day), we've done the hard yards for you and tracked down the best deals on just about everything tech your heart could desire. Check out all the best Prime Day tech deals we've spotted by category below (including some early deals that are already live), as well as some handy hints on how best to shop during the event.

How IT Works: Internet of Things (IoT) for manufacturing


The first step towards understanding IoT is rather easy. Thankfully, in a welcome break from acronyms and complex nomenclature, the term IoT – Internet of Things – quite literally means just that. Things connected to the internet so the data they produce (or data about them) can be accessed from anywhere. Viewed through a different lens, IoT is a result of faster and cheaper Internet connectivity trying to meet our insatiable hunger for data. The underlying technology is not a complex one - college students rig up IoT proof of concepts as projects; electronics hobbyists can buy simple IoT kits online to play with.

Three opportunities of Digital Transformation: AI, IoT and Blockchain


Koomey's law This law posits that the energy efficiency of computation doubles roughly every one-and-a-half years (see Figure 1–7). In other words, the energy necessary for the same amount of computation halves in that time span. To visualize the exponential impact this has, consider the face that a fully charged MacBook Air, when applying the energy efficiency of computation of 1992, would completely drain its battery in a mere 1.5 seconds. According to Koomey's law, the energy requirements for computation in embedded devices is shrinking to the point that harvesting the required energy from ambient sources like solar power and thermal energy should suffice to power the computation necessary in many applications. Metcalfe's law This law has nothing to do with chips, but all to do with connectivity. Formulated by Robert Metcalfe as he invented Ethernet, the law essentially states that the value of a network increases exponentially with regard to the number of its nodes (see Figure 1–8).

Upcoming Amazon Alexa Feature Can Mimic Voices of the Dead


Amazon Alexa might use the voice of friends and family who are no longer alive in a future update. Amazon mentioned the features at its re:MARS conference Wednesday as a way to "make memories last." After listening to someone's voice for less than a minute, Alexa would be able to simulate that voice when speaking. A video of the feature depicted a child who asked to have their grandmother read them a story, and Alexa affirmed before changing her voice, according to Sky News. It's not clear how far the feature is in development or when it could be rolled out to Alexa voice assistants.

AIOps and IoT


AIOps, or artificial intelligence for IT operations, is critical for optimizing IT operations. AIOps combines big data and machine learning to automate IT operations processes, according to Gartner. The most common application of AIOps is the automation of big data management. Event correlation and analysis, performance analysis, anomaly detection, causality determination, and IT service management are some of the other use cases. Smart, connected devices with sensors that generate large amounts of operational data in real time are referred to as IoT.

The Apple TV 4K drops to $130, plus the rest of the week's best tech deals


If you're still hunting for the perfect gift for dad ahead of Father's Day this weekend, a bunch of our favorite gadgets are on sale right now. The Apple TV 4K remains discounted to $130, its cheapest price yet, and a couple of colors of the AirPods Max are $120 off. Amazon's Fire tablets and basic Kindle are on sale, too, plus you can pick up three video games for the price of two in the online retailer's latest 3-for-2 sale. Here are the best tech deals from this week that you can still get today. The latest Apple TV 4K is down to a new record low of $130.

Snag the latest Apple TV 4K for its lowest price ever


SAVE 27%: The 32GB Apple TV 4K(opens in a new tab) (from 2021) is on sale for $129.99, Apple TVs are a great way to convert any TV to a streaming machine, and the newest iteration(opens in a new tab) takes this to the next level. There's support for Dolby Atmos, which produces object-based surround sound for full immersion in the viewing experience, 4K frame rate HDR with Dolby Vision, and a Siri Remote with a touch-enabled clickpad (and, obviously, voice control). Most importantly, the new Apple TV 4K's A12 Bionic chip improves on audio, video, and graphics performance for a more seamless, high-def display. This is especially helpful for games and apps.

Momentus First Demonstration Mission Update #3


Momentus Inc. a U.S. commercial space company that plans to offer transportation and other in-space infrastructure services, provided its third Mission Update since the launch of its Vigoride-3 spacecraft on May 25. "During this first launch of the Vigoride vehicle to space, we have learned a great deal and plan to incorporate improvements in other Vigoride vehicles currently being assembled and ground-tested. This was the primary purpose of this initial Vigoride mission" As we previously stated in earlier updates on the inaugural flight of the Vigoride orbital transfer vehicle, the spacecraft experienced anomalies after its launch on May 25. Since that time, we have continued work to address the anomalies and identify root causes. Of note, the deployable solar arrays that are produced by a third party and are folded and stowed during launch did not operate as intended once in orbit. This resulted in power and communications issues with the vehicle, even though the body mounted solar panels did operate as intended.



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