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TikTok works with Streamlabs' tipping and livestream tools


Streamlabs offers some of the most useful and popular livestreaming software available, and it works on some of the biggest platforms out there -- including Facebook, Twitch and YouTube. Now, it'll be available on TikTok thanks to a new partnership between the companies. Streamlabs today confirmed that it's an early partner in the TikTok for Developers program, which mean TikTok users can go live using Streamlabs OBS app for desktop and mobile. This will provide livestreamers access to familiar tools like tipping, donation data and analytics and on-screen alerts. Besides the Streamlabs OBS software for Mac and Windows, people can also use the Streamlabs mobile to go live and get the same functionality.

Senior Data Engineer - Personalization (Remote Eligible - Americas)


The Personalization team makes deciding what to play next easier and more enjoyable for every listener. We built them by understanding the world of music and podcasts better than anyone else. Join us and you'll keep millions of users listening by making great recommendations to each and every one of them. Spotify is looking for a Senior Data Engineer to join the team! You will build data driven solutions to bring music and digital media experiences to hundreds of millions of active users and millions of creators by matching fans with creators in a personal and relevant way.

Cyber Daily: France's Plan to Use Artificial Intelligence to Monitor Terrorism Sparks Privacy Concerns


AI spy: On Wednesday, France's Prime Minister Jean Castex said the government plans to submit a bill to parliament seeking permanent authority to order telecoms firms to monitor not just telephone data but also the full URLs of specific webpages their users visit in real time. Government algorithms would alert intelligence officials when certain criteria are met, such as an internet user visiting a specific sequence of pages. French Interior Minister Gerard Darmanin said intelligence officials would need approval from him, the prime minister and an outside agency to unmask a person flagged for his or her browsing. One portion of the bill would allow French intelligence officials to use older intelligence data, including data the government isn't currently allowed to retain, to train AI systems to look for unforeseen patterns and develop new tools. An interior ministry official said such data would be anonymized, though privacy experts say anonymizing data so it can't be later reattributed is difficult.

Competing and Leading in the AI Race: What is Fuelling it?


In today's world, technology leads business and these are not just any tech but specifically AI and other disruptive systems. We have witnessed how the pandemic accelerated the rapid growth and adoption of these cutting-edge technologies. According to Reportlinker research, the global AI market is projected to grow by USD 76.44 billion during 2021-2025, at a CAGR of 21%. Artificial intelligence has revolutionized businesses and industries by introducing automation and intelligent business operations. Many giant firms are leading the AI race and competing consistently to enhance their markets.

Aveva stresses artificial intelligence and machine learning


Aveva, a global leader in industrial software, driving digital transformation and sustainability, has stressed how the role of the'Connected Worker' will be instrumental in enabling digital solutions to optimise business returns in a post-pandemic world. Now more than ever, keeping frontline industrial workers safe, while at the same time ensuring business continuity and operational resilience, is vital. For example, Connected Worker technology is helping many Aveva customers maintain their critical operations and keep workers safe, while in parallel saving businesses time and money. Those that haven't digitised their operations will struggle as they face the demand for social distancing and remote work brought on by the pandemic. According to Aveva's Head of Asset Performance Management, Kim Custeau, the business drivers for digital transformation have evolved considerably since the onset of the pandemic a year ago.

Securing Amazon SageMaker Studio internet traffic using AWS Network Firewall


Amazon SageMaker Studio is a web-based fully integrated development environment (IDE) where you can perform end-to-end machine learning (ML) development to prepare data and build, train, and deploy models. Like other AWS services, Studio supports a rich set of security-related features that allow you to build highly secure and compliant environments. One of these fundamental security features allows you to launch Studio in your own Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC). This allows you to control, monitor, and inspect network traffic within and outside your VPC using standard AWS networking and security capabilities. For more information, see Securing Amazon SageMaker Studio connectivity using a private VPC.

AI in HR: In-depth guide with top use cases [2021]


Companies form HR departments to handle hiring and compensation. Soon, HR leaders find themselves tackling, retention, performance management, culture and a myriad of other responsibilities. And now CEOs are asking them: What's your AI strategy? The short answer is: AI will transform HR creating a lean department that is less intrusive yet more impactful. Software has eaten the world and now AI is eating software.

It's About Time We Broke Up Data Science


It's highly unlikely that business owners are going to read this and begin to change their perspectives on how we define Data Science. Not because I doubt my influence or anything, but since I'm aware that the majority of my readers are at the beginning of their Data Science journey -- I really dislike the term "aspiring" -- but here is what I wish to tell you all… Stop trying to be good at everything in Data Science, and pick 1 (max 2) area's you want to specialize in and get really good at it! Let's face it... Breaking into Data Science is difficult for a number of reasons. However, I've come to a realization recently that much of the difficulty lies in the fact that the term "Data Scientist" encompasses so many different technical qualities that make it virtually impossible for one individual to meet all these criteria and stay up to date in each area -- and that's okay! I've been listening and speaking to Vin Vashishta, Chief Data Scientist and LinkedIn Top Voice 2019, and he believes that for roles to be defined better then more specialization amongst practitioners must occur.

Informatica debuts its intelligent data management cloud


Informatica on Tuesday is officially unveiling its intelligent data management cloud (IDMC), an AI-powered platform designed to serve a broad base of users working with data in multi-cloud environments. Along with that, the company is announcing a series of partnerships and integrations with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. Informatica has been in the business of data management tools for more than 20 years, and in that span of time, data has become increasingly valuable, Informatica Chief Product Officer Jitesh Ghai told ZDNet. "We recognize our community of data-led practitioners has grown well beyond technical ETL experts, well beyond data engineers and data scientists," he said. Now, it includes "non-technical users who want to operate with facts. Gut-based decision making has been laid bare as insufficient moving forward."

An App-solute Delight: Streamlit


A user-friendly tool that helps deploy any machine learning model and any Python project with ease by turning data scripts into shareable apps in minutes? Created by Adrien Treuille, Thiago Teixeira, and Amanda Kelly, Streamlit is an open-source Python library that enables you to effortlessly build beautiful, custom web apps for machine learning and data science without worrying about the front end, for free. Astutely developed keeping the data scientists and ML engineers in mind, this tool allows them to create an interactive environment making it easier to share their model and present it to their colleagues and customers. The values can be altered as per the inputs provided, with the changes and results all happening interactively, in real-time, all thanks to its hot-reloading feature. Predominantly Markdown and Python are used in Streamlit, but HTML and CSS are also supported.